Meri Durga 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay learns Aarti’s truth

Meri Durga 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal saying Durga I will protect you. She says I want SP, he will take me to Sharma. Sanjay beats the man and asks who has sent you. Durga thinks to find SP. She sees the news and says maybe we can find some clue. Rajveer agrees. The man refuses to divulge any details. Sanjay asks him to say. The man pushes and hits Sanjay. He calls Aarti and says I m coming to you. He leaves. Sanjay sees the man leaving and follows him.

Durga and Rajveer see the hotel footage. Durga asks for corridor footage. She sees the footage and asks the man to rewind. She says it means some footage is tampered. Rajveer asks where can it be. Durga thinks I have to find SP. Durga calls her friend and asks him to find some way, its her last chance to prove her innocence.

Yashpal stays worried. Annapurna gives him water. He says Durga is so young, don’t know when will her test end. Amrita comes. Durga’s friend tells her SP’s location. Durga sees Sanjay’s car and follows. She thinks truth will come out. Amrita asks Yashpal did he think about her ever. She confronts Yashpal. Yashpal asks since when did you get so selfish, I didn’t expect this from you. He goes. Annapurna worries. Sanjay sees the man going to Aarti’s house. Durga reaches there and sees Sanjay. Sanjay hides and sees Aarti. He runs in to see. Durga says our hardwork got waste. Rajveer says why is SP going this way by hiding, he is behaving strange. Sanjay looks for some way in. The man tells Aarti that Sanjay will kill him. Sanjay hears them. Aarti says it means SP has seen you, why didn’t you tell me before. Sanjay thinks Aarti has framed Durga. Aarti sends away the man. Sanjay thinks Aarti has hidden Sharma here, Aarti shouldn’t doubt on me. Aarti asks Sharma to leave for the airport, SP is doubting on her. Durga and Rajveer come there. SP rings the bell. Aarti makes Sharma hide.

She says I got surprised. Sanjay enters the house and looks for Sharma. He says I m not finding Sharma anywhere, I should stop finding him now. He thanks Aarti for always supporting him. He says we should make a new start now. She hugs him. Durga and Rajveer see Aarti hugging SP.

She hides the ticket. Durga gets angry and thinks SP has done acting there, maybe they have hidden Sharma here. She cries and says they would have hidden Sharma here. Sanjay says I m hungry, I will take something from kitchen. Aarti says I will come along. An old lady gets ration. Durga comes along in disguise of helper.

Sanjay asks Sharma and Aarti to accept their mistakes in front of Durga. He calls Durga. Sanjay sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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