You are only mine part 20

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Yay! Roshni is back! Author’s note at the bottom.
It has been long so for help,
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Vidhi’s POV:

Some things need to be sorted out as soon as you know about it. Waiting won’t give you the answers.
Till now, I thought Rishabh needed time but what should I wait for if that gives me pain and hurt. Yes, I am being selfish here. But, put yourself in my shoes, then you will realise how much it hurts. Right at your heart.
I cannot keep on defending him anymore. Afterall, I’ve a saturation Point.

Wiping off my tears, I decided to have a heart to heart conversation with him. I nned to know the things he is hiding from me.
I stood up and called a cab.

I Don’t know what my mind was thinking moments ago in anger, but now, when I am standing in front of his door, I am worried that it might turn the things worse.
My heartbeat has started its ususal panicked beats.
But, I can’t give up now. Can I?
I knocked the door twice but getting no reply, I held the knob and turned it open.

Did he knew I’ll come? Does that means he is ready to share? Or will he push me out?
Flushing off my thoughts, I went inside just to meet utter silence.

My insides were urging to erupt. What this silence meant. It was eating me.
I climbed the stairs to his room but he wasn’t there either.
Where did he go?

I opened the drawer to check the car keys. I guessed right, it was absent.
God only knows how fast he might be driving right now to turn off his anger. I hope he comes back safe. If I call him, it will fuel his anger. So, I decided to wait till he comes.

Before closing the drawer something caught my eyes.
A photograph.
Photograph of me. And truth to be told, it felt good seeing myself smile like that. It is clear that I was unknown at the time of capture.

I picked it up to find, there were many more pictures but, it was not mine.
A girl in her teen years. She was very prettt.
I was instantly jealous of her. Her eyes held pure innocence. She was laughing and I can tell it must be contagious. Large hazel eyes prettier than anyone’s. Waves of curled hairs that was making her look more beautiful with the sun behind.

With the talent it was clicked, it must be Rishabh. I could instantly tell. I brushed aside the feeling that were ready to take over me. It will only result into pain.
I was this close to crying.

As I was about to flick to the next picture I heard the opening and closing of the door.
I turned around holding the pictures at my back to meet a very very calm Rishabh.
From what time was he standing there?

I forgot to ask any questions. His eyes were right on me, observing.
He took few steps towards me until he was at the brink of my personal space.

His jaw ticked. And his eyes shifted from me towards my back, at the wall.
Did he found out?
Oh god! No. No. Please don’t.

It soon came back to me, he was more calm, if that was even possible.

“You had been crying.” he pointed out.

My hands immediately went to wipe off the traitorous tears that had fell even after so much of control.
His hands replaced mine and his thumb stroked my cheeks.

“Why?” he whispered. His face was blank of any emotion.

Shouldn’t I ask the same?
But my mind had already stopped functioning.

“It must be the dust.” I lied.
I knew I was blasted. I mean I can swear there is not a particle of dust in this cleansed room. We both know about his cleaning freak personality.

“Shh…” he lifted my chin to meet my eyes and leaned to kiss off my tears.
My heart beat was skiping at that gesture. He kissed the corner of my eyes and rested his forehead on mine.
“You better stop lying babe.” he whispered and I found myself in deep shit.

He took a step back towards the closet and picked out his clothes.

“You didn’t gave me any reason not to lie.” I mumbled but I know he heard as he turned around his head.
His eyes were reading me. But his face didn’t reflected any emotions. He covers it up so well. He doesn’t let me read him. Why?

“What are you doing here?” he asked changing the subject as he ruffled through the clothes impatiently.

He avoided me. Why don’t he trust me?

“Why don’t you trust me?” I spoke my mind.
My voice was getting low. I cannot hold back the tears anymore. It’s so painful.

I didn’t knew he was standing before me until he kept a firm hand on my left arm.

“What do you want to know?” he asked.

“A lot.” I answered instantly excited to know that he was ready.

“Only one.” I won’t be satisfied.
But, his affirmative tone held no discussion. And something is obviousy better than nothing.

“Do you really want to tell?” I wanted to be sure that he won’t be sharing just because I forced him.

“No.” he confirmed.
I was surprised. He must have noticed my shocked face. The playful smirk that appeared afterwards, I hit him on his chest.


He chuckled and held my hand that was hitting him.

“If it means you will avoid Rehan, I am ready.” he said.
His voice held pain. I got worried instantly.
I looked up to see how serious he was.

“I don’t want to lose you. You should avoid people like him as much as you can.”
“I am not saying I am better, but Rehan is someone you should definitely stay away from.”

He caressed my face as he finished. “Please, trust me for once.”

I could not help but feel safe. I rested my head on his chest as I agreed.

“Does it mean you are not angry at me anymore?” I lifted my head but he pushed me down. This time I chuckled.

“I can never be angry at you.”

“I apologize love for being short tempered.”

“How come I am always the victim?” I sighed.

“I am really sorry Vidhi. I never meant to do that. When you mentioned his name, I just couldn’t control my anger.”

“You are brothers.” I reminded.

“Yes, we have same mother.”

Shock would be a small word to describe what I felt when he said that. He was the same old again. His cold, icy nature.
Their enmity must be really deep.

“I don’t want to believe what people say. I want to know…”
I met his eyes and said the words I desperately wanted to say
“..from you.”


Yes, it’s small. I just couldn’t wait to upload it and meet you all and have a chit chat if possible.
Many might have even forgotten me or some might have vanished like me or trapped in their busy schedule.
Nonetheless, whoever out there remember me and my story, do tell me your reviews?

Please, don’t be angry swethearts for my absence. I won’t run away again. I just finished writing this( short update though) after giving my exams.
By the way it’s really hot here. Scorching!

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  1. Amore

    HELL WOMAN!!! AFTER ABOUT A CENTURY. .. where r u??? for a sec I was confused with the names then I jumped off with realization… where is mafia??? I had ur stories saved on my another fon which is now lost… later on it slipped off my head… glad to have this story back… update soon plzzz and yeah MY MAFIA too 😉

    1. RoshniY

      Hi amore! Sorry dear, but are you someone who changed name? I can’t remember. I thought no one is interested on the Mafia story. But I found you.
      I’ll update then. Maybe tmrw?

      1. Amore

        No i didn’t yaar.. just cant comment frequently.. *pout*

      2. Amore

        okay… i’d surely try to comment as frequently i can… but keep writing yaar…

      3. RoshniY

        That’d be really helpful sweetie since reader’s view are ths most imp. Thing to the writers.

  2. omg finally u hd posted it i was surprised plz continue it dont stop plzz

    1. RoshniY

      Hii! I hope you liked the chapter.
      I won’t stop sweetie. I tell you, it was a mistake to stop writing it.

    1. RoshniY

      Thank You Jeya. Keep reading and commenting. 😉

  3. RoshniY

    Ugh shit! I was in so much hurry to make a comeback, I forgot to write tht she placed the picture back when he was going through the closet.

  4. I hope U remember me I really missed u nd ur ff I would ask the other cmnters if they know anywhereabouts of u I am really happy u r back update soon plzzzz don’t delay will be waiting

    1. RoshniY

      Aditi dear, how are you? I missed you yaar. Of course, I remember you.
      Yes, I got your message through them and I was beyond overwhelmed sweetie seeing all the love and support.
      Thank you so much for being still patient with me.

  5. Apuuu,i never did forget it,u & them..really after a long longggg time,it’s good to see u back..miss this..& also like this chapter♥♥

    1. RoshniY

      Missed you more dear. Please keep reading. I am so happy to be back as well.

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