Miracle of Love – Part 9 (RagSan) (SwaLak)

Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you my friends for your lovely comments. I am sorry guys, somehow this story not connected to my heart. I don’t know how to continue it. So i am ending this story today. Kindly forgive me.


Sanskar’s POV: Ragini may not love me. But i love her so much. Now, i should be with her.

Sanskar drives the car to hospital.

Laksh: where did you went Sanskar?

Sanskar avoids him. His eyes fell on Adithya who accompanies a pregnant lady. Adi went near to him.

Adi: sorry, Sanskar. I don’t have much time to speak with you. My wife is tired.

Sanskar: wife?

Adi: she is my wife Zoya. Ours too love marriage only. Best of luck for your love life with my little sister Ragini.

Sanskar(forces smile): sister?

Adi: she is like my sister.

Sanskar: oh. Fine, thank you.

Adi: we have to go now. Bye. See you later.

Sanskar: bye.

Sanskar went to Ragini. Ragini sits sadly with Swara and Kavita. Sanskar told Swara and Kavita to go out.

Sanskar: Ragini, you were about to tell something na, when i came?

Ragini: haan Sanskar. That, i am sorry.

Sanskar: for what?

Ragini: i know Sanskar, you loves me a lot. But i need sometime. Because i didn’t understand you completely. Also, (she hesitates) i misunderstood your friendship with Kavita.

She look at him guiltily. Even, Sanskar too gave her same look.

Sanskar: even me too want some time to understand you Ragini, because me too misunderstand your friendship with Adi. I am sorry Ragini.

Both can’t able to face each other. Sanskar went out.

Laksh: what happened?

Sanskar explained him. Here, Ragini told everything to Swara. Both, Laksh and Swara turn to Kavita.

Kavita(burst out): i am sorry, please forgive me. I am not in love with Sanskar. I can’t bear my friend avoiding me, so i just lied to Ragini. Also, today’s incident, i didn’t tell to Sanskar intently. I just told him what i think. Sanskar, please forgive me Sanskar. It’s my mistake that both misunderstood each other. So, i am sorry. I understand now, lover can’t disturb friendship and friend shouldn’t break love. So, now i wish to be together.

She cries. Laksh hugs her and pat her head. Swara looks at them jealously. But whatever she said didn’t change Sanskar and Ragini’s mind. Sanskar went out.

SwaLak tried to unite them, but they are stubborn. Until Sanskar’s college over, both didn’t look at each other. Avoid to be together. Sometimes, Swalak force them to sit with them.

Meanwhile, SwaLak develop feelings for each other. But they didn’t express it, because they want RagSan to unite first. SanLak college days got over.

Sanskar decide to go to outstation to set up a business, Laksh accompanied him.

Swaragini enters their P.G. 2nd year course. Each and every corner of college reminds Sanskar to Ragini, Laksh to Swara. But Swara is strong girl, she overcomes that illusion. But Ragini can’t. She used to hug Sanskar’s photo and cries alone.

Sanskar also miss Ragini badly. He wish to meet her secretly means also, he is in outstation, so he can’t. 1 year went like a hell to SanLak and Swaragini.

After the completion of their P.G. course Swaragini returned to their home permanently. Both were surprised to see their home decorated. And so many guests where there. Both entered the house nervously.

Janaki(hugs them): why you are late? Come and get ready soon?

She pulls them to their room.

Swara: mom, what are you doing?

Ragini: mom, what is happening here?

Janaki: grooms family will come shortly. You should get ready.

Swara: grooms?

Ragini: mom, tell us clearly.

Janaki: you are going to get married day after tomorrow. (Swaragini widened their eyes) you both will like your grooms very much.

Swara(tries to be normal, while tears escape from Ragini’s eyes): no engagement, not even asked us.

Janaki: today is your engagement plus mehendi. We know which is good for you.

By saying that she left. Ragini cries bitterly. Tears fall from bold Swara’s eyes also. Swara hold Ragini’s hand and went downstairs. Meanwhile, groons family arrives. Shekar welcomes them.

Swara: dad, we are not interested in this marriage.

Shekar: what?

Swara( turns to him): what means? We are

Suddenly she fell silent. Ragini looks at her, wiping her tears. She too turns in the direction where Swara’s eyes fixed. Happiness filled her face.

Ragini: Sanskar.

She ran towards him and embarrased him infront of everyone. She hugged him and kissed all over his face. He kissed her back.

Ragini: i love you Sanskar, i can’t live without you.

She cries. Sanskar wipes her tears. He joined her forehead with hers.

Sanskar: even i too can’t live without you baby. I love you so much.

Both hugged each other tightly. SwaLak look at each other.

Laksh: i love you Swara. I wish to live my life with you.

Swara: even i too(words got strucked in her throat).

Laksh hugged her tightly. Tears fall from both eyes. Their parents look at their kids smilingly. Kavita looks at them happily.

Then RagSan and SwaLak wedding happened. They live happily.

– Happy ending.

I am sorry guys for upseting all RagSan fans with this boring story.

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  1. Fab dear… good story… want more from you..

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear… sure dear

  2. Aree why did you end it so soon?
    Was really enjoying the story 😊😊
    Your story wasn’t boring at all Yaar 😍

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear… i don’t know how to continue it… so i end it here…

  3. Awesome. Give epilogue.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear… sure dear

  4. Superb dear.. I love this story..

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear

  5. Jasminerahul

    wow zoya is there as adi’s wife n she is pregnant. happy that sanskar’s misunderstanding about ragini adi is cleared.ragsan conversation about how they misunderstood each other n they need time to understand each other was sad.thankfully kavita is not in love with sanskar n she was only worried about their friendship. loved kavita saying that she realised that lover cannot disturb friendship n a friend should not break love.loved how the parents surprised swaragini by fixing their marriage with sanlak.ragsan hug. ..kisses n confession were emotional n romantic. swalak confession was sweet.happy that both couples got married.shocking that you ended it soon.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much sissy… i don’t know waht to write next, so i end it sissy.

  6. Awesome dear, ended so soon

    1. Anuva

      Thank you dear… sorry for ending soon dear

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