MMZ-Her Deathless Love (SS-Part 1)

Hey lovely people….how are you all?! I know I disappeared for too long without a notice.A big Sorry guys. So suppu has specially written a short story which will hardly have two or three parts on the special occasion of valentine’s day. I am returning on Tu permanently in April Dearies. I promise I won’t leave then. But now I have my board exams coming up so can’t even think of updating. So you my sweethearts read this SS. It’s too long but I am sure you’ll enjoy.

Beautiful lines I wish to share. I don’t know who wrote them But they are just escastic.


Dedicated to All Those People who think Love conquers all.

Arjun tiptoed inside a grand bewitchingly beautiful house…. He smiled as he saw a lady’s figure approaching him. He pressed the door bell and his face lit up as the door was opened by a beautiful woman whose lips curved in a a pleasured smile. He walked over to her and pulled her to his chest and whispered,” I missed you so much Kriti….Whole day I was thinking about you in the shoot…..I just couldn’t wait to have you in my arms.”

She looped her arms around his neck and seductively chirped,” Is that so?!….The Rank 1 superstar ruling millions of hearts missed this girlfriend of his….”

He cupped her face and spoke,” Kriti….I might be ruling millions of hearts altogether But I don’t care for any of them….You are my girl…”

She chuckled unbuttoning his shirt’s buttons and husked,” Really?!….Then show me how much you love me.”

Without wasting a second, he scooped her in his arms and threaded towards the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed and made love to her thoroughly satisfying his and hers carnal hunger for each other.


Kriti woke up before him and tossed over the bedsheets and wrapped her bare frame in those and walked to the bathroom….After taking a shower, she got dressed and left a note for him to read when he wakes up.

Note: Sorry Baby….I have morning shoot so leaving….I have asked the servant to make your breakfast….I wanted to kiss you goodbye But didn’t had the heart to wake you up when you looked so adorable snoring like a baby….Love you….See you later.

Arjun leisurely lifted his eyelids and moved his hand on the other side of the bed to engulf her in a hug But he he found no one but a empty tossed bedsheets.

He got up and disappointment clenched his heart. For once he wanted her to stay and be there in the bed when he wakes up every time. But she was never there and he couldn’t help feeling hurt over her lack of commitment.

They were together for almost two years now. He was the most successful and highest paid actor in the industry and she was a newcomer that time. He had done a few relationships before her But couldn’t bring himself to get committed. But now he wished to settle down in life and stop running behind success as he was already at the top ruling the chart of the most successful men in the industry. Her first debut film was with him and it gave a kick start to her career. Now she was listed among the top 10 actresses who achieved name and fame in short span of time.

He decided to himself that today come what may, He will propose her for marriage and marry her this year itself. He was turning 30 this year and he was being pressurized every day for marriage whenever he visited his parents or they came to pay him a visit. And she was 27 years old now so he thought at least now she might be ready to get hitched. He thought of surprising her today. He decided to decorate the whole house and create that kind of joyful celebration environment to ask her for marriage.

He created that romantic aura with a table for two, champagne, her favourite flowers and his hidden surprise… A solitaire ring of 24 carot diamond….he smiled delighted by his work….Now he wished to have her back soon so he could make her wear his ring and claim her his in front of the whole world.

Just then the doorbell ringed. He hurriedly ran over to the door and opened it. She entered inside and looped her arms around his neck and smashed her lips over his. He kissed her back with fervor. He broke the kiss and whispered, ” Baby the night is still very much young. I have a surprise for you.”

All she could exclaim was,” WOW!!!”

He took her inside intertwining his fingers with her and led her to the hall. He snapped and all different colour lights zoomed inside the house. The house looked so enthralling and scenic. Her mouth opened wide in awe and she threw her arms around his neck and spoke in a enthusiastic tone,” Oh God!!!…Arjun I love you so much….This is so beautiful…. Thank you so much baby.”

He cupped her face and pecked her forehead and whispered, ” Anything for my Kriti.”

This was the moment he was waiting for….His heart was beating madly in his chest and his hands were trembling and sweaty. He kneeled down on one leg and pulled out the small box from his jeans pockets and opened it and husked,” Will you marry me Kriti?!”

Her facial expressions were a fusion of shock, disapproval, disappointment and disagreement.

She declared,” Arjun I don’t want to marry.”

