Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says to Esha that he is ill so there must be someone to take care of himself. Esha asks isn’t anyone at home. Om says they are at home but they all are busy with their own works. He is alone in the room. Esha says that he will feel worse when he will keep remembering the pain, she is there with him on phone. Om smiles that he is feeling better as he now knows she didn’t get to know anything.
There was a chaos at the hall, Ranjeet was with the handicam, he announces that Om is too shy to propose Esha, they must all do something to propose Esha instead. He begins with his own filming, Ranjeet says they must take them to court and marry them. Dataraam suggests about kidnapping them while Shubda mausi disagrees and says they must meet Esha. Dadi asks why they don’t write a love letter to Esha, Ranjeet asks how a love letter should be. Jayesh asks Ranjeet if he can give an advice, Ranjeet tells him to be sensible.
Dataraam suggests a line which Ranjeet approves. Shubda disagree with the suggestion. Dadi says we can simply write, will you be with me? will you be my life partner? Madhu brings a poem that she wrote, each of its first letter makes “Esha Deshmukh”. Jayesh asks before leaving if Esha has a dog?
Jayesh comes to Esha’s home with helmet on, and Ranjeet on call. Esha opens the door, Jayesh gives him the bouquet, Ranjeet asks him to leave now.
Esha comes to the room and reads the letter, she reads the poetry and smiles happily. Esha sits lost with the letter when Ashvini comes to her and asks who was it. She says she sometimes murmur in sleep and now she is reading this letter. Esha says that a man came and he has gone now, she hands the letter to Ashvini saying he did it. Ashvini is happy reading it. Esha cries recalling each of her and Om’s confrontation.
Ranjeet films what Jayesh felt. Jayesh says he was really afraid. Dadi asks what her reaction was. He says he has left. Dhaneshri asks him to go there again, but Jayesh denies going there. Ranjeet says she will call him as soon as she gets to know about it.
Esha lays on the bed, Ashvini comes there. Esha says she went to mountains with baray papa, she watched some birds chirping. She asked why they chirp so loud, baray papa told her they are happy and that is why they are chirping. She feels like the birds right now, like she is on the top of the world. Esha shys away from Ashvini. Ashvini asks her not to feel shy, she must reply him but in a few days. Ashvini says it isn’t about replying to him in a day or so. She suggests she will tell Om that Esha is angry at him.

PRECAP: Ashvini calls Om, he is shocked to hear what he has done as Ashvini explains to him that he has sent a bouquet and two letters.

Update Credit to: Sona

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