Meri Gudiya 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhuri protects Avi

Meri Gudiya 18th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri calling Raghav. He is at office. She says something strange happened in the school. He asks with Avi. She says no, I felt the sensation like there is much danger about Avi. He says give her space, you will go mad or stop Avi’s growth. She says I don’t let Avi play alone, maybe I m thinking a lot. He says no, you need to understand my word, leave Avi, if Avi doesn’t enjoy, then when will she enjoy, I know its tough for you, you don’t listen to me and also fulfill all her wishes, childhood doesn’t return, how will she grow if she finds you scared, we don’t have to scare her, don’t take tension, else she can’t become fearless. She says you are right, I will do it. He says that’s why I love you, you are kiddish. He says you end all my worries, thanks. She says I will go school in some time. Rudraksh says that girl is the main element for us, I have found a way to reach her. He opens a jar and gets a bad spirit out. He sees the little girl. Ratri asks what are you seeing, we can’t see anything.

He says just two people can see that spirit, either me or that girl whom I m finding. He signs the girl to go. The girl goes to ask the kids if she can have food. Rudraksh says just that girl can see the spirit, we have to get her, our powers will get limitless. Dadi is donating clothes. Madhuri comes. She says Shaurya’s fashion changes, donate all the clothes. Servant says Shaurya bought this shoes last month. Madhuri says yes, he can’t wear it all the year. She sees Avi’s clothes and toys. Maa smiles. Madhuri says I can’t do this, you decide it, don’t ask me.

Maa slaps the servant. The servant says so the clothes will go to Avi’s room. Madhuri thanks Maa. She says I will keep everything safe. Avi eats the food. She talks to her friend and praises Madhuri. The girl comes there. Avi says I m talking to you, listen. Rudraksh sees Avi and says amazing…. Avi says I didn’t see you before, are you new admission, why are you sad, are you hungry, will you have food, why don’t you talk, talk to me, I m your friend. Rudraksh says she is the one, certainly, she will make me Mrityunjay, one who conquers over death. Badhrika says I will catch her. He stops her. Ratri says its an easy target, what’s the reason. He says you can see an innocent girl, I can see her power, we have to be careful. Driver and Kaki argue. Madhuri asks them to stop the fight. Ratri asks why are we waiting now. He says we have to wait for the right time. He says we have to keep patience, we have to find out if anyone is following her.

Ratri says we shouldn’t wait now, I m going. Badhrika stops her. Ratri says how can we let anyone else win. She gets angry on Rudraksh. He stops her. He asks her to stay in her limits, he will get the girl the same day. They leave. Ratri says I will never come back to this city. Madhuri picks Avi from the school. They are on the way. Rudraksh sees Avi. He asks Ratri to drive ahead. Their car stops. Ratri says the car broke down. Rudraksh gets down the car and runs after Madhuri’s car. Madhuri gets Avi home. She asks her to change clothes if she wants to go to the park. The mechanic fixes the car. Bhadrika pays him. Rudraksh spies on Madhuri. Madhuri takes Avi to the park. Rudraksh follows. Ratri says this time, I will do this, I will kill that girl. Rudraksh says fine, go and kill that girl, get her spirit, I will prepare for my Sadhna, you will get her and I will control her.

Avi says lets play hide and seek. Madhuri and Avi play. Ratri goes to kill Avi. Madhuri sees Avi gone. She shouts Avi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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