Arjun felt as if his whole world turned upside down. The ground beneath his feet just slipped away. He felt miserable and left alone by that one person who let inside his heart. And what did she do?! She just broke it with those five words. This is why he had a hard shell. So that no one would be able to reach his heart and play with it later. He was claimed to be a heartless heartbreaker of Industry along with the heartthrob there. Whenever he entered, he grabbed eyeballs like magnet. Boys stood holding their girls close to them in jealousy and envy. He was outspoken and terribly honest. He didn’t think before speaking nor did he think after speaking. He had no God father. He was given a break because the director himself was taken aback by his personality, talent and ego. He predicted that day itself that one day you will rule the whole industry and indeed his words came true in next 10 years. He was destiny’s favourite or he decided his own destiny. No one knew. But he was one lucky mascot. He was always the hot topic. He had a dozen of controversies designated to his name. His personal life was all about work hard and party harder. He showed his hard exterior to everyone but no one knew what lies inside that hard shell. He bluffed that he was a strong hardhearted man and not scared of anything. But he was scared of one thing. That was Love. He basically belonged to a business family. But he was least interested in sitting on the chair of CEO. He wanted thrill, excitement and fun. He wanted to see ups of down of life without his father standing behind him like a backbone. He wanted to be on his own always. The only failure he faced was, he couldn’t be a good dutiful son. He felt a tug of pain in his heart whenever someone brought up the topic of his parents. He simply hated talking about that one failure in his life. He never did any serious relationships but something about kriti attracted him towards her. She was fierce, feisty, courageous, hard working, ambitious, intelligent and the list went on. He felt she was like him and their ideologies were one and the same. But he forgot one thing before stepping in this relationship that we can chat over a cup of coffee with the person who thinks like us and agrees with whatever our opinion might be, at the most have fun and part ways. But life with such a person will only be a bed of thorns and every other day, a big ego clash compared to the day before that. Because no one would say sorry in the end as ego is superior to both of them. So where is the scope for such a relationship?!. Arjun wasn’t in love with kriti. He just had this belief that she was perfect for him. And now that he was turning 30, He wanted to have a family of his own. He wanted his children to flock around him and make a hell lot of demands for him to fulfill. But all his hopes cracked like broken pieces of glass today. His kingly ego was defeated by a girl’s rejection. He was the one to always call off But today first time in his life someone refused him.

But he was born and brought up like a prince. His every wish was fulfilled since the time he was born. When he asked his parents to let him make career in acting, Thought they weren’t pleased with his decision. Still they gave in when they saw his determination which had reached mountain top. He knew how to get up on his feet when fallen. He was a strong willed man and a rejection could shake him but not break him.

He got up and closed the ring box and slipped it in his jeans pockets. He took a sharp intake of breath to gather his wits and spoke in a gruff tone which sound like a through professional, ” Kriti….you don’t want to marry then its your decision….Now you hear my decision…. I am breaking up with you. This relationship is over. We are over.”

Kriti gasped in shock and her eyes started pouring stream of unstoppable tears of pain. She reached out to him and tried to touch his shoulder But he jerked off her hand.

He warned,” Don’t. Just Don’t.”

She wiped her tears and explained her point of view,” Arjun please. Just hear me out once. I am at the peak of my career right now. I have signed five films and I have to live up to my commitments. You know how the industry is, don’t you?!. You have been here for almost fifteen years now. And you are at the top But I am not. I still have a long way to go. And who the hell books a movie ticket to see a married woman as the heroine?! Arjun we don’t need to part ways. We are perfect for each other. Why do we need to marry to prove that?! I don’t want you to leave me. I love you Arjun. Please don’t do this to me….to us.”

Arjun wiped a drop that slipped from the corner of his eyes and spoke,” Kriti….I wish you reach the top where you wish to be. But I have realized that being on the top makes you alone. I need to settle down now. I was going to make you meet my parents if you had said a yes But now that your answer is a no. I think I will just respect your wish and you respect mine.”

Kriti couldn’t take it anymore. She threw her arms around his neck and cried bitterly.

She spoke between her tears,” Please Arjun I beg you, don’t do this. I know I am being selfish But I do love you.”

Arjun detached their bodies from each other and rudely replied, ” I am Arjun Mehra, I always love being the first and the foremost. I am obsessed with that Rank 1. I can’t stand being someone’s lousy seconds. Your career will always be your first priority and me, the second. But you see I just can’t take the number two tag. I wasn’t going to stop you from working after our marriage. But you are just a selfish b*t*h with whom I wasted two years of my life. I agree I didn’t give you my heart which I am not sure of having. But I gave you my trust…friendship… companionship and my loyalty. But you are just not worth it. And one more thing, what did you say?!. I am on the top that’s because I work smart not hard. Not my 15 years of experience but my choices made me what I am today. Good bye kriti. I wish you luck.”

He stormed out of the house leaving kriti behind forever. One thing was sure that he would never take her back. He never looked behind once he let go. He only moved forward and never took a step back.

He got in his car and the speed he was driving with had already crossed 80 degree. He felt like a defeated man. Not the break up but her rejection injured his ego. He wasn’t a easy going introvert. He was one complex shady man who had many sides. He pulled the car next to his bungalow and asked the watchman to park it. He lived here before shifting in with Kriti in the apartment which he had gifted her on her birthday. This bungalow was one of his investments and sure they were many. After all he was the highest paid actor and the most loved superstar. Though many thought him to be a canosova but it had no effect on his bridging career.

