Would you miss Kaal Bhairav Rahasya?

Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya is soon going to end. The show is at the peak of its drama. The last episode will air on Monday, 30th April 2018. The closure was not sudden, since the show was always a finite series. The show has managed to pull the interesting drama pretty well by being high on suspense and thrill. It gained much popularity because of its unique concept. All the actors of the show have won much recognition by their roles and natural performances.

The surprising part of the show is actor Iqbal Khan’s return. His character Indra was assumed as a victim in initial episodes. He has returned in the plot to bring a big twist. He is now seen as the main villain, who has manipulated and killed many people to get Shivlings of Kaal Bhairav temple. Indra doesn’t get scared of Lord Kaal Bhairav’s wrath. Indra wants to become a self proclaimed Lord for the world. Indra challenges Lord Kaal Bhairav to stop him if he can. Rahul will be witnessing Lord Kaal Bhairav himself when Indra’s evil reaches a high. Kaal Bhairav appears to punish Indra. The village of Siddhpur will get protected by Kaal Bhairav and his Shivgans. The climax is surely appealing to watch. Would you miss Kaal Bhairav Rahasya? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yes.it was a great show with good mixture of mystery and adventure and we will miss it..but these type of shows always be a finite series not like SaaS bahu drama where you can stretch episodes without any logic . The show Mayavi Maling which is going to replace it also looks good and different with fantasy elements.

  2. Yes so great adventurous and suspense and mysterious show.
    I’m really going to miss it.
    Lots of love for the serial and cast and group
    Congratulations for the success.
    Miss you.

  3. yes, definitely. This great show will be missed. This is one show which I only watched and gave my 100% attention. I always felt like I was part of the show. Very Very nice show.

  4. Very nice concept…. It was a unique story.. I’m going to miss it… The star casts were wonderful ….

  5. It was very interesting serial and I am very sad because it has been ended

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