Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunika gives warning to Ira

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira says this is what I wanted to show you. All the family members step forward. Ira says Kunika is already married. This is her truth. Mishri stands between her parents. Thank you Bajrang Bali. Now Bapu wont marry Khalnayika aunty. Kunika acts innocent. Ira tells her she brought them here to find out that their would-be DIL is already married. Wont you introduce us to your husband Sameer? She tells Pushpa to see it for herself. Now you wont blame me for creating any harm in your life. I have instead saved you today. This is the truth, Akhilesh. She is lying to you. She was planning to get everything in her name. Pushpa tells her to be quiet. I want to hear Kunika’s truth now. She asks Kunika if Sameer is indeed her husband. Akhilesh walks up to Sameer. He raises his hand but then smiles surprising

the kids, Ira and Vansh. Akhilesh says I finally met you. Kunika keeps talking about you. Pushpa asks him if he knows about it. Akhilesh nods. Kunika told me about it. They were married and about to get divorced now. They are no more than friends. I was going to tell you everything after marriage. Kunika did tell me that she was about to meet Sameer today. Kunika plays along. Akhilesh asks Ira if she has started a detective agency. Why don’t you leave me and my family alone? You think you can break Kunika and my relation? It isn’t so weak. Pushpa asks Ira if she cannot see them happy. I was surely shocked after knowing about Kunika’s marriage but it does not matter if Akhilesh knew about it already. Who are you to do all this? Don’t you dare investigate any of my family members like this ever again? Just leave! Devina points out that it was Mishri who brought them here. Ira must not involve a small kid in her toxic plans. She is making Mishri like her. Ira tries to say something but is told to shut up and leave. Ira walks away in a huff. Mishri looks at her Bapu but then goes after her Mapu.

Mishri runs up to her Mapu and hugs her. Ira is confused. I was only trying to help Akhilesh. Mishri says Kunika might have spoken to Bapu or found out about it somehow. I fail to understand why he is supporting Khalnayika aunty. Ira recalls how they met the first time. This is your Bapu’s speciality. He has such a big heart and can forgive anyone. I caused him the biggest pain yet he gave me a second chance. I know that Kunika is taking advantage of your Bapu’s nice nature but I am failing in bringing out her truth before everyone. Mishri assures her she will do it. They hear Pushpa calling Mishri’s name. Ira tells her to go asap and hugs her.

Ira thinks this wouldn’t have happened if she had known that Akhilesh knows about Kunika’s wedding with Sameer. Why does this happen with me always?

In the car, Kunika tells Akhilesh she does not know how to thank him. You had no idea about my wedding yet you supported me in front of everyone. Thank you! He stops the car. Don’t think my goodness to be my weakness. I supported you there as I dint want Ira to pit me against you. I am against you in reality. How could you hide such a big truth from me and my family? She tells him not to misunderstand her. I never wanted you to find out things like this. Sameer and I are about to get divorced. He asks her when she will realise that relations are no joke. She apologizes to him. He tells her not to hide anything from him in future. Ira has already kept my daughter away from me by not telling me about her. She promises him and heaves a sigh of relief. I was worried that he might call off the wedding. Ira will have to pay back now!

Everyone returns home. Vansh speaks badly about Kunika. Pushpa tells him not to talk like this. She hid this from us but Akhilesh knew about it. Devina seconds her. She also tells Mishri not to fall in her mother’s words. The farther you stay from her the better! Mishri warns her not to say anything against her Mapu. She is very nice. Pushpa tells her it will anger Akhilesh if he hears this. He is already miffed. Akhilesh enters with Kunika. Devina fills his ears against Ira. Akhilesh ends up scolding Mishri. You have been meeting Ira behind my back and have been talking to her. What’s your problem with Kunika? Why do you want to separate us? I am warning you. Act like a kid! Mishri tries to say something but he does not let her. Go to your room. She runs upstairs teary eyed. Pushpa asks Akhilesh why he was so tough with Mishri. He wants her to understand she shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of elders. Pushpa asks him to pacify her asap.

Akhilesh finds Mishri crying in her room. I was just joking. I wasn’t angry. Vansh says she will cry as you scolded her badly. Akhilesh tells her he was making her April Fool. Who gets upset with her Bapu? Come out of the blanket. Let’s go for ice cream. She removes the blanket and is wearing a ghost mask. Vansh and Akhilesh are in shock. She tells them she fooled them. I know you cannot be angry with me and thought its payback time. Akhilesh says I stopped breathing for a second. She tells him that she felt the same when he told her he wont talk to her again. Don’t say this ever again. I cannot live otherwise. He promises her he will never say it again. They share a hug. Vansh joins them. Devina and Kunika watch them from the door.

Kunika says I thought Mishri will be miffed with Akhilesh when he would scold her but they are stuck. Devina advises her to think big. You are very lucky. Akhilesh is supporting you even after knowing your truth. I don’t think you will be lucky again if Ira finds out that we are in this together! Kunika wants to do something after which no one will trust her even when she is speaking truth.

Next morning, Kunika comes to Ira’s house. I got you some sweets to cheer you up as your plan failed yesterday! Ira throws it away. Act in front of Akhilesh. I know your truth. Kunika says you don’t know how dangerous I can be. You should be afraid of me. Your daughter tops my hate list! You don’t know how dangerous my hatred can be for your daughter! Ira challenges to try hurting Mishri. Akhilesh wont spare you. He loves her the most. Kunika reasons that there are a thousand ways to hurt a kid. You will see me taking my revenge now. It is 10 right now. You will get a very bad news about Mishri in a few hours from now. Save her if you can! Ira warns her to not even touch / scratch Mishri. I wont spare you if that happens. Kunika tells her they will figure that out in a few hours. See you soon! She leaves.

Precap: Mishri is unconscious. Kunika keeps her in a big suitcase even when Vansh tries to save her. She speaks of throwing her away in water. Vansh informs Ira about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    The turn out of events is becoming tiresome! Kunika always saving her own skin and yet Akilesh is too proud to see sense! Again, we see Kunika setting a trap for Ira…going round the gardens again!

  2. Tammy Luther

    I think Akhilesh and Pushpa deserves Kunika and Devina. Ira is too kind hearted for them. Its sad to see TV channels are showing character like Akhilesh as Hero ( wrong role modeling to people) and making Pushpa as obsessive and brainless mom who does not respect another women.
    She is a big troublemaker.

    1. Summer

      Hi Tammy, Yes, they certainly do! Akilesh is no better! Furthermore, to portray Kunika consistent plotting and scheming is the way to go…and to get away with it is just unbearable!
      I read on twitter that Akilesh will marry Kunika just to fight custody against Ira. In this case, i hope Kunika will take him to the cleaners and Ira wins custody of Mishri. She has already paid time over and over with one honest mistake and with Akilesh and Pushpa ignorance, they deserve all they get! Let them learn the hard way!

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