He got in and straight away headed to his bedroom. The walls were filled with his wall size pictures. There was a shelf which proudly displayed all his awards. He was going to ransack his room but than he decided against it.

He thought to himself, ” Why should I punish myself for her mistake?! Anyway she is a selfish fake b*t*h.”

He was going to head to the bathroom to take a cold shower, just then his phone ringed.

A smile tugged on his lips as he saw the caller ID. It was his Maa.

He brought the phone near his ear and cleared his throat and spoke,”
( Hii Mom….How are you?!”

His mom was delighted hearing her favourite son’s voice. He had a younger brother who was taking care of their father’s business still the company was on Arjun’s name, but he never bothered his brother or interfered in his work. Arjun was close to his mom more than his dad. Not that he was a mamma’s boy but he loved his mom more. But today his mom was going to give him a shock of lifetime.

Arjun raked his hand his hair and pulled them harshly and frustratingly spoke,” Maa how can you even think of something like this?! A f**king arrange marriage!!!. You oldies have gone crazy. I am not marrying any girl for any f**king business deal. Why don’t you tell Arnav to marry that girl?! Why me Maa?!”

His mom thought for a while and spoke in a calm tone, ” We are not making you stand at the altar tomorrow….We asked Arnav and he has seen the girl But she chose you when we gave her a choice.”

Arjun gritting his teeth, ” What I am?! A f**king good or a commodity in a market?! You people have f**king lost your mind. Tell Arnav he can keep her. Because I don’t give a f**k about her goddamn choice.”

His mom lost her cool,” Will you stop cursing?!. You are talking to your mom. Not some random person working under you. And we are not forcing you. You know I will never push you in a relationship against your own will. I am just asking you to meet her once and then decide. Arjun I really loved her. And by hook or by crook I will make her my daughter in law. Either she’ll be your wife or Arnav’s. But I want her in our family. Arnav has no problem marrying her because unlike you, He is a dutiful obedient son and moreover even he liked Radhika. Will you meet her?! Can you do that much for your mother?!”

Arjun queried, ” Now who the hell is this Radhika?! ”

His mom answered,” My choice for you.”

Arjun signed in defeat, His mom was the only person who could make him do things her way.

He spoke in a bored tone,” Fine….I will meet her But I am not agreeing to marry.”

He thought to himself, ” No way in hell I am going for an arrange marriage. I will reject her on sight.”

His mom questioned, ” Where you got lost?!

Arjun stuttered,” Ahhh nothing mom. Just thinking when have you people fixed this meeting?!”

His mom spoke,” Arjun you are flying back to Delhi tomorrow. I have checked with your PR manager who have already taken a break of a month so I think there won’t be any problem.”

Arjun disconnected the call after giving his nod. He had no second thoughts about rejecting the girl whosoever it will be. He was just doing a formality by meeting her.

Next Day, Delhi airport.

Arjun wore his shades and cap to hide his identity. But his fans were too loyal to the superstar. They gathered and flocked near him taking his autographs and clicking pictures with him. When his bodyguards tried to intervene, He gestured them to stop because he firmly believe Fans make stars and a star has no right to disappoint his fans.

Media pushed inside the crowd and bugged him with numerous questions.

First journalist,” Arjun Sir, There are rumours being spread about yours and kriti’s breakup…Are they true??”

Arjun thought for a while and wolfishly replied, ” I don’t know why you link me up with every other actress I work with. I and Kriti are just good friends and honestly I can never date someone from the industry.”

Second Journalist, ” Arjun Sir, Your mom expressed her wish to see you married by this year’s end in Mr Jha success bash. So are the wedding bells ringing anytime soon?!”

Arjun smirked,” Well my mom just wants to have some company to eat up my brains. Jokes apart We will let you know very soon.”

Third Journalist, ” But there were many cozy pictures of you and Kriti all over the web last month. So are you breaking up with her for your mom?!”

Arjun lost his cool and barked,” Dare not involve my family. And I and Kriti have no future together. I think I can’t be more clear than this.”

Fourth Journalist, ” Do you see yourself getting married in next two years?!”

Arjun gawked at the person. It was indeed a tricky question so he decided to answer it smartly twisting his words cleverly.

Arjun smiled a evil one, ” I see myself getting married when I find the right girl.”

He spoke before anyone could question him again,” I will soon release a statement in public once I find it in myself to marry someone. ”

His instructed his bodyguards to escort him to the his lemo waiting outside. He got in the car and dialled his mom’s no to inform her that he has put his foot in Delhi, To which she smiled contently and texted him an address and asked him to be there instead of going home, much to his own dislike.

He showed the address to his driver and asked him to take him there. They reached within a hour. Arjun stepped out of the car only to be grandly welcomed with showers of rose petals and a grand possession arranged in his honour.

