Mithai 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai challenges Girish in front of everyone

Mithai 8th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid tells Mithai that I accept your offer but I can’t openly support you as I have to still live in Girish’s jail. I have always run away from problems but now I want to reunite my family and I need your help for that. He asks her if she will accept him in her business as a partner? Mithai smiles and says you are welcome to our business. Sid says no one can find out as Girish wants me to marry Apeksha. Mithai hints at him and says we are already married right? Sid realizes she is hiding from others and says yes. Dadu says Girish can play tricks but We will succeed. Sid says this business idea is for small scale. He pitches in his ideas. He tells Dadu that I will stay with Girish but I will support you all. Mithai says lets meet tomorrow then. Sid apologies to Dadu and says I won’t back down from fighting now. He thanks Mithai and says all the best. She says you too. They both shake hands and Mithai smiles at him. Sid thanks her again.

Scene 2
Sid comes back home. Apeksha is there and asks where was he? She says I am sorry, I did what Girish asked me to. Girish says she is your best friend. Sid recalls how Apeksha trapped him. He says its okay, now I think it was good what happened. I was against marrying but I can marry my best friend. Girish says I will get you divorced from Mithai soon. Sid says but then court will doubt our marriage and put me in the jail. I don’t care about Mithai but I can’t go to jail. We will have to wait till this case ends and only then I will be able to marry Apeksha. He tells Girish that you have to help, you were right Mithai and I have no match. He starts leaving from there, Apeksha asks Girish how did he agree so easily? Girish says he is my son so he agreed. Dadu left his life so his eyes opened now. Sid thinks I will have to make him lose his game by playing like him.

In the morning, Dadu’s old workers come there but Dadu says this is not Girish’s shop anymore. He asks them to leave. They leave. Dadu asks Mithai to close her eyes, she does and Shubham puts Mithai’s father’s shop board there. Mithai looks at it and is surprised. She says you can’t do this. Dadu says Sid took this decision, you will run this shop now. Mithai smiles.

Abha is serving food. Girish asks Sid to have food with them. Sid says I don’t eat oily food but I can sit with you. Girish offers him juice. Their worker Bhanu arrives there.

Shubham tells Mithai that you are a business owner now.

Bhanu tells Girish that we went to the old shop but Dadu was there and he said he owns the shop now. He had some people with him. Girish says he took over the shop? Abhishek asks the worker to go to their other shop, he nods and leaves. Girish says how can he do this? All shops are in my name, I have to go there if he wants to fight. Sid says Dadu said before that he owns that shop. He shows the papers and says that’s his old shop? Its not part of your ownership. Girish checks the papers. Sid says how can Dadu do this? He is playing games for a shop? We should go there and confront him. Girish says lets go. Sid smirks.

Mithai is selling sweets from the shop and giving orders to her delivery guys. Shubham is helping her. Girish arrives there and is shocked to see them all there. He looks at Mithai’s board and gets angry. Sid is there too. Indu is tensed but Dadi asks her to not worry. Girish shouts what’s going on? He tells Dadu that you are insulting us all. Dadu says sorry, we have orders to fulfill. Girish says I won’t let this girl’s name on our shop, I know she is behind all this and you are encouraging her. Dadi says enough, don’t forget that I am still your mother and won’t let you insult your father like this. Dadu asks her to calm down. Sid tells Girish if Dadi slaps you then you won’t have respect remaining. Girish tells Dadu that you can’t put this girl’s father’s name here, this is insulting for all of us. Dadu asks if he needs his permission to sell sweets now? Girish asks why is he doing all this? You should focus on praying this age instead of playing tricks against your son. Dadu slaps him in front of everyone and says if you can play tricks then I can answer you easily. This slap will remind you to not threaten us again. He shows him the shop papers and says this is still my shop. Sid checks the papers and says he is right. He tells Dadu that you shouldn’t have slapped my father. Dadu says I can slap you as well if you don’t stop. Sid says we are your family so why are you going against us? I know Mithai is playing games to separate us. Mithai says I don’t play games, its Dadu’s shop so he is not playing any games. He is not threatening anyone like others. Girish shouts you are a cheap woman and you want to compete with us? Mithai says I don’t make sweets to compete with anyone. You are still my father-in-law so I won’t insult you but I challenge you that I will convert this one shop into 20 soon.

Precap: Girish says to Dadu, I accept your challenge and promise you that you will close this shop in next 30 days. Mithai says I accept this challenge on Dadu’s behalf and challenging you that in next 30 days I’ll close your shop.
Sid says what did you challenge him. Dadu says once she said then it’s done and we all are with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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