Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 3

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Aditya is shocked

Adi: What happened to papa Naira?

Naira: Papa is having difficulty in come soon

Adi rushes home.

Singhania Sadan

When Adi reaches the room he finds the doctor testing Naitik

Adi: Doctor how is papa now?

Doctor: He is better now Aditya sir..he had a asthma attack

Adi: Asthma?

Doctor: Thats not a big issue. Take care of him. He will recover soon

The doctor leaves

Adi: If bhai was with us it would have been different na muma

Akshara: Haan Adi know na…

Naira: How long long do we pretend that he doesn’t exist. He ran away whats our fault in this?.We pretend  that its only me and bhai..we have forgotten my another sibling entirely

Adi: Can I talk to him muma?

Akshara:  Dont disturb him

Naira: Keep supporting your duggu always..its good that I take care of the business if not bhai should have sacrificed his dreams after that accident which was again due to your duggu

Naira walks away in anger. Akshara tries to stop her but she fails

Akshara: Adi beta you know right…today is…3 years ago..

Adi: Haan muma..I remember this day very well.
Adi in mind: People close to my heart are connected to this will I forget it muma

Just then Adi recieves a message. He is surprised and the scene freezes on his surprised  face.

Vadhera house

Manvi and Ritik come home. They are welcomed by Jeevika and Shwetha

Manvi: Di..Jiju won again

Jeevika: You too helped him na

Viren enters

Viren: Definitely she did

Ritik hugs him.

Ritik: Congratulations bhaiya

Viren: Thank you DSP sir

Jeevika: Manvi..Ritik..woh I wanted to talk to you about something

Ritik: Tell us na bhabhi

Jeevika: We were searching a groom for Manvi

Manvi: What?

Jeevika: Thats when we realised both know each other since why dont you

Ritik starts to laugh out loud. Manvi is shocked

Manvi: Stop kidding Di

Jeevika: Im serious Mannu

Manvi: Di..we are friends..we cant marry each other..duffer stop laughing and say something

Ritik: Bhabhi I cant see Manvi like that..she is my bestie..Ill search for a groom for her but sorry to disappoint you

Viren: Jeevika…what happened to you suddenly?You know Manvi better than a mom and how did you

Jeevika: But Virenji..

Viren: See Ritik and Manvi can never marry each other because Ritik is madly in love with someone else

Prerna enters

Prerna: I know who it is bhabhi

Shwetha: Who beta?

Prerna: Shivanya

Ritik and Manvi are surprised . Viren smiles while others are shocked

Jeevika: Shivanya?

Prerna: Haan Shivanya…

Viren: Why didn’t you propose her yet man?

Ritik: I get scared of her..especially her eyes bhai

Prerna: Itna bada police officer gets scared of a girl whom he loves..that too from class 10..much before my love story

Jeevika: From class 10?

Prerna: Haan bhabhi ..she is our junior in school

(Yes guys..Manvi Prerna and Ritik studied in the same school and in same class)

Ritik: Kya kare Prerna..her snake eyes make me run away

Prerna: Is it the same Ritik who bashed the guys calling her eyes snake eyes?

Ritik: I did not say it in a shaming way..I just said I am scared

Manvi: See everyone except Shivanya know now..are you proposing anytime sooner or

Jeevika: Shall we make the steps for it?

Manvi: Di?
Jeevika: It wasnt my plan for your marriage was our plan for Ritik

Ritik: Bhai bhabhi? You acted…

Viren : What else huh?
Prerna: Thanks for helping me in this plan

Ritik: Your plan?

Prerna: Of course..its been years since you fell for her..still no efforts thats why I did this plan

Manvi: Well said Prerna and well done too..Ritik…

Ritik: Okay..okay Ill meet her tomorrow

Manvi: Meeting is not enough

Ritik: Ill propose

Viren holds Jeevika closer

Viren: Marrying your childhood love is a luck and dont lose it

Jeevika: Arrey Prerna we forgot to is Rohit now?

Prerna: Getting ready for another surgery for tomorrow

Viren: How  did it..?

Prerna: Bhai..its been 3 yrs..the same day

Ritik: Guilt is ripping him that too for something he isnt guilty for

Manvi: Hope he gets better soon

Ritik: Ab chalo its already late..Ill take your leave.