He stood in front of the door of a massive….majestic white bungalow. He thought to himself that surely his dad must be getting a very good fat price by selling him off for a business deal. He couldn’t understand why the hell was his father being such a miser?!…They were rich bastards still his greed for earning more power and money wasn’t getting over in fact it was multiplying with time. He stepped in and a man puts a garland around his neck, ” khamma Ghani Sa( Hello, Sir)

Arjun replied with a small smile twitched on his lips, ” Ghani Ghani khamma Sa”

Arjun was a scholar in languages. He could fluently speak all languages available in India and also some languages all around the globe. He was a hardcore Punjabi but he also took interest in other distinct cultures.

He took off the garland and puts it in his driver’s neck and walked away with the man.

The man led him inside where his parents were waiting for him with others.

His eyes shone with happiness seeing his family after such a long time. He wasn’t the man to show up emotions generally but that didn’t mean he didn’t felt anything. His mom hugged him and pecked his forehead and whispered, ” Thank you Son. I knew you will never let me down.”

He nodded and reminded her,” Mom, I have just agreed to see her not to marry.”

She smiled caressing his cheek, ” I know you will like her and mark my words, you will come to me urging me to get your guys married soon.”

He was at loss of words seeing the his mother’s confidence. He stroll over to his dad and Arnav.

He hugged both of them one after other and greeted others warmly. He was treated like a King there whose every wish was their command.

After some time, Arjun dragged Arnav away with him in the lawn and spoke angrily, ” Why you are hell bent on making my life hell?! I don’t want to do a f**king arrange marriage then why did you not tell them that you are ready to marry that stupid gold digger?!”

Arnav warned pointing his index finger at him,” Bhai not a word against Radhika. You don’t know a thing about her so you better keep your filthy mouth in check. And for your kind information She is the daughter of the man who owns India’s biggest food franchise. So you better shut up.”

Arjun in a acidic tone,” You are f**king arguing with me. Who?! Your Elder brother!!!….what’s so special about that girl huh?!”

Arnav’s lips stretched into a smile as he spoke,” She is pious, holy, pure like the prayers being said in a temple. She is a heavenly beauty descended from the heavens. I was a goner in the very first sight. But mom wants to get her married to you so I couldn’t do a thing.”

Arjun rotated his neck sardonically and evilly replied, ” Is that so?! Then I have a deal….You marry her and I will talk to dad about making you the official owner of all our businesses…. I am least interested in the money I have not earned on my own. So how is the deal?!”

Arnav smirked, ” You really are a devil. I want Radhika as much as I want to take your place But can’t displease mom. So you meet Radhika and decide. ”

Arjun stated,” There is nothing left to decide. I am no way in hell marrying her. You want her so keep her.”

He walked away clenching his fist hard at the sides with his jaw hardened.

Just then a captivating bubble like kid’s laughter twitched his ears, he walked towards the direction where the hearty laughter was coming from. But his assumption was wrong….It wasn’t a kid. It was a girl with her back facing to him.

She was standing near the poolside talking to someone and giggling in between. He looked around her but couldn’t find anyone. Then who was she talking to. He rubbed his eyes to confirm and really there was no one. He wondered if she was working properly in her brain department.

He went near her to hear her But to his utter shock, she was actually blabbering about him.

She said,” You know Somu, Finally my dream will come true. I am meeting Arjun, the one who I always dreamed about. You remember somu how I bunked my lectures to see his movies and how maa use to pull my ears later. Did you forgot how I lost my rank 1 to that Sushant because of Arjun?!”

Arjun’s eyes widened in shock and he thought to himself, ” Because me!!!….I don’t even know her.”

She answered,” Yes Somu because of that handsome devil. I was so smitten by him and so desperate to see his new movie that released on the day of my last paper. I couldn’t give my best in my exams. Somu, you remember how I couldn’t date anyone just because I compared every other guy to Arjun. Damn those chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes!!! They’ll be the death of me. I always had one and only wish to meet him once and tell him how crazy I am for him. I always feel that pang of jealousy when I see other girls in his arms. You know how I close my eyes when they show some intimacy between Arjun and some random b*t*h. Somu, my babu are you even hearing me or not?!”

Arjun just then heard a small Meow in response that’s when he understood she was actually talking to the cat which she had been holding. He was finding it hard to suppress his simmering laughter. But he didn’t wanted her to turn around and see him and stop blabbering. He loved her cute innocent soft melodies tone.

She continued,” Somu do you remember how I broke Lara’s nose when she called Arjun a womaniser. Hehe somu I know even you enjoyed that day, didn’t you, my cutie pie?”

Her cat meowed in response snuggling closer to her chest while her mistress cuddled her lovingly.

She whispered in a sad tone, ” But what’s use Somu?! He does not want to marry me. Arnav is right he is like a distant moon which I can only see but not touch. All this years I just shooed off all the guys because none could match up to Arjun’s mere toe nail. Arnav is right, I was living in a fairytale which can never be true. Do you think the same?! Should I forget Arjun and marry Arnav?!”

