Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira and Dr. Rajat’s first meet

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh trying to convince Ira not to go. She asks him not to make things tough for her. Vallabh calls her. She goes. Devina says someone tried to withdraw money by forging Pushpa and my signs, I know who has done this. Aditya and Siddhi ask who is that. Devina slaps Siddhi. Siddhi says you think I did this. Devina says I know Bhoomi and Aditya can’t do this. Siddhi says I wanted money for Europe tour. Devina gets a call. She says what donation do you want, oh, wow, what a noble cause, you should get a donation, you don’t talk to Pushpa about this.

Pushpa blesses Ira and asks Vallabh not to worry for home, Ira will step there and make it heaven. Ira hugs Pushpa and thinks I forgot I don’t have a mum when I met you, maybe Lord doesn’t want to give me a mum.

Pushpa asks her to take care, Akhilesh screams. Pushpa and Ira run to see him. Devina says it was a call from hospital, some doctor Rajat Sareen is opening a vasectomy operation wing, Pushpa shouldn’t know this, else she would take Akhilesh. She goes. Aditya calls Siddhi a loser. She cries and shouts I m not a loser, I know how to become good in mom’s eyes, I will tackle Dr. Saren. Akhilesh acts hurt. Pushpa asks what happened. Akhilesh says I can’t bear the stomach ache. Vallabh asks Ira to stay here with Akhilesh, if anything happens to him, she will be blamed, if Malaysia trip gets cancelled, then she will have to stay for long time. Akhilesh acts and signs Pushpa. Vallabh says Ira will look after you, you will get fine. Pushpa says its good, come I will drop you outside. Ira gives medicines to Akhilesh and asks him to rest.

He sleeps. She says I know you don’t want to get away from me, but for the promise made to Vallabh and our future, we have to stay distant, sorry, I had to give medicines to make you unconscious, we will stay under one roof, but we will maintain the distance. She gets Dr. Pradhan’s call. She says we are ready to come to Malaysia. He says I have to go for conference, my colleague Dr. Rajat Sareen will do Akhilesh’s surgery, I have briefed him about Akhilesh’s case, he is in Mumbai, meet him and show the file to him. Ira thanks him and goes. Ira comes to hospital and parks scooty in four wheelers parking. Dr. Rajat comes there and calls her out, asking her to move away her vehicle. She say sorry, I already parked. He says this parking is not for two wheelers. She says I can’t see any such board. They get into an argument. He says I m a doctor, you won’t understand this. He goes. She says I m also a doctor, but I don’t show off.

Akhilesh wakes up and looks for Ira. He calls up Bhavik and asks about Ira. Bhavik says she went to hospital to meet a doctor for your surgery. Akhilesh thanks him. Ira goes to meet the doctor. She gets shocked seeing Rajat. Rajat asks can’t you see, a meeting is going on here, get out and come after getting an appointment. She says listen, even I m a doctor, what if any patient comes late, will you refuse to save his life. He gives her water. She says no thanks and moves the glass away. The water falls over him. She says sorry, I didn’t mean to. He says its okay, I will change and come, wait here. He goes. She says he is not so bad. Siddhi comes to the hospital and says Dr. Rajat wants to make a reversal section here, but he won’t be able to. Ira sees Rajat’s phone ringing and goes to give it to him. Siddhi sees Rajat and follows. Ira sees Siddhi and hides. She says what’s Siddhi doing here. Siddhi pushes Rajat down the stairs. Ira gets shocked. Siddhi leaves. Hospital staff runs to Rajat. Ira rushes to him. They all get shocked.

Ira gets police to get Siddhi arrested and says I have seen Siddhi pushing the doctor down. She says Rajat was going to do your reversal, that’s why Siddhi has done this. Akhilesh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Nothing much interesting, expect love triangle in future… Now even this show is making me bore…

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