Million Dollar Girl 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti stands in the line to submit the form,,Avanti tells where is Virat..Avanti goes and sees VIrat sitting with the Sharma.(Manager)..Avanti tells she want to go inside by anyhow..Avanti calls Peon,,Peon tells that Avanti have to give ten thousand,,Avanti tells she have only three hundred rupees,,Peon tells Avanti to go,,,Avanti tells she have to do something,,Vicky goes to bank and tells Kavya that he brought the documents,,Kavya tells what vicky want to prove??That because of him she got job..Vicky tells no he brought documents..Kavya checks the documents..Vicky sees kavya and songs goes on..Kavya tells that In documents there is no dhaaba paper and they cannot give loan..Vicky tells that paper his father is having and he will not give..Kavya tells that Bank cannot give loan,,Vicky tells why Kavya is taking revenge??Vicky tells Sorry to Kavya,,Kavya tells that If Vicky goes to anyother bank also he will not get loan without paper’s of Dhaaba,, Vicky gets upset…
Virat talks to the head BPO office,,Mr sharma..Virat offers money..Mr sharma takes..Avanti stands in the line Virat shows thumbs down and goes.On counter One lady tells to another that there children are spoiled cannot Since they use friendsbook alot,,Other lady tells yes…Avanti submits the form to ladies..Avanti tells that they are right technology is increasing..Mobile phones..Youth are mainly involved in friendsbook ,,status and all the other application..They dont know any other things and are spoiling,,,Avanti tells but she has one problem..Avanti tells that her mother dont know how to use phone,,..The ladies sitting tells Avanti to put a local connection..Avanti tells her mother cannot able to use local one also..As she went Afternoon to her house mother was not well and no one gave medicines..Avanti tells women to submit her form first as it will help her mother alot,,The Women tells that she cannot help as it will take nearly one day…Avanti cries and tells that Mother is not well..Women agrees calls Peon and tells him to submit form to Sharma,,Avanti gets happy..
Bhuwan discuss about the case to weaver’s..Dj sends her picture to Bhuwan saying she buyed new top..Dj tells thankyou to Bhuwan as he listen to her problems,,DJ tells that finally she got friend like Bhuwan,,Bhuwan sees the text and smiles..Weaver tells their decision to Bhuwan,,Bhuwan tells okey…Bhuwan chats with DJ..Virat tells Avanti that she always late…Virat tells avanti to take a you-turn and go back..Virat and Avanti goes in zubair’s cabin..Virat tells he won the task as he first completed..Zubair tells Avanti won,,Avanti gets happy,,,Virat asks how???Zubair tells that As Virat choosed the easiest method by giving money,,Avanti choosed the hard method..Virat is shocked..Zubair tells he dont want to see both of them now..Avanti and Virat goes…Next morning Avanti’s mother tells Avanti that she talked to sharmaji there she will get receptionst job,,Mother tells Avanti to do job and behave properly..Mother goes..Avanti tells whats wrong in trying??Atleast there is guarantee in that job.. Avanti goes and meets Sharma,,Sharma gives Form to Avanti tells to fill it and sit at Reception,,After that he will explain..One women comes and collects her belongings.Avanti asks why she is leaving the job is Sharma uncle gave retirement??.The Old women tells no,,That job is awesome she worked here for 30 years..The best part of job is that nothing changed during this years Same salary,,Same environment ..Avanti tells that means she have to work thirty years same like this,,Avanti imagines herself as old women coming and helping new recptionist…Avanti throws the form tells that she will not work..Mr Sharma tells to stop..Avanti goes…
Virat tells Zubair that they cannot trust Avanti anymore..Virat tells that it is a waste of time Giving Avanti a chance,,zubair should give job directly to Avanti..Zubair tells that he nearly met four lakh two hundred twenty five people till now in search of Innovative and Unique people..Zubair tells Virat not to decrease his value by telling wrong about someone..Avanti suddenly enters the cabin and falls,,Virat holds her..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Zubair shouts and tells that “Bansal” is here,,Zubair tells that he should bring chair so that she will sit here,,Zubair tells he will not tolerate Avanti is always late..Avanti tells that her ricksaw fall,,Zubair tells he dont want excuses… Zubair tells that Curiosity is virtue..Zubair gives an envelope tells that its not a salary,,Zubair tells that they are ten thousand Avanti and Virat have to convert into twenty thousand,,Zubair gives two watches tells that have to complete task in three hours..

Precap::Avanti tells Rajat that they got a challenge of converting money ten thousand into twenty thousand,,Avanti tells she want help so that Virat looses,,Rajat tells dont worry…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. guyz like the epsiode???

  2. Rajat wil help avanti!
    I gues he wont!
    He is a cheap

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