Million Dollar Girl 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti calls the customer for takin order..He comes and takes Saree from avanti and gives fake notes..Avanti gets happy and takes the money..He hides behind bushes and sees Avanti counting money..He calls and tells Virat that work is over..Virat tells the man to go out of city for some time..The Man tells okey.Avanti gets happy…Alia tells now its party time,,Avanti tells why not..But after giving rent,,Avanti gives the money to weaver..At night Avanti counts the money.Tayaaji asks from where she got this much money..Avanti tells she got of her hardwork..Avanto gets happy…
Suddenly One person comes in Avanti’s house..Avanti tells with whose permission he came inside..He tells that he came from Bank tells that Avanti is distributing fake notes ..Avanti tells its false.He snatches the note in Avanti’s hand and tells its fake…Bank person tells that they want Avanti’s shop paper’s..Avanti tells no..Avanti’s mother tell to bring shop paper..Kavya brings the paper and gives..The bank manager takes the paper and goes..Tayaaji tells Avanti’s mother that Avnti is very well brought up..He tells thankgod that he didnt took the money otherwise he would also trapped..Ankit tells thats what..Tayaaji tells that after getting the shop paper He will run shop,,not Avanti..And Avanti and all should see other house..kavya tells its their father house also..tayaaji tells to shut up…Avanti cries and tells no way..Avanti’s mother tells to shut up..She tells If her child is only bad what to tell other..Bank person comes and tells Virat that his work is over..He will engage Avanti in some work and Shop will be in Virat’s name..Avanti cries and tells her mother that its not her mistake..Mother slaps her..Avanti cries..Mother tells that atleast If they have sold the shop would have got some money.she already said Avanti not to mess with Virat,,He is rich powerful and they are nothing infront of him…Mother tells that all this happened because of Avanti only..kavya tells mother to stop..Avanti cries and tells yes its her mistake..Avanti goes..Mother sits on chair and cries…Kavya is shattered..kavya calls Aman and tells all what happened about the raid..Aman tells that why all this happened with kavya’s family..Aman cuts the phone..Kavya calls but he puts on silent…kavya goes and sits..Vicky comes and sits..Vicky tells that he came to help Avanti If anyone there or not he will be with Avanti always..Avanti sits near ghat and thinks about Virat..Avanti thinks about the raid..Dj comes and sits..Avanti hugs and cries..
Rajat gets happy and tells Virat that Avanti’s shop is near..Ranvijat comes Virat sees angrily..Rajat tells to stop rivalry and meet..Virat says hii..Ranvijay also says hii…Rajat tells that they have to celebrate now..Rajat tells he want 25lakhs to buy a new car..There is no miney in his bank account So he want to take from Company bank,,Virat refuses tells that its for company work,,He have to pay loans and invest in buisness..Rajat tells Virat is not understanding,,Rajat slowly goes near Virat tells that its his father buisness,,Virat tells he knew that but could not give,,Rajat goes along with Ranvijay..Avanti cries and tells that Virat is powerful as she is nothing infront of him,,Avanti tells that she will beg Virat to give her shop..Avanti tells that Middle class people should not see dreams and they will also be in middle class..Avanti tells that To earn money they will also need money She will get married and find a job like kavya..DJ tells she will tells Bhuwan,,Avanti tells what Bhuwan will do,,He cannot do anything..Avanti and DJ hugs..Avanti cries..Rajat gets angry..Ranvijay tells to chill..Rajat tells that his parents are wrong as they gave buisness to Virat..Ranvijay tells to chill He says that Virat is arrogant and want to take control over..Rajat tells that now he will not let that happened..Rajat tells that Virat has crossed all the limits..He beats his friend..Not giving the money to buy car,,Rajat tells that he want buisness paper’s as he want to turn property on his name..Rajat tell that her mother and father are the real culprits..Mother tells that no need to do all this..As he dont know the truth..Rajat’s mother tells that Virat’s parent died to bring toy for Virat..Rajat tells he knew that…
Rajat’s mother tells that the truth is they have called Virat’s parents on that night for dinner..Rajat’s mother tells that it was not Virat’s mistake,,They are just blaming Virat soo that he could be thankful to them and listen to them..Rajat gets shocked..She tells that it was all Rajat’s father plan..Avanti sees and records all this..Avanti runs but vase falls..Rajat goes and sees but finds no one,,Rajat tells may be fall from air..Avanti tells that now Virat will realise what she is going throw…

Precap:Virat tells Avanti that he already said her not to mess up with him,,Avanti cries and tells that he dont know what he missed..Avanti shows the Video to Virat,,Virat gets shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Hope virat starts trusting and loving avanti!
    Hi guys!i know u wre mising me!

  2. Thanks fr d update!
    Hi natasha!
    I misd u yar,i used to come daily bt u wre never there so i left wthout any comment!
    Btw u r corect,virat shld trust avanti nt that stupid rajat!

  3. Thanks mehak for mising me!
    Btw d new entry ranvijay n alia r gud!
    Hope for something gud!

  4. Natasha were where you??

  5. Hi aahana!
    I was nt here in india but nw i m back n wil try to coment daily here!
    How r u?

  6. where are the today’s updates?

  7. appu See the epsiode and comment..I am fine Natasha

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