Million Dollar Girl 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky sees Bhuwan telling DJ to drink the soup..Dj tells she dont want to drink..Bhuwan tells to listen to him..He will not repeat..DJ tells in which language she should tell..DJ tells she dont want todrink,,Bhuwan asks why DJ dont want todrink??Bhuwan tells that he is telling with love..Vicky comes..Vicky shows DJ kaada..Vicky tells this soup is waste,,BHuwan tells that this Kaada does not work..Vicky and Bhuwan fight..DJ shouts and tells stop it..DJ takes the soup and Kadaa and throws,,,DJ tells both of them to go from here..Both Vicky nd Bhuwan goes..DJ tells that she want to stay alone..At market kavya goes..Ranvijay comes..Ranvijay comes and gives shows some gift…Ranvijay tells he took care of this things because he still love kavya,,,Ranvijay tells kavya that they should give one chance

to relationship..Kavya ggoes…Kavya comes home..Kavya search something..Kavya takes out a card sees reads and gets happy..Kavya reads the letter..Kavya reads the letter and smiles..Kavya tells that she should give RAnvijay one more chance but if He left one more time!!!Kavya thinks..At hospital Virar sees bed sores on Avanti’s hand..Virat beats a wardboy and asks if he wont clean the hospital..DOctor comes and stop it..Doctor tells that in this situation Bed sores is a normal thing..Doctor tells Virat not to come..Virat beats the bed..Rajat asks what happened??Virat tells that Doctor rsaid not to come hospital and he cannot stay away from Avanti…Doctor calls Virat and tells that Virat can meet Avanti and she will also take care of Bedsores..Doctor cuts the phone..Rajat tells Doctor that her kids will reach safely home..Rajat tells soctor not to come in between two lover’s.Kavya meets Ranvijay,,Kavya comes and smiles…Kavya sits near Ranvijay..Ranvijay and Kavya feels shy to talk..Ranvijay sees Kavya and Proper’s her hair..He gives his hand Kavya holds it..Ranvija hugs Kavya..Mother comes and sees Kavya…Mother goes…after some time Ranvijay comes Kavya home…Ranvijay kiss Kavya..Mother comes and tells Ranvijay to get out..Ranvijay goes..Mother tells she also sees both of them at ghat!!Mother asks from when this is going on??Mother asks what Kavya was doing with that boy???Mother tells Kavya to go inside..Kavya tells Ranvijay is a good guy and she will not go inside..Kavya goes..Mother is shocked..

Precap:Zubair tells he is thinking of selling DESISWAG Virat is shocked…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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