Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira had twins

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The boy hides in a room and calls someone from compounder’s phone. I told you it is nothing for me. I even stole the wallet of compounder without him even realising it! This phone will look great in my mother’s hand. The compounder walks in. You think you can fool me? The boy says I cannot do it as you are already a phone. Compounder holds him by his collar. Which gang do you work for? The boy frees his collar. I don’t work for anyone. I have my own business. He returns him his wallet. All you had in that big wallet is Rs. 100. Aren’t you ashamed? Compounder asks the boy if this is what is mother has taught him. The boy hits him in his groin. The boy runs away. Compounder calls his friends who help him. He sends them after the boy. He has stolen the medicines and is running away! All the other compounders chase the boy.

Ira says I missed you so much in the last 3 months. I missed you and our entire family. You were so close yet I kept yearning for your love. I couldn’t do anything else. I had no other option. I had to hide my truth. I behaved so badly with you and our family. Please forgive me for this. She caresses his head. I said so many mean things for you and Moti Ba. Everything was happening in front of me but I had to be against my loved ones for their sake only. It is enough now. I will take you and our family out of this danger now. I have done enough harm. I wont let anyone do anything wrong now I promise. Mishri wipes her tears. Who is Kabir Uncle? How did you meet him? Ira calls him an angel. He saved my life, gave me a new identity and encouraged me to come home. He encouraged me to be strong again. I should tell him about Akhilesh’s condition. He will certainly help us. She calls Kabir. He asks about Pushpa. She shares that Moti Ba is fine but Akhilesh isn’t. Someone is giving him high doses of drugs. Kabir acts innocent. Who can do this? Ira says I am not certain but I do doubt someone. I wont take any name till the time I am sure. Kabir asks her if she is fine. I can come there if you want. I don’t want you to feel alone in this situation. Ira tells him that she isn’t alone. Mishri is with me. I had to tell her everything. I couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Kabir angrily asks her how she can mess with his plan like this. He calms down. I understand that you must have melted in front of your daughter. Mishri speaks to Kabir and thanks him for helping her Mapu. Don’t worry. Mapu and I are together now. We will sort out everything. Kabir agrees. They end the call. Kabir is miffed with the latest development. It is very difficult to separate them now. I must give a very big shock to Ira to divert her attention from Mishri. There cannot be a better chance than killing Akhilesh! He is already admitted in a half dead condition in hospital. This is the best time!

Ira speaks to nurse about Akhilesh. Nurse says he must get oxygen regularly and walks away. Mishri comes there with tea for her. This is what you need in tension. I got you ginger tea. Ira says I missed your love and concern so much. She takes a sip. Mishri tells her to be careful. It is hot. She kneels down on the floor and blows on the tea for Ira. Ira takes another sip. Mishri says it is fine now. I missed you very much. You know how much I love taking care of you. Ira pats at her cheeks. She suddenly feels pain in her stomach. It happens sometimes. Mishri suggests meeting a doc. We are in hospital anyways. Ira says I have to bring medicines for Moti Ba but Mishri reasons that she must remain healthy to take care of everyone. She takes her to doc.

Kabir heads to Akhilesh’s room.

Doc suggests a sonography but Ira tells her it isn’t needed. My daughter becomes hyper. It will be fine. Doc insists as it keeps on happening on and off. Mishri goes to bring medicines for Pushpa. You should get your sonography done. Ira nods.

Compounders are still chasing the boy.

Kabir enters in Akhilesh’s room. I wanted you to die a slow, painful death but I cannot wait anymore. You must die so I can take Mishri with her. I wont cry on your death but I am going to bring a sea of tears in Ira and Mishri’s life. He removes Akhilesh’s oxygen mask. Goodbye, Mr. Akhilesh Pandey. No one will be able to save you now. Your mental Ma is lying unconscious while your wife is getting her tests done. I have come with the news of your death! I should leave now. I will wait to hear the news of your death from hospital! He looks at Hanuman ji’s photo in the calendar. He is a very big devotee of you. I am sending him to you only. He leaves. Akhilesh starts struggling for breath.

Doc asks Ira since when she is experiencing this pain. Ira shares that this has been happening since her pregnancy. Doc tells her the name of syndrome. It happens sometimes after having twins. Do you have twins? Ira denies.

The boy is still running.

Doc and Ira are bothered by the symptoms. Doc gives her some medicines. Ira gets thinking.

Ira is sitting outside and cannot take her mind of doctor’s questions. How can it be? Kamla Chachi wont hide such a big matter from me. If I had twins, both of them would have been with me. She calls Kamla Chachi. They exchange pleasantries. Ira tells her about her stomach pain. Doc did sonography and told me that it happens only when you have twins. I am sure she is wrong. Is it true? Chachi’s eyes widen in shock. How to tell Ira that her second child was half-dead? Ira asks her again but Chachi pretends as if she cannot hear anything and disconnects the call. Ira thinks she is thinking too much. Why will Chachi hide such a big thing from me otherwise? She is such a nice woman. She wont do anything like that.

Kamla Chachi is in dilemma. Why are you hinting at the storm which got postponed years ago? How to tell Ira that she also gave birth to a half-dead baby? She was not in a condition to hear all this? I handed him over to some random woman. I have hidden this from her since 7 years. She wont talk to me after knowing this.

The truth will be revealed. Maybe this is the reason why my devotee is still fighting with his death.

The boy comes into Akhilesh’s room and hides behind the ER machine. He notices Akhilesh’s breathlessness.

Maybe this young new guest is actually the kid of my devotee only.

Precap: Pushpa meets the little boy. You look just like my son! He pushes her hand by mistake and she slips. She hits her head on the seat’s railing and gets hurt. The bottle of medicine falls down and breaks. Mishri and Ira notice them thus. Pushpa holds her head.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Wow Akhilesh and Ira will meet their son who was given away at birth. This child had a hard life like his dad. Now for Kabir and Devina plans to be exposed and their evil be known by the family. Ira has to be extremely careful of Kabir, Devina, Aditya and Tanya. Mira may end up heartbroken knowing that she was tricked by Kabir into marrying Akhilesh. Mishri suspects Mira of trying to harm her dad.

    1. I dont think akhilesh got any hard life than ira akhilesh never helped ira akhilesh think marriage was lie no its ira got love marriage this is about ira love story first six months akhilesh didnt except ira as wife as a result he got divorced dr rajat demanded one night ,ira got pregnancy akhilesh throws ira from her life like a beggar akhilesh one who gave artificial sample from trineti baba why he didnt remember,he brings duplicate ira and original ira think amaya . akhilesh didnt even properly about ira .Before vasectomy akhilesh got dream ira is wife he got 3 children this is ira love story like a mad love story one day truth will rewill then ira and akhilesh love story starts .the story lies about woman fighting for her to get a family .who is drilled Vallabh,pushpa,dr.patel,rajat .devina is not Crue she is fighting for her house how can forget akhilesh didn’t give artificial sample to Ira after marriage if this happens akhilesh reversal should had be done

    2. I think Misri will die soon because akhilesh reversal surgery ,dr Ira last final intensity exam which akhilesh promised Ira dream is akhilesh madness love with her husband she is not a harmful wife akhilesh is harmful husband

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