Meri Durga 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Yashpal reveals the big secret

Meri Durga 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga coming to the stadium. She thinks of Yashpal’s words. Media comes to her. Sanjay and Gayatri look on. The reporters ask Durga about her coach. She doesn’t answer anyone. Annapurna stops Yashpal. He says we can’t do this to hide our truth, we can’t snatch her happiness, hope and dreams. She asks if Durga knows it. He says I don’t care, we have to tell her, I can’t push her into a valley of sorrow. She says she will break down knowing this. He makes her swear on him. He asks her not to fear that they will lose Durga. Sheela thinks what’s this secret. Yashpal says we have no right to snatch her happiness. He leaves with Rana and asks everyone to reach the stadium. Durga goes on the dice to tell the press. Yashpal, Annapurna and Rajveer run on the road. She thinks of Yashpal’s words.

Durga says I want to tell something. She coughs and drinks water. Sanjay waits. Yashpal is on the way. The people think what does Durga want to say. Rajveer calls Durga. She sees the call and doesn’t answer. Durga says I want to tell you…. Minister comes. Durga gets aside. Sanjay says minister had to come at this time. Yashpal, Rajveer and Annapurna reach there. Yashpal falls and gets hurt. He reaches Durga and stops her. Durga tries to say, but mic goes off. She sees Rajveer. Yashpal runs to the stage. He signs Rajveer. Yashpal tells everyone that Durga will tell the matter after the race. Sanjay and his parents get angry.

Yashpal takes Durga aside. He hugs her. He says I can’t break your dreams, we didn’t wish to tell you as we love you a lot. She asks him to tell the matter. He says you have race now, you can’t focus then, I will tell later. She makes him swear and asks him to tell the matter first, else she will not run. Annapurna asks him not to say. Yashpal says if I don’t say, SP will tell her, we have right to tell her. Everyone looks on. Brij and Rajveer sign to each other and ask the matter. Yashpal cries and hugs Durga. Yashpal says you are not our child.

Durga and everyone get shocked. Yashpal says you are not related to us. Durga cries and asks him why is he saying, it can’t be true. Brij asks Yashpal what is he saying, her race will begin now. Yashpal says Durga, Annapurna didn’t give you birth. Durga says I have race in some time, is this the time to joke, tell me the matter, not this. Annapurna says its not time to joke, just focus on your race. Yashpal says we have hidden this secret for many years. Durga asks how can this happen. Yashpal cries and hugs her. He says this is the truth, you are not our daughter. Durga asks whose daughter am I. Annapurna says nothing changed, trust us, we love you a lot, you are our Durga. She hugs and cries.

Durga runs in the race. Sanjay sees Durga going somewhere. Brij goes to see her. He tells Yashpal that Durga is nowhere. They all receive a message.

Update Credit to: Amena

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