Would you miss Zee’s Jamai Raja?

Zee’s Jamai Raja is moving towards its climax. Everything got fine for Satya and Mahi. Mahi breaks her pregnancy news to Satya. Satya gets too happy knowing they will be blessed with twins. Satya and Mahi have seen this dream since long. After facing many things, Satya is happy with Mahi’s pregnancy. They will be welcoming two babies in their lives. There will be a twist which would turn their happiness into sorrow. Mahi gets admitted in hospital for complications. Their happiness catches bad sight.

Kareena dresses as a nurse and gets some harmful medicines for Mahi, so that she can ruin Satya and Mahi’s happiness. Kareena comes with new plannings and knows if Mahi loses her twins, then Satya will get away from Mahi forever. Mahi’s pregnancy falls in risk. Mahi and Satya’s relation would be changing forever, if Kareena’s plan succeeds. Kareena takes a bad step to take revenge, but as the show is heading towards its closure, evil won’t win over good. Satya realizes Mahi is unwell. Satya would be knowing Kareena’s evil plan and stop her from harming his twins. Mahi means a lot to Satya. The show airing since 4th August 2014 will have the final episode on 3rd March 2017. Satya will be saving Mahi and their twins from Kareena’s conspiracy, before the show gets a happy ending. Would you miss Zee’s Jamai Raja? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

  1. Nitee

    Definitely no… It used to be my favorite soap once… Sid, roshini and even durga devi were my favorite characters and sid roshini chemistry was chanceless… But it last itz charm and after the exit of Nia, I stopped watching it…
    I just heard now the show is just dragging so I think it is good to end the show…But one thing I would confidently say RAVI really rocked as great JAMAI RAJA in this show, no doubt in it…wish to see him in new show soon..

  2. Instead of this end that KB.. Kumkum bhagya……… from past 4 years track is on same note

    Tanu Alia Revenge on Pragya…. Abhi Pragya still struggling………. :@

  3. I think instead of jamai raja dey ajld end dat foolish nd unnecessary drag show which as no meaning nd value or positive impact accept for evil pple winning for d past 2yrs. Pls dey shld end kumkum bhagya

  4. Lol exactly .. kumkum bag ya shd end .. n yea jamai raja too .. tired of Tanu and Pragya ..

  5. I would miss a lot ??????????? I would like if the story starts with something in near future.

  6. Marie Raphael

    I never liked shiny but I love Ravi I will miss him alot? he has truly won a place in my heart ❤

  7. Plz make a new serious were payal and sid will be and durga devi plz jamai raja is the best

  8. not at all

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