Mithai 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Shubham have seconds thoughts about Mithai

Mithai 7th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubham is alone in his room when Pramod comes there and says Dadu shouldn’t have done that with you, he didn’t ask you separately about marrying Mithai. He asked Mithai alone, took her yes and then asked you in front of everyone so how could you have said no? Shubham thinks about it. Pramod says if it was Sid or Shaurya then Dadu wouldn’t have done that, he is being unfair to you. Shubham says it’s not like that. Pramod says I know you are innocent and accept everyone as your family but think about it, would Dadu have done the same with Sid?

Dadu talks to the family and says there will be two weddings in the house so we should start preparing for them. First Shubham and Mithai will get married and then Karishma-Rohan would be married. Girish says I don’t want to be a part of all this. Dadi says you are the elder son of this house so stay here. Chachi says Karishma’s wedding was already decided and Rohan has to leave for the USA so we shouldn’t delay it. Girish says Rohan’s family won’t like it also. Dadu says okay, we will get Karishma married first or we can get them married together on the same date. Chachi says how will we manage two weddings at the same time? Gitika says don’t worry, we will handle everything. I will call the priest today only. Dadu says that’s a good idea. Chachi thinks I won’t let them destroy my daughter’s wedding, I won’t let both the weddings happen at the same time.

Pramod meets Agarwal and says everyone is busy with weddings so nobody is focusing on the business, you have a good chance. Agarwal says you are their son in law why do you want to destroy their business? Pramod says I am not respected there, Girish talks to me like I am his assistant. Once you own the business then I will get a commission and my honor will be up. I have to think about my family and stop being Girish’s slave.

Apeksha comes to Sid, he says I have worked on the project. Apeksha says your house is calm today, did something happen? Sid says there was a surprising change, Mithai agreed to marry Shubham. Apeksha says what? why did she take a u-turn? Sid says I don’t want to be involved in this matter. Mithai brings tea for them. Apeksha congratulates her and asks why did she change her decision? Mithai says the family wanted this so I had to say yes. Apeksha says you are already serving us like daughter-in-law of this house. Mithai says it’s not like that, I just came to say thank you Sid. Sid glances at her. Mithai leaves. Apeksha says why was she thanking you? Sid says the goon behind Mithai tried to kidnap Kirti but this problem is solved. Apeksha says your sister was attacked because of this girl but you have chosen her for Shubham? Sid says I am just done with this matter.

Scene 2
The priest talks to Dadu and says next month is a good time for both marriages. Indu says how will I prepare for everything? Dadu says don’t worry about anything. He tells Chachi to not worry about Karishma. Mithai brings tea for everyone. The priest blesses them and gives them the date cards.

Chachi brings the marriage date cards to the mandir and thinks to not light diya in front of Shubham-Mithai’s card so everyone will think it’s a bad omen, then they will postpone their wedding. Dadi comes there and finds diya going off. Chachi says that’s a bad omen, all family members come there. Chachi says this is not good. Dadu says this diya was not prepared properly. He lights the diya again and says don’t worry. Mithai recalls Chachi worrying about Karishma’s wedding. She tells Dadu that I have to focus on my business so I think Karishma should get married first. Dadi tells Dadu that I agree with Chachi that it’s not a good sign. The priest says Shubham-Mithai can get married 10 days after Karishma’s wedding. Dadu says I am okay with that.

Pramod and Agarwal meet Girish’s worker. Agarwal’s son asks them to go on a strike. Agarwal says Girish will be insulted and will lose business tomorrow. Pramod says that’s a good idea.

Sid drops off Apeksha to her house. She says Dadu decides about everyone’s marriage in your house, what if he decides for you also? Sid says it won’t happen. Apeksha says I know you take me as a friend and didn’t accept my proposal but I want a promise from you. Sid says I won’t marry in life. Apeksha says anything can happen in life, I want to wait for you. Sid says why? Apeksha says just promise me that you won’t marry and if you have to then you will marry me. Sid says I promise you but I never want to marry so my family won’t force me. Apeskha says I trust you, she leaves.

Mithai brings food for Indu. Indu says I wanted you to have a family but I want to ask if you were pressurized for this marriage? Mithai thinks I can’t tell her about Dadu’s reports. She says nobody can put me under pressure, I know Dadu always thinks the best for me so don’t worry.

Agarwal talks to his son and says you have to complete this plan. His son says I will play this game till the end.

Precap: Shubham says to everyone, our workers are on strike and for tomorrow’s ekadashi, we won’t be having any sweet in our shop. Girish says to Mithai that she is a bad omen for our house. Mithai says to him, tomorrow our shop will open. Dadu asks Mithai how.

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