Meri Durga 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Yashpal files FIR against Durga

Meri Durga 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal reading news that Durga is meeting death, she has challenged to break the record of 400m, she will race with truck, if she fails to run in time, truck will go over her, she is inviting death to get wild card entry inter district race. Manohar tells Durga that none will agree to drive the truck knowing her plan. She says I have made the plan. She explains him. She draws T junction and tells about the truck coming from one side at a maintained speed, she will break the records and run at faster speed, else system won’t change. He says if your speed gets less, if truck runs over you. She says I will run in front of truck. He says if truck passes you then. She says that failure will be bigger than ending life, I know this won’t happen, don’t worry. Yashpal shouts Annapurna. He shows news to her. Everyone look on.

Brij reads news. Everyone reads the news. They all get shocked. Yashpal says Durga won’t let us stay in peace. Sanjay says how can Durga do this, I have to stop her. Gayatri reads the news. She gets angry. He says she wants us to have burden of her death. Durga says no, I won’t die and won’t let your belief fail. He scolds her. He tears newspaper. She thinks its my failure both ways. Durga practices. Sanjay comes there. He asks what’s this, don’t do anything, I will help you. She asks him to leave her. He says I promise, I will get you in race, I m trying. She says did I tell you, this is my race, I will manage. He says risking life is wrong, its suicide, think about me once. She argues.

Aarti says why will SP marry me after all this, why will he take my dad’s help. Gayatri asks her to calm down, SP will marry her. She says we have to be united at this time. She sends Aarti, Neelkant nods. Sanjay asks Durga to atleast think of family and not do this. She says you also risked life to get my friendship, if war is big, risk should be bigger. He says it was wrong, don’t do this for our friendship.

She pushes him away and says I have hurt my family a lot, not anymore, I will do what I have to, its better if you don’t come between me and my aim, don’t stop me. Piya morre…..plays….. Durga thinks sorry to hurt you. They think of each other. Sanjay picks the newspaper. He sees her and goes.

Sanjay comes to Durga’s home and asks Yashpal to stop Durga. Annapurna slaps him and says its all because of you, you are asking us to stop her, don’t say a word now, Durga’s life is in risk because of you. Sanjay says just Yashpal can stop her. Yashpal scolds him and says you ruined Durga’s life by love, you are getting engaged to rich girl, I know your truth. Annapurna makes Sanjay out of the house and shuts door. Sanjay begs them to listen. They cry.

Police reaches Durga and stops her from practice, saying FIR is lodged against her, they have to arrest her. She asks what did I do. He shows warrant. They take Durga to police station. She asks why did you get me here. Yashpal says I filed Fir. She gets shocked.

Sanjay hurts himself. Gayatri scolds him. Yashpal meets Gayatri and shouts why did you get Durga’s bail done, you did this to put her life in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nazi

    this drama is messed up?

  2. Can we please pixelate Aarti’s face every time she come on. That mug look and those Botox lips makes me puke.

    1. Aastha1

      Same here… She is just unbearable on screen

  3. Aastha1

    Same here… She is just not bearable on screen

  4. Yes aarthi is unbearable. Its annoying to see her lips and facial expression. And style of look

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