Mithai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid and Mithai profess their love in front of Girish

Mithai 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid beats the goons while Mithai looks on. Sid grabs the goon and shouts how dare you to touch her? She is my wife! A goon grabs Mithai and puts a knife on her, he asks Sid to not come closer otherwise I will kill her. Sid grabs his hand and beats him up. Sid shouts she is my wife, how dare you to touch him? Mithai pleads with Sid to leave him, he will die. Sid leaves him. Mithai hugs him and asks him to calm down, I am fine. Sid says let’s go home. Dadu is waiting, don’t tell anyone about what happened here. Mithai smiles and says you are telling me to hide things from Dadu and Dadi? You don’t want to see them stressed, you have changed a lot. Sid says you have changed too, we have both changed a little bit. Mithai smiles. Sid brings her jewelry and says I will help you. he makes her wear jewelry, Mithai blushes. He sits down and makes her wear her anklets. Mithai is surprised. Mithai says I have to call Maa. She calls her, Indu asks how are you? Where are you? Mithai says I am fine. Indu says Shubham fainted. Mithai says Sid came and saved me. Indu asks her to go home with Sid, I will come there with Shubham. Mithai ends the call and goes with Sid.

Girish, Abha and Abhishek come to Agarwal. His goon comes there and says Sid came to save Mithai. Agarwal tells Girish that you should control your son. Pramod says they must be going back home now, let’s go.

All family members are singing bhajan. Sid and Mithai arrive there with a band welcoming them. Dadu blesses them and asks Dadi to do their aarti. Dadu tells Mithai that you are our lakshmi. Sid and Mithai exchange garlands. Dadi does their tilak. Sid and Mithai take Dadu’s blessings. Sid and Mithai look at each other shyly. Dadi tells Mithai that you will reunite this family. Girish comes there and says this is my house so this girl will not stay here. Sid says you will not call her ‘that girl, my wife’s name is Mithai and she will stay here with me. Girish says we all know that your marriage is a drama. Sid says I am not a fake person. I am legally married to her and we love each other. Right, Mithai? Mithai blushes and nods. Pramod says this is a game. Girish says I will throw her out of the house now. Sid says if you touch her then I will go to the court and tell them that you blackmailed me to sign the property papers. Mithai whispers to Sid that he is looking good. Shaurya says I am with Girish. All family members grab Sid, Mithai, Dadu, and Dadi. Girish tells Sid that this girl will leave the house right now. Abha says I will throw her out. She starts dragging Mithai out of the house while others are holding Sid back. Mithai falls down on the porch when a judge arrives there. All look on. The judge says I can’t believe this family is treating their daughter-in-law like this. The flashback shows how Mithai told Sid that she must have been attacked by the family only. Sid says I will confront them. Mithai says this battle is about blackmailing, what if we call the judge instead of him? The flashback ends. Mithai tells the judge that these people are my inlaws but I am from a poor family so they are throwing me out of here. Sid tells the judge that Girish wants to throw his parents out of the house too. Mithai says Sid loves me but Girish doesn’t like that, I am scared that he might hurt me. Sid says my father is not that cruel. Mithai says don’t you remember how the mehndi was poisoned? The judge tells Girish that I am ashamed of seeing educated men do all this, I saw Sid and Mithai’s marriage certificate, I had my doubts but today I saw their love and I am sure their marriage is not fake. If anyone challenges their marriage in my court again then I will punish you all. Girish says trust me, their marriage is fake. The judge asks if they have a proof? Abha says Mithai stole and burned it. Sid asks her to stop lying. The judge tells Abha that if I see her abusing her again then I will get her arrested. Sid tells the judge that these people are against our love. The judge tells the family if Sid and Mithai are tortured in this house then I will take some action. I will not take legal action today as I am here for the pooja today. Dadu welcomes him. Girish looks on.

Precap: Abha says to Girish we have to stop Sid. Pramod says why don’t you remove Sid’s name from property. Abha says yes you should do it and he will be busy fighting in court. Pramod says before he disrespect you, you should take step. Girish says I think so you are right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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