But what she saw made her smile ear to ear, Her cat was sleeping peacefully in her arms snuggling closer to her warmth. She softly patted her small furry head and spoke in a sweet tone,” You are one naughty kitty yet I love you so much.”

She hugged her sleeping cat to her chest and covered her with her dupatta to protect her from cold. She turned around and her eyes grew larger in shock, her lips pursed, her hands holding the cat trembled, She was feeling dizzy. Her head was spinning and next moment she fainted in the arms of the man she loved with all her heart since the day she understood the meaning of love.

Arjun forgot to breath when he saw her. She was bewitchingly beautiful with those light brown doe like eyes and flushed red cheeks. Her lips were of the colour of early morning red fresh bloomed rose. She looked so youthful and angelic that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing a red traditional dress which was making her look like a dazzling diva. Her long tresses were left open to sway on the beats of wind. Her fair complexion made her shine in the middle of the night. In a fraction of second, he was bowled over by her beauty. The heart he always denied of having was beating faster like a drum in his chest. This blood was running wild just by the very sight of her.

Like every other girl even She was his fan But there was something special about her which was pulling him towards her like a magnet. Her eyes brimmed with shock, surprise and happiness at last when she saw him. There was no extreme fondness, huge crush nor fantasizing emotions in her eyes for him. In fact those two brown mesmerizing eyes were love drugged.

She was in love with him?! That is why she didn’t wanted to marry Arnav. He couldn’t control the warmest and the most million dollar smile that crept on his face. He couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. She was in love with him all her growing years and He fell for her in the very first sight. Not only because she was breathtakingly beautiful But she was sweetly innocent and nothing like girls he had been with. She loved her cat like her own baby and this showed how golden hearted she was. She was like the first ray of sun which was as pure as the kingdom of Almighty. Now he understood why Arnav wanted to marry her But now her thoughts for Arnav were like searching light in complete darkness. Because she was Arjun’s and will remain his. Now he was dying to marry and no power in universe could stop him from doing so. He will make her his forever. He cannot wait for a year. He will have to get things done his way now. He didn’t care bribing the priest to find the earliest date for marriage nor did he care about what Arnav felt for her. He was a very jealous territorial man when it comes about something he loved and desired to have.

Just when he was about to greet her, She lost her balance and fainted while he held protectively swaddled her and scooped her in his arms. He walking inside the house with her snuggling closer to his chest in his embrace. As soon as He entered inside all gathered around him and asked him hell lot of questions. But he said he will first take care of Radhika then answer all their questions.

He assured Radhika’s family especially her parents like their own son. A servant showed him the way to Radhika’s bedroom which was upstairs. He strode over to her room and pushed open the door of her bedroom by a mighty kick.

Her room was as beautiful as her. He felt like he was in Paradise. The air there smelled of her fresh strawberry scent. The room was painted in shades of luscious red and classy white. The walls full with his wall size posters itself showed how crazy she was for him. And just in the middle of the room just beside the bed there stood a canvas which was proudly displaying her craziest devotion for him which she had painted out. He wondered if his painting on her canvas was more beautiful than him.

He threaded towards the bed and gently placed her down and covered her with quilt. Just then the doctor who someone had called entered inside. For Arjun’s sign of relief, it was a She not a He. He couldn’t think of another male touching her.

The doctor checked her heartbeats and pulse and concluded that She fainted due to shock, stress and anxiety. She prescribed some medicines and left.

Arjun sat on the bed caressing her face waiting for her to wake up. He felt a stir of movements beside him. She was blinking her eyes and holding her head massaging her forehead with her little fingers.

He fake coughed to draw her attention towards him. Her mouth opened in ‘O’ shape as soon as she saw him. It was a very much awkward moment for her. The man who she blindly loved was in her room, on her bed sitting beside her. Can her life be more blissful then it was in that moment?!

She suddenly started feeling very shy and cornered having him so close to her. Her face had turned scarlet red. Her gaze dropped down refusing to maintain eye contact with him. She was behaving like a girl who first hits the puberty. Though she was 21 now still she was as innocent as the five year old kid.

Arjun prodded his elbow on the headboard and rested his jawbone on his balled fist. He was watching her without a blink. He could watch her till eternity. He had made many women blush but none touched his heart like she did today. He wondered if she was real or his dream which would leave him when he wakes up. Even the thought scared him to bone

On the other hand, Radhika couldn’t dare to look in those dark brownish mesmerizing eyes which had the ability to bend her according to their owner’s will. She thought that he looks more handsome in real than on screen. His perfect features were seemed like the best artistic work of the God to her. She wondered how it would be to run her fingers on that marble cut accurate jaw and then down his spine and then down to his rock hard manly chest. “Shshhhh Radhika” she mentally scolded her self.

