Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 31st August 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: Saurabh gets punished

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna saying Mishti is missing. Saurabh says none can dare to hurt her, I will get her. Mishti comes home with Nandan. Saurabh hugs her and asks are you fine. Trishna asks where did you go. Kanchan comes wearing the same dress. She scolds Saurabh and says you worried for your daughter, a girl’s respect is just a joke for you.

Trishna says not a word anymore, if you say anything, it won’t be good, you are getting you are a woman, a woman can’t win such fight alone. Vishesh comes and says she isn’t alone, I m with her, I got to know Kanchan’s real culprit, I got a letter. He recalls getting the driver’s letter. He says then I met Kanchan, she was thinking for everyone else, instead of herself, she worried for Ananya and went to fight that devil alone. He recalls giving the dress to Kanchan and hugging her. He says I wished to kill that devil, but no, this punishment would be less for him, Kanchan has right to punish him, he will get punished in front of the society. He says Kanchan I m with you. Ananya asks whom are you talking about.

Kanchan says that culprit who has done crimes and made everyone silent by his power, its the society’s mistake, who has scared you all. She asks Dhara not to bear punishment, as love died in her relation, marriage can’t survive this way, she has to take a stand. She asks Rajmata why didn’t she take a stand for herself and tolerated so much. She asks Trishna why is she helpless, since she was cheated, her trust was broken, her relation ruined her self esteem, why is she saving Saurabh, what is she fearing to lose. She says I can’t be quiet, the culprit is Saurabh. She slaps Saurabh. Everyone gets shocked.

Kanchan says you are an animal, you don’t have right to be alive. Saurabh says you are worried, you are saying nonsense, I can understand your pain. He tells them that this is Kanchan’s trauma. He lies to Vishesh and frames Kanchan. He asks Kanchan did she see the culprit’s face, does she have any evidence. Vishesh gets Mishti and asks Saurabh to swear on Mishti and say that he is not Kanchan’s culprit. Saurabh is about to swear….. Trishna stops him and slaps. She says its my mistake, if I had courage to say truth, you would have not been here, you were going to false swear, I have the proof of your crime. She shows the video of Saurabh’s crime. Everyone gets shocked.

She says that driver has sent me this video. She throws the phone and hugs Mishti. Ananya slaps Saurabh. She scolds him. Rajmata says I did mistake to stay quiet before, I won’t repeat my mistake. She slaps Saurabh. Vishesh gets a trishul and asks Kanchan to take revenge from Saurabh. Kanchan says not so easy punishment, everyone should know about him. She calls police and gets Saurabh arrested. Saurabh says so much pride isn’t good. Kanchan scolds him. He takes the gun from police and moves everyone. He says I keep laws in my pocket. He admits his crimes and laughs. Vishesh fights with him. The gun falls. Vishesh pushes Saurabh.

Saurabh falls on trishul and gets stabbed. Everyone gets shocked. Trishna cries. Vishesh consoles Kanchan. Kanchan writes letter to her mum, that good wins over evil, it was too tough, justice isn’t got easily, one has to fight for it, till we help ourselves, none can help us, thanks Maa for support. Vishesh comes. He says congrats for your victory, its a victory of all those girls, you are a hope, there won’t be any need of Lakshman rekha, there won’t be any Raavan. She thanks Vishesh. He says I m proud of you. He says me too. They hug and smile.

The story ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Atleast show ended on happy note, otherwise it was looking that it will end just like that only… But show missed so many loop holes and ended suddenly..

  2. Saloni Akhare

    It was a really nice show . It was my favourite show . But it ended suddenly . I m praying that this show will come back.

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