Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaggi and Sheetal marry

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev begging to Chandar. He gets ready to give away all his property. Chandar agrees and asks Amit to sit in the mandap. The marriage begins. Baldev gets happy. Kanchan thinks why can’t Baldev see Sheetal’s unhappy face. Pandit asks Baldev to do kanyadaan with all his belief, he is giving her duty to Amit. Baldev and his wife do the kanyadaan. Suddenly, the video plays. The kanyadaan stops in the middle. Ungli pakad kar tu ne…..plays…. Baldev sees Sheetal’s childhood pics and asks them to stop it, its a hurdle in kanyadaan. Vishesh comes with Jaggi and says this was necessary.

Baldev asks are you still here. Vishesh asks why did your hands get shaken at the time of kanyadaan. Baldev asks him to leave, else he will kill him. Nandan asks Vishesh

to leave silently. Vishesh says we want a chance to talk for the last time. Vishesh asks Baldev to go and do kanyadaan, its a good deed, are you sure that Amit is capable of keeping Sheetal happy, just see Sheetal, she is silent like any animal, her wish isn’t asked, its like the animal is tied to some pole, Kanyadaan is not written anywhere, its just a ritual, there is another ritual called dowry, which is given to groom’s family, you wanted to do this, I heard you, woman has all right to choose her groom by her wish, from the times of Ved, women didn’t change, the rules made for her have changed. Kanchan looks on. Vishesh asks will you get free doing kanyadaan, will you donate your daughter this way, she isn’t any commodity, give her hand to someone who can respect her, who understands her happiness and sorrow, whom Sheetal likes.

He reminds Sheetal’s childhood. He says Sheetal was never scared as she had you to handle her, today she has tears in her eyes…. she needs you, manage her and return her smile. Chandar asks what’s this drama. Vishesh asks Baldev to listen to his heart and know his choice. Chandar says enough of our insult, go and do our kanyadaan. Baldev goes to Sheetal and opens the ghatbandhan. Everyone smiles. Chandar and Amit get shocked. Amit asks what’s happening. Mausi says Baldev gave us a surprise. Chandar leaves with his family.

Baldev says Sheetal was silent even today. He slaps himself. Sheetal hugs him. Kanchan smiles seeing Vishesh. Jaggi comes for the marriage. Kirti gets flowers in hand. Kanchan gets scared and gets back. Jaggi and Sheetal get married. Kanchan asks Vishesh why did he not scold her when he knew her lie. They smile. He says I started dreaming to make your lovely lie a truth. She gets shocked and looks at him. He smiles. Everyone claps for marriage completion. Sheetal and Jaggi get glad. Kanchan says I have do Sheetal’s packing, its time for bidaai. She turns to go. Vishesh says listen, Sheetal’s room is that way. She looks at him and says yes. She goes.

Vishesh asks Kanchan does she love him. Kanchan smiles. He sends a idol for him and asks her to fill colors. She fills colors. Kanchan talks to Malika and tells everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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