Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushpa gets blamed for doubting Mirchi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira wonders who this is if it isn’t their Mishri. Devina replies that she must have come here with a plan to steal money. I am sure Kunika has sent her here! Ira is taken aback. Why would Mishri go away with a bag of money? Who is this if it isn’t Mishri? Tell me where she is, Akhilesh! What are Moti Ba and Devina Ma’am saying? You only brought her home after the accident. I have to know where Mishri is! She keeps his hand on her head thereby giving him her swear. What are you hiding from us? Come out with truth. What are you hiding from me? Pushpa also asks Akhilesh to answer. Are you hiding something from us? He agrees to tell them the truth. A guy walks in just then before Akhilesh can say anything. He asks them if Mishri stays here. Akhilesh nods. Who are you? The guy says I brought Mishri home. They see Mirchi holding the suitcase and a letter. Ira asks her where she was and holds her. Devina also asks Mirchi where she went with the bag of money. Mirchi points at the guy. I was about to give it to him. Devina reprimands the guy but he says I was only bringing her home. I am the owner of a store. This girl came with this bag and wanted to buy happiness! Devina wonders aloud as to who does that. Mirchi nods. Bapu was very upset since yesterday so I went to buy happiness for him. Devina asks her if she wants to trust her on that. Which shop sells happiness? She shrugs and shows the pamphlet of Navjivan store which invites people to come and buy happiness.

Flashback shows Mirchi charging herself fully and reading the pamphlet.

I went to buy happiness in the shop but then I remembered that Superman Uncle said that happiness does not come free. I took the bag along. The guy says this girl loves her Papa so much. She couldn’t see him upset and left to buy happiness for him. I brought her here so no one could take advantage of her. She is very innocent. Bhavik thanks him for bringing her home safely. Ira and Pushpa are touched. Ira asks Mirchi to keep the bag inside. Pushpa is overwhelmed. Ira tells the elders to keep the bag. Think how I would feel before pointing a finger at my daughter. She only went to buy happiness for her Bapu. Pushpa apologizes to her for misunderstanding Mishri. Ira says I dint expect it from you. Do you realise how it can affect a girl of that age? She walks away ignoring Pushpa. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to explain her stance to Ira on her behalf but he says even I would have felt bad if I was in her place. Devina and Adi put the blame on Pushpa and leave from there. Pushpa drops the bag in shock.

Ira asks Mirchi if she has to prove it again that she is Akhilesh’s daughter. You really went to buy happiness in a shop? You don’t find them like that. MIrchi asks her how they can find happiness. Ira says you have to spread joy / goodwill to spread happiness. They will only multiply that way. Mirchi talks about her battery. Akhilesh takes Mirchi to her room. He tells her that the family members go deep to find out the meaning behind the words. They will find out your truth if you will continue to behave like this. You have to behave like a human being. Mirchi agrees. Now I will do as Mapu said. She offers to give him her circuit board. He gives her a command to stop as she does not hear him earlier. She asks him how she can make him happy. He gets emotional. You cannot give me the happiness which I want! You cannot understand the happiness I will get by seeing my daughter come out of coma and call out to me. You wont try to make me happy after today! Mirchi accepts his command. The mission was impossible so it has to be aborted! Akhilesh does not want anyone to doubt anyone. You wont speak to Amma now. I have to sort out the mess between Amma and Ira. She agrees. She accepts his sleep command and puts herself on sleep mode. Akhilesh finds it weird that a machine can think so much / feel so deeply.

Next morning, Pushpa brings breakfast for Mirchi to her room while Mirchi is putting oil in her parts. She wishes Mirchi good morning but Mirchi stands quietly. Pushpa asks her if she is still upset with her. I got angry for no reason. I brought your favourite food. Mirchi recalls Akhilesh’s command of not speaking to Badi Amma. Pushpa says sorry to Mirchi but she walks away. Ira comes just then. She asks Mishri to get ready and come downstairs for breakfast. Mirchi readily agrees. Pushpa tells Ira not to stretch the matter. I apologized for what happened last night. Ira says I am not doing that. Pushpa says why Mirchi isn’t answering me then. Ira says she too would have felt bad as she loves you the most. You doubted her after all. Pushpa says she is a 6 year old kid. How will she know how to be upset with elders? Did you teach her this? Ira asks her if she thinks this is what she will teach Mirchi. Ira asks Mirchi why she isn’t speaking to Moti Ba. Mirchi apologizes to her and adds that she cannot talk to her. Pushpa says I did so much for you and pampered you but you forgot everything. Ira tells her not to pressurize Mirchi. She will be stressed out if you pressurize her. Pushpa says you don’t see that I am hurt too. Ira points out that she is acting like a kid now. Pushpa cries. It is ok. I will eat this myself! She walks out upset.

Ira tells Mirchi it isn’t right to be upset with elders. I know you felt bad because of what she did but I will feel bad if you will speak to her. Mirchi says ok to her. I will talk to Badi Ma once Bapu gives me that command.

Pushpa speaks to her husband’s photo and tells him everything that she did and is going through. She isn’t even talking to me. Ira is right that small matters affect kids but I dint feel good. Devina tells her that she is hopeless. You are speaking to a dead guy! You still have that orthodox and low thinking. Pushpa asks her to leave but Devina asks her if she thinks Ira will convince Mishri to speak to her. Pushpa nods. Devina disagrees. Ira wont let Mishri talk to you. She has spent 5 years away from this house! You think she wont take revenge? Pushpa is positive that she thinks just like that. She has already started fuelling Akhilesh against you. He took Ira’s side yesterday. Your darling granddaughter isn’t talking to you since yesterday! Pushpa calls it a lie so Devina asks her to have a bet.

Vansh and Mirchi are playing. He asks her if she can juggle with the balls. She shows him. She senses something and says alert. The drawer in Mapu’s cupboard is getting opened.

Precap: Mirchi pours water on Pushpa who complains to Akhilesh. Pushpa later tells Akhilesh about it and cries. Devina tells Adi she will aggravate this matter so as to create distance amongst the family members.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Summer

    Devina is truly rotten to the core! she wouldn’t recognise happiness if it came knocking on her door!

  2. Amal

    LMAOOO Pushpa is the biggest dumb a$$ ?? the woman refused to get rid off Devina who’s destroying the peace of the house and now it got worse as she’s being instigated by someone she’s known all these years ?

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