Million Dollar Girl 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky shouts and distributes pamplets to the women…All customer comes and buys Saree,,Avanti gets happy,,Avanti tells that she gets an idea to do from buisness to the another..Avanti calls Vicky and Tj tells that they will play pass the parcel..She will tells the customer’s to buy a Saree play the game and who will win get a free Saree.. Avanti tells Virat to take part in the game as a customer..Vicky agrees,,,
Avanti tells the customer about the game,,All the customer gets happy,,Avanti plays the music,,All the customer play passing the parcel…Vicky also plays..All the customer gets happy..Vicky wins three times,,Avanti stops the music..Vicky losses the Saree at the last..Vicky apologises to Avanti saying that he loose the game at last..Avanti tells she has done wantedly soo that customer’s should not doubt her..
Pandit does pooja..Virat does the pooja but her mother stops Virat saying that she has only one Son Rajat,,Virat cries..Avanti sees and gets shocked..Vicky comes at Avanti’s house..Vicky helps kavya and gives water..Vicky brings Saree For kavya..Vicky tells that Avanti done a compedition and fooled all customer’s..Avanti’s mother comes and gets shocked seeing Vicky,,Avanti’s mother tells Vicky brought saree for Sister kavya..Vicky feels upset..
Avanti’s mother sees saree and gets shocked tells that this is Polyster saree..She tells that Avanti is spoiling her father’s name,,Avanti counts money in the shop..two or three women comes and tells Avanti to return the money as the Saree’s are not banarsi..Avanti tells they would be mistakes as it is real..The women tells that they want money back,,Avanti refuses ,,Avanti’s mother comes and tells Avanti to return the money..Avanti refuses,,Avanti’s mother snatches the money and gives to the women..She apologises behalf of Avanti,,Avanti shouts and tells the women to buy the Saree at 50% as it is not real..The customer tell that they are not crazy to buy again..Avanti’s mother pulls Avanti out of the shop..closes the shop..puts lock and keep the keys with her Avanti shouts..But she goes..

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Avanti talks to Vicky,,tells that Supplier made him fool..Avanti tells that she will kill that Supplier Vicky tells that it will happen as Supplier messed with Avanti,,A small boy gives lassi Avanti,,Avanti tells its not belong to her..Virat comes and tells its for her,,Avanti goes and shouts at Virat,,Avanti tells that she known that Virat all did,,Avanti tells Virat to talk straight and not to act smart,,Virat says that Avanti started first did dirty talk with the shopkeeper..and soo he did the same..Avanti gets angry..Virat says bye and goes away..
Avanti tells her mother that its all Virat did..Avanti’s mother tells that its Avanti’s mistake that she messed up with a rich people like Virat,,And spoiling his father’s name..Avanti shouts and tells that she want the keys of her shop..Avanti’s mother tell that she will sell the shop and never give the keys to her..Avanti throws the dish and tells that she is spoiling the name by selling the shop..Avanti goes near ghat and sits..Avanti tells that she is feeling hungry..Avanti tells that from somerwhere Virat jumped in her life..As she dont know from where Virat came..Virat belongs to which city and his histor..Avanti tells she have to know the whole Biography of Virat have to do something..
Avanti goes to Panditji..and tells that she saw Pandit doing pooja with Virat..Avanti tells that Virathas very good thinking as opening mall in Banaras,,Pandit agree,,,Avanti tells that Virat dont have self respect..As his Big brother Rajat always insult..But Virat does’nt react..Pandit tells Rajat has done alot of favour’s to Virat…As Virat’s parents are not real,,They are Virat’s Maama and Maami..They have only one Son that is Rajat.A.Avanti listens and gets happy..Avanti tells that now she will teach a good lesson to Virat..

precap:Virat is in meeting Avanti goes and tells that Virat is not a good leader And his parents are not real…Virat gets angry..

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