Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 4

Hello all here is next episode . So sorry for mentioning Zoya as Maya in previous episode guys.

Mumbai Airport

Naksh gets into the airport with his luggage . He sees a poster of Beyhadh and walks to it

Naksh: I have come only for you Zoya..its my duty to do this…I must rectify my mistake…that promise…I got it in a fit of you are suffering for it…and he is suffering too…just ease my pain I made you suffer..Ill rectify it

Naksh walks out. He sees a girl rushing towards the bag collection area in a hurry..its Keerthi..she slips and Naksh holds her

Their eyes lock for few seconds..Naksh immediately steadies himself and leaves from there. He takes a taxi and leaves for the filmcity. The scene freezes

Singhania Diamonds

Kartik is working on certain files. Naira’s cabin door bursts open and she walks to him

Naira: Come lets go..take the project file

Kartik gets up and follows her without a word

Naira gets to her car and is irritated to not find the driver

Naira: Where is that fool? Im getting late

Watchman: Mam he went to have breakfast

Kartik: Bhaiya do you have the key?

Watchman gives him the key

Naira: Why are you asking for the key

Kartik: To drive obviously..I will drive for you

Naira: I have a driver for it

Kartik: It is not compulsory that a driver should only drive can trust me Im a good said you are getting late lets go

Naira gets in and Kartik starts the car

Kartik: Where should I go?

Naira: Office of Kapoors . We have to discuss the project and make some changes

Kartik: Okay fine

Kartik is thanking Krishna ji in his mind. The scene freezes

Film City

Naksh reaches Beyhadh shooting spot. He finds Zoya’s makeup artist

Naksh: Im Naksh..please inform Zoya that I have come to meet her

The makeup artist nods and goes. He returns after few minutes

Naksh: Shall I go?


Naksh turns to see Zoya. Her eyes get filled with tears

Naksh: Zoya..

Zoya: It has been 3  years since I saw you

Naksh: How are you Zoya?

Zoya: Not are you?

Naksh: Breathing unfortunately

Suddenly Naksh is hugged by someone from behind. Its Aditya. He starts to weep

Naksh breaks the hug and turns to him. He holds him as he is weeping like a baby

Adi: Bhai..come home bhai…we all need you bhai

Naksh: No Adi..I went away after that fateful day to avoid troubling you…I cant be back

Zoya: You have to Naksh. The family needs you. Naira needs you..You have to fill papa’s vacuum

Naksh: Papa’s vacuum?

Adi: Haan bhai..papa..papa…papa is..

Naksh: What happened to papa?

Adi: He is in coma bhai

Naksh: How?

Adi: After you left he was too down..he had illusions of you everywhere..last year one night he was driving and had an illusion of that he lost control  and had a fatal accident..pushing him to Goa

Naksh starts to cry too

Zoya: From then Naira is handling the business to make Adi focus on cricket.

Adi: Sorry bhai I came to meet Maya only after suspecting your visit after the message you sent yesterday. I have been fulfilling the promise and practising hard

Naksh: Its all because of me..that night too..then papa’s accident..Naira handling all the responsibilities and you both living in secrecy due to my stupid promise…why didn’t you tell me its stupid or atleast break it

Adi and Zoya in unison: How can we after swearing on your life?

Naksh: I lost my love and in that frustration I got promise that until you shine in your fields your love should be a secret..and you guys

Adi : It was for our future na bhai..why won’t we follow it?

Naksh hugs them both

Naksh: I realised how stupid I was but did not get courage to come here…please be free..Because of it even Virat is in trouble

Virat comes there

Virat: What trouble Naksh?

Naksh hugs Virat

Naksh: All those rumours

Virat chuckles

Virat: Whats a celebrity life without rumours. These kids have been sincere with their promise and in return they need something

He winks at Adi

Adi: Haan..haan..bhai come home..maybe papa will recover when you come

Naksh: How will I face muma and Naira..

Virat: You cant keep running have to face them….

Adi: 3 yrs of vanvas for a mistake you did not do is  enough bhai..please come home

Naksh: Mistake is mine Adi

Virat: No Naksh,,accidents happen and you are not responsible. Raima wont like you like this my bhai..please maan jao

Adi: Please bhaiya

Zoya: Please Naksh

Naksh: okay..okay fine

Adi gets excited.
Zoya: Take him right now Naira too

Adi: Haan Zoya…Ill take him now..Vir..

Virat: Take him before he changes his mind

Adi takes Naksh with him. The scene freezes

Naira’s car

Her phone rings and its Adi

Naira: Bhai..

