Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Saurabh misleads Vishesh

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh and everyone meeting Arjun. Arjun says mum has sent this for Kanchan, I have to go and see patients, I m a physiotherapist. Vishesh asks Arjun to check Shubham’s reports. Servant sees everyone busy in Kanchan’s welcome ceremony and thinks to ask about the pendant later. Vishesh says you had a grand welcome, get prasad for me. Kanchan recalls Dadi’s words. Manika asks servant to get prasad for him. Vishesh says no, I want prasad from kanchan’s hand. Kanchan stops Vishesh. He asks her to come along. Dadi and Manika try to stop them. Vishesh gets angry. Manika says you took some decisions, we elders also need to take some decisions for this family’s pride. Vishesh asks what pride, Dadi you remember how your son used to beat my mum, you used to stay quiet, your behavior is still the same, you aren’t helpless, Kanchan will get all her rights, else I will forget my limits. He takes Kanchan with him. Rajmata looks on.

Kanchan says I wanted to handle this. He says you just got insulted, I can’t see you this way. She says anger spoils relations, you are with me, its enough for me, let this become my strength, being silent isn’t any weakness, sometimes one has to be silent to save relations, strength of power is big. He smiles.

Kanchan goes downstairs. Saurabh comes home. She goes to him and touches feet. He blesses her. She says you are elder to me, won’t you bless me. He says always stay happy, where is Vishesh. She says he is in his room. Saurabh says I will meet him and come. Her saree gets stuck to the sofa. She stops and turns to free it. Saurabh says I will help you. He helps her and says sorry. She says its my mistake. He asks her to be careful. He says I m joking and goes. He says you did a mistake to come in my sight. He laughs.

Arjun makes Shubham workout. Shubham screams. Dhara worries and gets water for him. Shubham says we shall try again. He tries to get up. He gets angry on Dhara. He asks don’t you want me to get fine, shall I depend on you always. She gets sad and goes. Vishesh and Saurabh talk. Servant asks other servant to give locket box to Vishesh. Servant looks for the box. Saurabh goes to attend call. He notes down some number. He says Vishesh, you have given me the work, this is that private number, you have to find out to whom this belongs. Vishesh thanks him and tries to get details. Saurabh smiles. Servant gets tea and gives the jewelry box.

Vishesh is about to open the box. Kanchan comes. Vishesh hides the box. Kanchan says Saurabh ji, you have a daughter, this gift is for you. Saurabh says she really loves gifts, she will be very happy. Vishesh hugs him and thanks. Saurabh says we shall meet again. He goes. Vishesh calls the number. Manika’s phone rings. Vishesh asks her to answer. She asks what happened. He says I came to ask this to you, you were blackmailing Kanchan. She gets shocked. He scolds her. He says I will always keep an eye on you, if you do another mistake, I will forget all relations. Uncle comes and scolds him. Vishesh says ask her why I spoke to her this way. He goes. Manika’s husband asks what was Vishesh saying. Manika thinks I did few things, but who blackmailed Kanchan, who wants to frame me.

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