Ritik leaves. The scene freezes

Next morning Sippy hospital 

Sonakshi enters the hospital premises. Nurses get excited to see her..just then Rohit appears in his theatre dress. On seeing him they return to work

Sona at the reception: Excuse me..I would like to meet Mr.Sharma..who is terminally ill

Receptionist: Sona mam..he is a big fan of Parvati and whole hospital knows this..its happy that Parvati is here to bid farewell to him..he is 2 nd floor..the room next to Ot wing

Sona: Thanks a lot

Sona rushes to the room. Her phone rings as she enters the elevator

Sona: Im at the meet a fan..Ill reach the spot in time..dont worry

She gets off the elevator still on phone..she stamps her dress and is about to fall when someone holds her . She sees a handsome doctor in theatre dress holding her..yeah its Rohit

He helps her steady herself

Rohit: Careful miss..dont break your bones

Saying this he rushes to the OT. Sona who is used to men staring at her from first glance..feels normal in his presence and gets a happy feel about it..but the nurses and her purpose of visit distract her and she gets busy

The scene shifts to Singhania Diamonds 

Naira enters the office. The employees greet her. She walks inside the cabin. Her personal assistant enters inside

Naira: Where is the new employee? Has he turned up today..if not dismiss him

Her PA peeps out and sees Kartik running to him . He gestures him to come inside

PA: Mam he is here..

Kartik enters

Kartik: So…(He is surprised to see Naira. Flashes of seeing her at the wedding come to his mind..and he is lost)

Naira looks at him lost and gets irritated

Naira: Mister..

Kartik jerks as the PA taps his shoulder

Kartik: Sorry..sorry mam..woh

Naira: As its your first day Im forgiving this have been selected for the post of project manager with your qualifications. But that doesn’t mean you will stay here without efforts..I need hundred percent..Im personally involved in this project so I will constantly monitor your it

Kartik is totally lost in her and has a grin in his face. Naira taps the desk grabbing his conscious attention

Kartik: Yes mam got it..

Kartik walks out with a grin

Kartik in mind: Krishna made me the project manager and made me work under the constant monitor of the girl whom I love…thank you papa for sending me out…if not..I would not have got the opportunity to meet..oops I love her..but whats her will I..

He turns to see the name board..and

Kartik: Naira Singhania…such a sweet name…I love you Naira..

He runs to his work space happily. The scene freezes

Sippy hospital 

Prerna comes out of the ward from rounds and bumps into Anurag

Anurag: Oh my…

He places his hand on his chest and lets out a sigh

Anurag: You look gorgeous

Prerna: This is the usual white coat

Anurag: Even that makes you look gorgeous

Prerna blushes

Anurag: I can sell myself for this blush

Prerna: Anurag this is hospital

Anurag: Romance can happen everywhere my dear

He holds her closer. Suddenly Rohit appears there. Prerna pushes him and runs away with awkwardness

Rohit: You made her embarrassed

Anurag: Thats because your entry timing is bad bhai

Rohit: Kuch toh sharam karo Anurag

Anurag : Sorry bhai

Rohit: Teek hai teek hai..

Rohit walks in. Anurag follows him

Anurag in mind: One day you too will fall for a girl who will make you forget all sharam bhai

In the parallel frame Sonakshi is shown getting applause after a shot . The scene freezes

Maya’s house

Maya is on mobile

Maya: Was it him? Are you sure?

Voice: Haan..Im damn sure Maya

Maya: I just wish its him..

Voice: We will know it in sometime

Maya: Ill be in spot..let me know of any update

Voice: Sure dear..take care


Naksh enters the Mumbai Airport. He sees the poster of Beyhadh there

Naksh: I have come only for you Maya. Its my duty to do this…I must rectify my mistake

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Surprising that they have one more sibling ie naksh.did naksh cause any accident which made it hard for aditya?to whom is maya talking?about whom is she talking?is naksh connected to her?jeevika suggesting ritik manvi but ritik’s love getting revealed was nice.surprised to know that shivanya is there.surprising that it was their trick to make rotik admit his love for shivanya.sona getting saved by rohit was sweet.naira is so strict.still karthik is mesmerized by her.he is so cute.anurag’s dialogues to prerna were romantic. Perfect pics.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine All your questions will get answers very soon dear. Happy that you liked Sona saved by Rohit , Kartik’s activities and Anurag’s dialogue 😍. Thank you so much

  2. Bhuvaneshwari

    Yay!!! I’m excited for the new updates 😊… It’s surprising that Naksh ran away and Maya has some connection with it hmmm…very interesting plot line ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Sai07

      Heyy Bhuvaneshwari 😍😍 So happy that you liked it 🥰🤗

  3. Kavya_P

    Interesting too
    What is that accident that caused breach in everyone’s happiness
    Update soon

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya 😍😍 That will be revealed along with a lot of secrets soon 🥰❤️

  4. amazing .update soon.also pls update the 11th episode of virika ff.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Mahikagaur. It has been uploaded dear

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