Arjun couldn’t take the torturing silence between them anymore. He held her chin in between his fingers and lifted her face up to make her look nowhere but in his eyes. Her all nerves froze feeling the touch of his icy cold fingers under her chin. Her heart was pounding in her chest on its own fastest accord. She closed her eyes unable to handle the overwhelming emotions which hit straight on her heart.

Arjun smiled contently having known what effect he has on her. He angled her face closer to his own and blew warm breath on her face. Her hairlocks fluttered in response. He tucked her hair strands behind her ears and whispered in a raspy tone,” Radhikaaaaaa”

She loved the way her name rolled on his tongue. His voice was as masculine as him. But she was too afraid and demure to open her eyes. Afraid because she didn’t wanted him to be her dream and vanish the moment she opens her eyes and demure because she was too nervous…. unprepared and reluctant to face him.

He as if understood her turmoil decided to distract her mind and asked in a mischievous tone,” Radhika, did you really broke that girl’s nose when she called me a womaniser?! You did wrong dear.”

The next moment her eyes snapped open and she scoffed in a defensive tone,” Oh Really?!! She called you a WOMANISER and you sympathize with her. Just Great. And I can break many such nose of the people who dare to badmouth you. I mean it.” She emphasized on the last three words with strong determination flashing in her eyes.

Arjun just wanted to laugh out loud but not now. He wanted to tease her more and make her admit that she loves him.

Radhika regretted raising voice at him in their very first meeting. But he provoked her. It was not her fault at all. ” Oh Holy Heavens!!! I literally scolded him. What he must be thinking of me?! He would assume I am such a disrespectful human being who is far from the word polite. Please God I don’t want to make a bad impression.”

All of sudden, Arjun husked, ” Radhika, but why does it bother you if someone talks ill about me. Who am I to you?! ”

“You stupid fellow…Each and every thing in this room is the proof of what you are for me. Still you ask me such a meaningless question.” She thought.

Arjun in a notorious tone,” Radhika, your room has more of me than you, why so?!”

Radhika bit her lower lip nervously. She would rub her palms together to generate heat or she would fidget with the hem of her dress but all her cute tactics were just making Arjun more crazy about her.

Arjun spoke again,” Radhika you know it was bad thing to bunk your lectures for watching my movie?!”

Radhika spoke in a slightly raised tone,” So you were listening hiding when I was talking to my somu. You know Mr Arjun Mehra, its bad manners to eavesdrop.”

Arjun thought to himself, ” Damn that hot tongue of yours!!! It just turns me on so much.”

He spoke playfully, ” I wasn’t hiding. I was passing by and heard someone giggling like a kid. So I just followed that laughter and it was you. A little crazy cute kid you are. Even kids don’t talk to cats But you do.”

“Did he just called me a kid?! I am 21 years old. An adult I am. Not a kid.” She thought pissed off by him.

She got off the bed only to be pulled down back by him.

Arjun in a hoarse tone, ” Where do you think you are going?!”

Radhika snarled,” Away from you. I was your fan thinking you are a good person too. But you made fun of me. So I don’t want to be near you.”

Arjun spoke in a low yet firm tone,” We are not over yet. I want to talk to you.”

She ranted in a pained tone ” What do you want to talk huh?!. I know you don’t want this marriage and our parents are trying to get us both married because they want to join forces in business. But its OK if you don’t want to marry me. I have spoken to Arnav. We both have decided to fulfill our parents wishes. I will play my part and he will do his work. So you don’t need to worry at all. I know I am not your type and you deserve someone classy, beautiful and elegant. Someone who will not fall out of grace and embarrass you. So be it. I have always prayed for your happiness so I hope you get the right girl for you. So I will marry Arnav.”

Her words were like a invisible knife slitting his heart into pieces. He felt ferocious rage gripping him. His eyes were stormy and darkened with anger as he glared at her intensely. He weaved his fingers in her hair and pulled them backwards harshly, to which she hissed in pain.

Her eyes welled up as she sobbed, ” Ahhhhhh….A-r-j-u-n i-t h-u-r-ts.”

He pulled her closer gripping her neck with his other hand and spoke in high pitched tone,” You are not marrying him nor anyone else.”

She spoke breathlessly, ” But why?!”

He pulled her closer and seductively husked,” Because you are marrying me….you hear me??”

She queried furrowing her brows in confusion and shock,” But you didn’t wanted to marry me. Arnav said that you made some deal with him to call off this marriage. ”

He was throwing daggers at her before he could reply her, They heard the door being knocked.

Radhika turned her attention towards the door and spoke loudly,” Come in. The door is open.”

The door opened and the intruder was none other than. Arnav who was hell worried after knowing about Radhika’s dizzy state.

