Million Dollar Girl 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat searchs his slipper’s..Avanti puts Virat’s slipper’s outside..Virat tells that ladies perfume smell is coming..Avanti tells that Virat has dog’s nose..Avanti sees lizard and gets out from bed.Avanti shouts and stands on sofa and shouts..Virat catches Avanti’s hand and tells to quie..Avanti and Virat sees sees each otoher…Virat tells what Avanti is doing..Avanti tells that Virat dont know how to respect guest..Avanti and Virat sees each other..
Rajat comes inside the room and gets shocked seeing Avanti,,Rajat tells that what Avanti is doing..Virat tells that Avanti has some work..Avanti tells she has some work and goes..Virat wears clothes..Avanti tells her work is completed.Avanti goes..Rajat laughs and tells that Virat is doing work in towel..Virat tells yes..Rajat tells If h eis unable to handle Avanti then will teach a lesson..Virat tells no nees…Virat tells that he will handle..Rajat smiles and tells in towel..Door bell rings..Rajat goes and opens the door..
Some little boys comes saying they came for money for drama..Rajat tells Virat to give money and goes…They takes Virat’s signature and money and goes..Avanti stops the boys..Avanti tells did Virat gave the signature The boys says yes and give the recipt..Avanti takes and tally the sighn..Avanti tells yes..she will get the supplier card..Avanti sits near ghat..Dj come along with a girl..DJ tells that girl that daily they will chill like this..Dj does like this to feel jeoulous to Avanti..Avanti sees DJ..A drunk man comes and teases DJ…The Drunk man holds DJ’s hand the other girl Amrita tells she is very scared..The girl goes..DJ calls for help..Avanti comes and beats the man..The man tells sorry to Avanti and runs..
DJ tells sorry to Avanti tells that it was her mistake..Dj tells that Vicky’s feelings for kavya was serious..Avanti tells that If she saw Vicky again then will break his legs..DJ tells forget it..Dj and Avanti drinks alchol..DJ tells Avanti that she will drop on scooty..Avanti laughs and says yes…DJ and Avanti pushes the Scooty..Dj and Avanti are drunk..Dj tells that petrol is over..Suddenly Police car comes..Avanti and DJ gets scared..Police officer asks what Avanti is doing at night..POlice officer tells to check..The lady police officer check and tells that Avanti and DJ is drunk..Police officer tells to put Avanti in the jeep..Till that Virat comes….
Virat comes and talk with police officer…Avanti goes ad tells hii Virat..Police officer asks avanti known Virat..Avanti tells that Virat is her childhood friend..Avanti holds Virat hand..Virat gets shocked.. Police officer asks Virat should he leave Avanti..Virat says no..Virat tells friendship at another place..And says that IF Avanti punished will not repeat the same mistake..Police officer takes Avanti..Avanti sits in the jeep..Avanti shouts at Virat Avanti throws her Sandle on Virat..Virat picks up and goes..In the jeep Dj says that She did again friendship with Avanti and landed herself in a new trouble..The Police jeep stop’s near Avanti’s house..Avanti tells that why he stopped here..The police officer thinks how Virat instructed him to afraid Avanti and drop at home..Police officer tells what he said to do..Avanti tells DJ to come..Police officer tells he wil drop..Avanti sees her sandle Avanti gets shocked…Avanti tells Virat is confusing..

Precap::Avanti shows Supplier’s card and paper to Bhuwan..Avanti tells the shoopkeeper to give her 50 saree’s..Bhuwan shouts and tells that it is fake paper’s

Update Credit to: Ansari

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