After few minutes
San:manu will b searching for u…go
Rag looks at him with teary eyes….
San:plz understand(he tries to cup her face)
Rag:jerks..with disgusting look…i hate u..she runs…
San looks at her disappering figure with moist eyes…

@shopping mall…(becaz of manu,they hav gone)
Lak:im sry ragini..im feeling guilty to c ur face
Rag:(cuts him)joined her hands ..plz stay away frm me..for god sake…
Lak left..
Manu:mumma ,where is pappa?
Lak:(who saw her)beta
Manu :pappa select saree for mumma

After manu slept,ragini slowly gets out frm the room…she goes towards sanskar room…But suddenly stops her steps by remembering morning incident..she immediately turns with teary eyes and left to her room..when she opened the door,she was shocked to c sanskar…
San:even i can read ur mind
Rag:starts to leave without giving a glance
San:immediately goes towards the door end and locked it
Rag:(in cracking voice)plz leave me alone
San:(wrdly cups her face)im sry..plz understand..he (laksh) didnt did it intentionally..without his sense
Rag:cries more
San:worried to hell…ragini
Rag:grabs his collar…y r u giving excuses for his doings?y r u standing on his side?dont feel angry/sad ??he touched me ,he kis(her throat choaked)kissed me…ur would b wife???im ur…(she cries again)
San :heart pains to c her lik this,he immediately hugs her tightly….
Rag:closed her eyes tightly ..i hate u..i hate u ..i hate
San:(in cracking voice,cuts her)i love u
Rag:i hate u(while crying)
San:i love u till my last breath
Both breaks the hug and looks into each other…
San:v will end this drama tmrw
Rag:u r lieing
San:nods as no…v r going to london tmrw
Rag:shows her palm (indicating for a promise)
San:keep his palm over her
Rag:smiles with teary eyes and hugs him…

After few minutes
Rag is sleeping over sanskar’s lap..sanskar is carcassing her hair….when he confirms that she slept,he placed her head carefully on pillow and looked at her face
San:i wont make u suffer more..im sry by saying he kisses on her forehead…

Rag:when r u going to tell??
San:im scared…
San:abt manu’s health
Rag:nothing will happen to her..moreover i called doctor..he said she is perfectly alright..then wat is troubling u?
San:my heart is Saying ..something bad is going to happen
rag:k leave it sanskar…i will live my life fully with lakh as his wife..u happily c me my sufferings
San:face fell
Rag:hugs him..i know im hurting u by my wrds…im sry..but plz leave me frm this cage(she sobs)
San stands helplessly

After few minutes
Manu:mumma cum v will play(she drags ragini)
Rag:plz beta u go and play
But manu keeps on asking her to play
Rag:(irritatingly)plz go
Manu:pouts mumma
Rag:understand manu..im not ur mumma..ur mumma goes to god..she wont return..my name is ragini..im just acting as ur mumma
Manu:with teary eyes mumma y r u speaking lik this…i wont did any mistakes..i will b a good girl ma but plz
Rag:(annoys)im not ur mumma
Manu:nods as no and cries ..immediately faints…
Rag:shouts manu….

@hospital @emergency ward
Rag is crying badly…becaz of me only ,her life is in danger..she cries
San:holds her
Rag:becaz of my selfishness..she cries
San:nothing will happen to her
Rag:i wont forgive myself if anything happens to her..cries badly

After 6 hrs
Ap:beta atleast eat this
Rag:nods as no…
San,:plz ragini
Rag:hugs him and cries…when she will open her eyes sanskar???i cant (she sobs)

After 2 hrs
Doc:she is out of danger…she is emotionally weak..she is calling her mumma name only several times
Rag:shall i meet her once.
Doc nods
As soon as she enters into the room..her heart pains to c her like this,,she immediately goes towards her
Rag cries badly by cing her by holding her small hand
Manu slowly opens her eyes:mumma
Rag:looks at her and immediately hugs her..im scared u will leave me
Manu:u r only trying to leave me
Rag:no i wont leave u
Manu:u said u r not my ma
Rag:i was joking. …im ur mumma only..i will never ever leave u(cries)but dont scare mumma lik this.
Manu nods and hugs her tightly
All family members c their bond and smiles with teary eyes

Leap of 2 days..in these two days ragini not even get her sight away frm manu…she insisted everyone to go and stayed in hospital and cared her..
And got discharged…
@laksh’s house
Sanskar tries to speak with ragini but she was busy with manu and ap and dp…san gets into thinking by seeing their bond

@next day
@mrng @ragini’s room
San :im going to london
Rag:im not cuming
San:smiles a bit..im only..leaving u (pause) with ur lovely family
Rag:thank u for understanding me ,sanskar
San:im really happy..eventhough u didnt say ur decision ..i can understand it..
Rag:(with moist eyes)im sry sanskar
San:no ragini..im really proud of loving u …watever i did it for this family is a debt of gratitude but u….without expecting anything u r giving ur love to manu
Rag:looks at him
San:but u have to promise me on onething..
San:u should marry laksh??and to give a name for this relationship?plzzx
Rag nods with teary eyes

Everyone r shocked abt ragsan’s decision but cing manu’s condition..they didnt oppose it

Lak:hugs him
San move towards rag
Rag:painfully looks at him
San:think wat i said
San moves towards manu
San:bye dear
Manu:bye uncle by saying she kisses on his cheek
San smiles and left with moist eyes

When they (raglak)go towards parking area,ragini slips..laksh holds her inorder to prevent her frm falling..both had a eye lock…
Manu naughtily smiles by cing them

The end

Hope u like it

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