He ran towards the bed and took Radhika’s hand in his and spoke in a concerned soft tone,” Radhika are you fine?! I heard that you fainted. ”

Arjun was burning to ashes with each passing moment. His gaze was fixed on Radhika’s hand which Arnav was holding. He tapped on her hand and she quickly withdrew her hand out of Arnav’s grip. He hated to see deep passionate oblivious feelings for her in Arnav’s eyes.

Arjun gritting his teeth spoke sarcastically,” Arnav you don’t have to worry about Radhika anymore. I see that you are more concerned for your to be sister in law then you should be.
I am there to take care of her.”

Arnav asked in a clueless tone” Sister in law?!….You are not marrying her Bhai?! Then how does she become my sister in law.”

Arjun was as wild as a beast inside but he maintained a unreadable expression on his face as he spoke in a dead serious tone,” I am marrying her so she becomes your sister in law. Why don’t you start calling her Bhabhi?!”

Arnav looked at both of them with a horrifying expression. It seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

He turned to Radhika and stuttered in a low clipped tone,” Y-o-u a-r-e
m-a-r-r-y-i-n-g h-i-m?!”

Before Radhika could even answer, Arjun scowled at him,” ARNAV OUT NOW.”

Arnav was also on the verge of losing his patience. There were many such situations in which He grown a dislike for his elder brother. But Nevertheless He loved his brother.

He frustratingly blurted out,” Bhai what’s your problem?! I am talking to Radhika not to you.”

Arjun spitted venomously, ” Radhika is my would be wife. So Before I kick you out of this room. Move your f**king ass out from here. GET OUT!!!”

Radhika eyes pooled up, She shivered in fright at the audacity of his high pitched tone. She wasn’t used to people screaming their lungs out in her family.

She touched Arjun’s bicep and spoke panic stricken tone,” Arjun please He is your younger brother and he just wanted to talk.”

Arjun glared at her and spoke in a icy cold tone,” You don’t preach me on how I should treat my brother.”

His harsh tone felt like extreme riotous assault done to her heart. Her tears flowed like a river as she trembled and shook abruptly inside out having known how different he was from what she had assumed him to be.

Arjun felt a tug of pain in his chest where the organ named heart resides. He palmed her face and spoke in a hushed tone,” Sorry”

He wiped her tears and spoke in a gentler tone, ” We have to talk. ”

She nodded like a kid to his words.

He took her hand in his and spoke with utmost honesty in his eyes and truthfulness in his tone, ” Before I start. You need to tell me what you feel for me.”

She bit her lower lip and blushed to deepest shade of red. Her gaze lowered as she spoke, ” You know everything,you have heard me talking to Somu.”

Arjun lifted her face up with his index finger perching underneath her jawbone.

His eyes, the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. They had the ability to cast her away from the world without a word of protest from her side. She recollected how her friends used to call her Alice in wonderland when she would be lost in his thoughts. He was the beautiful dream she had repeatedly dreamed of all this years and still she couldn’t get enough of it. Arjun!!! The name itself was enough to erupt butterflies in her stomach and make her blush red. All this years she had always seen him on screen romancing his ladylove which she wished to be. She remembered the day how she had cried and starved herself for almost a week when his cozy pictures with kriti were flashed on the front page. Her friends often tried to make her realize that fantasizing someone famous can be right but loving with him by everything you have is wrong. He wouldn’t even glance at her if he comes to know how she loved him like no one else. But still she blindly hoped to be His one day….His Girl!!!

And now he wanted to hear all that, She was tongue tied. Speechless and helpless before him. He made her blush like a newly married bride. She was shifted her gaze all around the room but not even looking at him who was desperately waiting to hear her sweet voice.

Arjun held her small face in his strong manly hands firmly and angled it towards his own.

He commanded,” Better look at me when I am talking to you. I don’t like people who don’t meet my eyes.”

His authorized behavior and manhandling scared her to nerves. But this was the man she loved without seeing him in person.

He touched her forehead to his and spoke in a pleading husky tone,” Baby please I want to hear. I am dying to hear it.”

But why?! What he is going to prove if I pour out all my feelings?! But he said to Arnav that he is ready for the marriage. God this man is so confusing.

Radhika clawed her hands on his chest and pushed him little far because in their earlier posture, her sensitive blossom was almost pressed to the hard contours of his chest which awoke sensations in her.

She started wrapping her one hair strand around her fingers in curls nervously.

She whispered after a very long time to Arjun’s great patience, ” Arjun I can’t say it before you. I am so uncomfortable. ”

Arjun cocked his eyebrow and corrected,” Not uncomfortable. You are shy. That is why you are so red today. ”

If he knows then why embarrass me?! What pleasure He is deriving from this flushed state of mine. She thought.

Arjun answered her unasked query in his usual cocky arrogant tone,” Oh Darling its just gives me mental peace, satisfaction and incomparable pleasure”

Did I say it too loud?! She thought.

