Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh gets the divorce application paper signed

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh taking care of Vallabh. Vallabh thinks its the right chance to separate them. He asks him to sign the papers to guarantee for education loan for Ira’s studies. Akhilesh signs the papers. Vallabh asks him to submit papers in the bank. He keeps some papers. He says Ira shouldn’t know this. Akhilesh agrees and goes. Vallabh says you didn’t know about my important paper, its divorce paper. He sees Akhilesh’s sign. He says now none can stop me from separating you two. Ira asks where are you going. Akhilesh says I can’t tell you, let me go. He goes. Vallabh calls Ira and asks is Akhilesh coming, I m waiting for him. Ira asks who are you.

He says I m Lovely Singh from marriage bureau, Akhilesh asked me to find a girl for him, I found a nice girl for

Akhilesh, I called on alternate number as his number is unreachable. She gets shocked. Ira says he left from home, he was smiling. She feels sad. Vallabh goes to room and says its time for next plan. Ira goes to him. He asks her to see the papers Akhilesh left for her. She checks the divorce papers and gets shocked. She says he left divorce papers for me. He says now I understand, why he was eager to meet you, he already told you that he will be divorcing you, he is finding a girl for himself, why is he in hurry to make you out of this house, you have created a storm in his life, he will want to get you out of his life. She says fine, if he wants to get rid of me, I have no interest to live with him. She signs papers and goes.

Vallabh says sorry Ira, I m playing a game with you, I don’t want you to have any love for Akhilesh in heart, this marriage has to end. Akhilesh comes to bank and says Vallabh is right, Ira is smart, she should study abroad, once my reversal happens, I will express my feelings and accept her, why would Vallabh bear the expenses, she is my responsibility. He checks the papers and tears it. He says Ira will be mine forever, I love her a lot. He sees a couple and smiles. The guy proposes the girl for marriage. She accepts the proposal and hugs. They hold hands. Akhilesh says its good Lord has showed this to me, else I didn’t know this to give a ring before love confession, I will buy a ring for Ira, I have to know her finger ring size. Bhoomi and Bhavik come. Pushpa asks them to come and help. He cries and says Ira never respects me, you gave me much respect.

Bhoomi helps Pushpa. Akhilesh comes home and says I will also help in making garlands. He thinks to take Ira’s ring size. Bhavik plays game on phone. Akhilesh says I will show you a funny game. Ira says I have no time to play game. He holds her hand. She gets annoyed. Pushpa says maybe they had a fight. Akhilesh asks what happened, did I do any mistake. Ira thinks why am I angry on him, I shouldn’t fight. She forwards hand and asks what game to play. He says the game has a cat, who is hungry, the dhokla is getting away, the cat is chasing the dhokla. He gets a thread and shows the game. He gets her ring size. He burps. Pushpa asks shall we do our work now. Akhilesh says you carry on, I have some work. He goes and says I got Ira’s ring size, I will get a pretty ring for her. Vallabh hears this and thinks to do something to stop him. He says I will make them fight in such a way that they won’t like to see each other.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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