Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om and Esha arrive at Esha’s home, they talk for a while, Om turns to leave then comes back again. He gets back to his bike again, then both turns to face each other once more and smile, Esha waves hand to him, he also waves bye to her, she runs inside. At night, Om was even waving her in dream. Ranjeet holds his hand to wake him up. Om asks what happened, as he watches him smiling. Ranjeet says this is what he wanted to ask, what happened. He was excited to ask how was the dinner, how does Esha look, did they take a photo. Om says he didn’t go on an engagement. Ranjeet tells him he was waving even in dreams, he asks Om if he wants to smile any way, excited and afraid, doesn’t get words to say what he feels. Om says it is something like that. Ranjeet celebrates that it is done now, he has fallen in love. Om tells Ranjeet not to tease him and go to sleep. Ranjeet leaves still teasing him, Om turns to smile.
In the morning, Om was sitting on the window smiling. Jayesh was watering the plants singing, Om calls his name aloud. Jayesh comes to him and asks what is it, removing his ear phones. Om asks whom he loves the most, Jayesh says he loves his country the most, he is listening to national songs, and all inhabitants of the country are his brothers and sisters leaving Dhaneshri. Om asks Jayesh how he got to know he has fallen in love. Jayesh says Dhaneshri was the eldest in the class, but he could see her in others as well, and if seen with someone else he felt really jealous; then thought Dhanshri should only be seen with him. Jayesh asks Om why he is asking. Om says by the way, they live together so he thought about asking. Om says he doesn’t think about law on Sunday. Jayesh tells him his phone is ringing.
He asks what Esha, Ashvini gets annoyed and says she called him. She tells Om she has to prepare a Civil suit Draft, if he could help. Om says he will just come to her, will meet Esha as well. Ashvini promises to make coffee for him. Jayesh reminds he doesn’t think about law on Sunday, but Om hurries saying it is really urgent.
Om comes to Esha’s place, Esha comes from behind and excitedly asks what he is doing here. Om turns but she was talking to some other biker. She gets on the bike and leaves with him. Om restlessly walks and calls Esha. She attends it and asks what it is. He asks where she is, the biker teases Esha. Esha couldn’t talk and says she will call Om later. Om was angry, then tries to smile fake.
Esha plays with the biker at home, kids call them mad. Esha jokes them about chocolate. The family tells Esha they have a surprise for her, she asks Esha to open her laptop. They ask Esha to open ‘Esha’s would be’ folder, Esha opens the folder and finds a monkey’s photo there. She laughs and asks if they all have chosen him for her. They say yes, Esha asks his name. Chachi says Suyesh. Esha turns the laptop to show it to them.
Ashvini calls Om where he is. Om says it is an urgent work, they must postpone it. Ashvini says it is really urgent, she even prepared for food as well. She has to make the draft and take the stay in court as well. Om asks her to take help from Esha. Ashvini says Esha says she must do her work herself. Om asks where she is. Ashvini says she has gone with someone who called her, she was the very excited today. Om promises Ashvini to prepare her draft today.
Om was in his room, Dhaneshri comes to his room and appreciates it. She says Dadi is calling him for lunch, Om says he isn’t hungry. Dhaneshri asks he hasn’t eaten anything since morning, is he fine. Om says yes he is, he is a bit busy right now. He gets Esha’s call, she explains she came home and all her work was left behind. Om asks which home? Esha says her village home, she left in such a hurry that couldn’t tell it to Ashvini as well. Om asks how she went there, he explains that may be he saw a girl on bike with a guy wearing helmet. Esha says it was Aditya bhaiya who picked her up. Om says alright, it is fine then, it was safe. He tells her he came home to meet Ashvini. The children call Esha, she takes a leave promising to call back. Both say bye.

PRECAP: Dataraam’s family come to take him, Om doesn’t let him meet them and deters his brother to take him to court. Dhaneshri watches Dataraam leave the house, and tells Om he has left.

Update Credit to: Sona

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