Pause…Kartik looks at her tensed face

Naira: What? Stop kidding…ok ill come

The call disconnects

Naira: Kartik…we have to go home..Ill drive from here

Kartik: Zimmedari li hai huzoor beech mein Nahi chodenge..aapko apni manzil tak lekhar jake rahenga

Naira: Okay fine

She tells the route and starts to think about Naksh. All the anger inside her starts boil up. She contemplates words to scold Naksh once she sees him. Kartik sees her serious face and senses a problem

Kartik: Any problem mam?

Naira: Dyan road pe rakh

Kartik: Ji..

They reach Singhania Sadan

Naira gets down and runs inside. Kartik locks the car and follows her

Naira enters to see Akshara crying her heart out hugging Naksh

Naira: Muma..

Naksh turns to her . On seeing him all her anger melts down. She runs to him and hugs him forgetting all those lines she prepared on the way

Naira: I missed you bhai

They both cry together.
Naksh: Naira..sorry for burdening you with all works for one year..if I had not ran away Papa..would not have…sorry Naira

Naira: I wanted to scold you and beat you but ….I dont know what happened to me…I really missed you bhai

Kartik stands there watching them

Akshara: Tum kon ho beta?

Kartik: Mam new manager for project..woh..mein

Adi: Come inside

Kartik gets in. Naksh and Naira break the hug

Naira: You wont leave me  and goanywhere na?

Naksh: Jaana toh padega

Naira: Kya?

Naksh: I cant take you to the washroom na

Naira hits him

Naksh: My little Naira handled the office all alone..Im so proud of you

Adi: Papa..lets go to papa

Naksh Naira and Adi go up. Akshara sits on the sofa crying. Kartik runs to her

Kartik: Mam are you alright?

Akshara nods

Kartik: Please control yourself mam

Akshara: Nahi beta..the day which I was yearning for the past three years came true..Im so happy

Kartik consoles her. The scene freezes


Manvi Prerna and Ritik reach the cafe

Prerna: We will be watching you from a distance..if you dont tell your love today

Manvi: We will tell it ourselves and you will receive nice beatings not only from us from jiju and di too

Ritik: Oh my me from these two vamps

Prerna: That depends on your behaviour

Her mobile rings. It is Anurag

Prerna: Haan Anurag..

Anurag: Is Ritik nearby?
Prerna: Ill give it to him

Ritik: Anurag..

Anurag: Ritik be bold to convey your love..just take a deep breath and say what is in your heart

Ritik: Haan

The call disconnects and Ritik goes towards  a table. Manvi and Prerna sit in a table hidden from Shivanya’s view yet being able to see whats going on

Moments pass. Shivanya walks inside the cafe and walks to Ritik. On seeing her Ritik’s heartbeat fastens. He takes deep breaths as Anurag told

Ritik: Hai Shivanya..thanks for coming

Shivanya: Its a pleasure Ritik. Even I was wanting to meet you

Ritik: Really..what a coincidence..woh…what will you have

He places order for them

Ritik: Shivanya..I…I called you to tell that..I…I really love you..right from class 10. Don’t think that it was a hormonal issue…even I thought so but no..years have passed..I have become an IPS officer yet seeing you gives me butterflies in my stomach even now..and I know this will be the same even after many years

Shivanya: The butterflies?

Ritik: feelings towards you…

Shivanya smiles

Ritik: Shivanya…

Shivanya: Such a big police officer is afraid to confess his love..but Ritik your heart is still a class 10 boy and who will not love such a boy

Ritik: Matlab,,

Shivanya: When everyone made fun of my eyes you saved me and became my saviour..from then I started to feel safe in your presence and wanted to be around you always..I will he happy if that always becomes literally true


Shivanya: I love you too..I was actually waiting for you tell class 12 itself but
Ritik: You waited all these years?

Manvi: What else will she do if she loves a duffer like you?

Prerna: Now the coast being clear..we are come on your the bill for our shakes too

Manvi and Prerna leave

Ritik slowly holds Shivanya closer and looks into her eyes

Ritik: I…waited these many years as I was scared of your eyes..once I see them I forget everything I wanna say

Shivanya blushes. Ritik admires her beauty. The scene freezes

Kahani Parvati Ki Set

Sonakshi completes her shooting and gets ready for pack up. The set dismantling starts. Sonakshi walks towards her caravan when the light suddenly falls down. Her co start luckily pulls her away but her hand and leg gets hurt. She is rushed Sippy Hospital


1. Rohit is traumatised

2. Aditya’s important match

3. Kartik’s concern for Naira

4. Prerna loses her cool

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    Glad that naira is not angry with naksh anymore.washroom dialogue was funny.guess now sonakshi will meet rohit.rivanya confession was so cute.why did others make fun of her eyes n how did ritik become her saviour?eye lock was romantic. Perfect pics.

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