Arjun spoke,” No you didn’t. But your eyes just mirror your thoughts for me to read them. Enough of this. I want to hear now, So will you talk?!”

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. How could she refuse this man who she loved with never nerve and cell in her body. Not her blood But his love flowed in her veins. But she knew that meeting his eyes would make it impossible for her to speak her heart out.

She spoke in a dim nervous tone,” Arjun, I might be one of the millions of girls who dream about you every single day. But I think about you with every breath I take. I have done a hell lot of crazy things in your love. My madness and craving for you is beyond limits. I have been loyal to my love indirectly to you though we were never in a relationship. I haven’t developed interest in any guy because you owned my heart always. And going against heart is something like taking one’s life. You never left my mind and once even my parents were frightened of my crazy psychotic love for you. Even they did countless efforts to wipe you off my mind but all their efforts were futile. Arjun, I might sound clingy But once I can live without oxygen But not without watching you once on screen every day. Aah what can I say more?! I can’t be more clear than this.”

She opened her eyes only to see him watching her like a hawk. His gaze penetrating deep in her soul. His velvety dark silky locks tempting her to run her tiny fingers in them. How it would be touch him and confirm that he wasn’t one of her dream, she wondered. Will he mind?!

Arjun’s gaze scrutinized her from head to toe. Her artistically shaped eye brows ceased together indicating that she was thinking something deep. Her ethereal exquisite orbs possessing ocean deep love for him. He had never known someone calling out his name with such devotion and worship in voice. He badly wanted to taste those rosy red lips But more than making love to her, He wanted to make her feel loved by him. He understood that she was a one man woman and He felt on the top of the world for being that one man in her life who she will love till eternity. What did he do to deserve someone like her?! She wasn’t even his first. But she was the first woman to cross the barriers He had build around his heart. Her love for him strike a chord in his heart which he always believed, He never had.

But Arjun wasn’t good with words. Though he was shown as a totally different man onscreen who wooed his ladylove with romantic gestures of one of a kind But in real life, He found it thoroughly difficult to open up as he had spend a hell lot of time alone, away from family. He couldn’t comprehend what made him feel so drawn towards her. Even he didn’t understood that pull was not mere unique intimating inclination. It was something beyond attraction and fantasizing force that drew him towards her.

He took her hand in his and intertwined their fingers together and asked in a soft honest tone, ” Will you give me the honour of calling you mine, till death do us apart?!”

She covered her mouth with her tiny palms as she felt the ground beneath her feet slipped away. Her eyes widened in sweet shock and delightful surprise. Her tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. She felt on cloud nine. Never had she dreamed about being his wife. Her confines only restricted to meeting him once.

She whispered with her gaze fixed down,” Yes.”

He felt truly happy. He had never been this happy when he received awards every other year. It was as casual as taking breath for him. But today He felt honoured by her answer.

He queried again,” What did you say.”

She pouted,” You heard what I said.”

He held her chin and whispered, ” Baby don’t tempt me by that s*xy pout of yours. And you are telling me again how much you love me.”

Heat rose up her cheeks as her face blemished crimson. But she was feeling innocently courageous to tease him.

She spoke challengingly, ” What if I don’t.”

Arjun narrowed his gaze at her with such intensity that her insides shook vigorously. He trapped her within the headboard and himself by caging her placing his strong hands on either side of her.

His lips brushed on her cheek and inhaled her rash berry scent which was driving him crazy. He wanted to take her down and bury himself deep in her and make her scream his name to the loudest, until she would forget her goddamn name. But he refrained himself from doing it. He wanted to marry her first as she was a true gem. His gem!!!

Radhika breathing haggard and goosebumps rose all over her skin. Her hands clutched tight at his shirt fabric and her legs felt jello. She had thirsted for him all this years. Now that she had him near her, so close that they could hear and count each other’s heartbeats, But if he goes far, would she able to bear such a hard blow?! No Never!!! He was always her oxygen all her life But now He was her lifeline and soon he’ll be her destiny.

Arjun lips twitched in a smile as he slide her sleeve little down and kissed her shoulder deep. Radhika had her eyes closed, as she relished the feel of his lips on her skin. She was so close to the edge. His irresistibility, His sweet torturous lips on her skin were doing strange and inimitable things to her.

Unable to take it anymore, She slid her cold arms around his body hat his muscles shrilled with its effect, but this was what he’d pined for too, and had missed violently when she’d left him in all of a sudden, and so himself was trying to gather his missing part by cuddling her and taking her sweet smelling warmth. She buried her face into his chest in an utter satisfaction, the satisfaction which was irresistible that she couldn’t say anything as better than this feeling of listening to his beat, she’d ever felt in all her life. His warmth was ever delicious to her. 

She snuggled closer to his chest and whispered in a very low tone,” I love you”

He wrapped his arms around her petite form resting his jawbone on her scalp and declared,” We are marrying in a month.”

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