Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Second marriage for Ira

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavik pins doc to the wall. How dare you make a fake report of Kunika? Why did you lie to Akhilesh and Ira got fired because of your lie! Doc replies that Kunika threatened to get him fired if he does not support her. Bhavik tells him to prove Kunika’s truth in front of everyone now. Akhilesh and the kids bring Kunika there. Akhilesh asks Bhavik what special treatment he was speaking about. Bhavik says just like we hit people on the same place where they got hurt before losing their memory. Now we will throw the same chutney in Kunika’s eyes to bring back her eyesight. Kunika calls it a stupid plan. How can this be real? Ira and Bhavik tell her to trust the doc. He only said you cannot see. We want you to be able to see again. Kunika tells Akhilesh she does not want to do it but he convinces her to try once. Mishri brings chilli powder. We don’t have chutney but this can work, right? Doc agrees. Vansh decides to turn the fan towards Kunika. The powder will go in her eyes automatically. Kunika runs away to save herself. She hits the shelf and the books fall on her head. She pretends that she can see everything clearly now. This is a miracle! I think the books fixed my eyesight. I am so happy to see you! Akhilesh tells Kunika that it means she never lost her eyesight. Do you think I am a fool? You think vision returns by doing something like this? If yes, then that person wasn’t blind ever! This was your plan to get Ira fired from her job and ruin her dream! Kunika says what else could I have done. She is messing up everything she has come. Akhilesh warns her not to take Ira’s name. Mishri reasons that Mapu was honest. Kunika was lying. Mapu should be able to resume her job again. Kunika says the kids would have put this chilli powder in my eyes. I would have turned blind completely then! It must be Ira’s plan. Akhilesh warns her to only apologize to Ira if she wants to say something. He apologizes to Ira and walks out in a huff. The kids do a happy dance around Kunika which irks her. She raises her hand to slap Mishri but Ira holds her hand. I have told you in the past also not to harm Mishri but you don’t seem to understand. Bhavik takes the kids outside. Kunika tells Ira she does not wish to speak to her. Ira says the same. My hands will do the talking. Ira slaps her for instigating hatred in Akhilesh’s heart against her. She slaps her next for filling Pushpa’s ears against her. She slaps her last for hurting Mishri. Kunika falls down and holds her stomach in pain. I am feeling dizzy.

Ira makes her lie down on the stretcher kept there. She checks Kunika and tells her that she is pregnant. Kunika dismisses it but Ira reminds her she is a doctor. You are going to be a mother. It isn’t Akhilesh’s kid which means it must be Sameer’s kid! I must tell Akhilesh. Kunika requests ehr not to say anything to Akhilesh. This is indeed Sameer’s kid. Akhilesh will destroy both of us if that happens! Atleast think about this baby. She cries. Ira reasons that she cannot lie to Akhilesh. I assure you he wont send you to jail. Kunika tells her against it. Ira tells her to rest. Don’t stress or the kid will be under stress too. I will bring medicine for you. Kunika is in a fix. My plan will be ruined if Ira tells Akhilesh anything. I must stop her. She finds chloroform bottle there and puts some in her kerchief. When Ira returns with her medicines, Kunika makes her unconscious using that infected kerchief. She calls Sameer next and tells him about her pregnancy. Ira knows everything. we have to stop her! She tells him a plan (in mute). Ira will fall in everyone’s eyes if this plan succeeds. Make all the arrangements. I will bring Ira. He agrees.

A guy asks Sameer where he has brought her. You told me you will make me meet some beautiful girl. Sameer says you wont find a beautiful girl in this age. You must marry her. He shows him Ira’s photo. his uncle agrees to marry the girl right away. I will pay you whatever amount you will ask for.

Kunika walks out of the hospital. A ward boy is taking Ira away on a stretcher when her hand falls out of the duvet. Akhilesh notices her hand. He finds the bangle and hand familiar. He recognizes it to be Ira’s. The stretcher is stuck. Ward boy is trying to get it out. Kunika stands in Akhilesh’s way to divert him. He walks away as she apologizes to him. Kunika scolds ward boy for his carelessness. Another ward boy helps them. Akhilesh looks at them. It means Kunika has made Ira unconscious and is taking her somewhere with her! She will cook up a story if I question her now. I should let it happen naturally.

Kunika brings unconscious Ira to the wedding venue. Sameer asks her what if Ira gains conscious before the wedding. Kunika calls it impossible. The old guy praises Ira on her beauty. Sameer asks him to get ready as the groom first. You can admire her beauty later on. The guy goes to get ready. Sameer asks Kunika how this plan will help them. Kunika says Akhilesh wont look at Ira after knowing that Ira is marrying this old man for his money. She gives an injection to Ira just when she starts moving. Kunika calls Pushpa next to inform her about Ira’s wedding.

Sameer calls Akhilesh. He tells him that he came to marriage hall for some work and found out that Ira is marrying someone. Akhilesh pretends to be upset. Sameer offers to send him the address so he can see it for himself. Akhilesh agrees.

Kunika tells Pushpa that she can see again. She also tells her the address of the marriage hall. Your first DIL is marrying someone here.

Sameer and Kunika bring Ira to the mandap dressed as bride. She pays Pundit ji to complete the wedding at any cost. The groom sits down as well. Kunika does their gathbandhan while Sameer goes outside to keep a tab on everything. Kunika notices Pushpa reaching the venue with the entire family. She tells Pundit ji to hurry up. The groom holds Ira. Kunika makes them exchange garlands. She asks the groom to help Ira in completing the pheras. The groom holds Ira’s hand and supports her as they take pheras. Kunika is happy thinking that a daughter will attend her mother’s wedding for the first time today. It will be great to see Mishri heartbroken. She will hate her Mapu then!

Bhavik tells his family that they doubt Ira for no reason. It must be Kunika’s idea! Devina tells him to go inside to see for himself.

Kunika counts the pheras. The last one is left. Ira will fall in everyone’s eyes in a few seconds from now! Pushpa and her family enter. Mishri shouts Mapu in shock. Pundit ji announces Ira and the guy as husband and wife.

Precap: Ira says only one guy has put vermilion in my hairline. It is Akhilesh! The guy tells her not to worry. The vermilion in your hairline is of my name only! He removes his sehra and everyone is surprised to see Akhilesh. Mishri and Vansh seem thrilled whereas Kunika looks on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Frosties

    At last the story line is interesting to watch but found it rather rushed. This episode could have been made in 2 parts.
    Ira looked beautiful as always! Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode… I just enjoyed it..

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