Meri Bhabhi 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu talking to Mummy about Shraddha’s party. Kamini is still annoyed with Kunal as he does not want to go for reunion. Kittu comes to know that Kunal and Shraddha are from same college. Kittu calls Kunal and asks are you not going for the reunion. She says Shraddha is going. Kunal asks what. Kittu says if you are going with her, I won’t have to worry about you. Kunal says Shraddha studied in my college? Kunal asks is she going alone. Kittu says yes, we are forcing her to go. Kunal says I said no to mum, but now I m going. He says all my friends are coming and I m going. Kittu says thats what I m thinking. Kunal says right, this is the chance and thanks Kittu and calls her the world’s best sister and says I love you. Kittu ends the call.

Kunal says plan changed. Kamini is in her room. Kunal comes to her and says mum, I love you. Kamini says I don’t want to talk to you. Kunal says help me in packing. Kamini is puzzled. He says sorry for arguing with her. She says all this suddenly, why so. He says life is unpredictable. Kamini says I understood that your friends are calling you. He says yes, Kittu asked me to go. Kamini says fine. He says I have to do some arrangements. Kamini says its strange. Purshottam comes and laughs. He says your son is happy, it looks like you both have made up your mood. She says Kittu has made him ready. Purshottam says I did not talk to Kittu.

Kamini says what, then how did she know. Mummy is seeing some clothes online. Papa comes and asks for the album. Mummy gives him. He says whats this, online shopping. He shows her Shraddha’s photo. Mummy says yes, she looks happy. Mummy says Shraddha used to laugh with her friends, its good she is going to college. Papa says yes, she looked happy, look at this photo, she is wearign a saree, lets buy a saree for her. Mummy says no, see she looks good in western clothes, it suits her, I m searching a good dress for her. Papa says she looks graceful in a saree. Mummy says no, she looks good in western. Papa says lets ask Shraddha, Mummy says lets bet. Papa says if I win, then you have to…. Mummy says if I win, then you will have to…

Kittu comes and Papa asks her opinion. Kittu says I have one solution, bring one saree and one western outfit, whatever Shraddha likes, she will wear. Mummy and Papa agree. Mummy says lets go to the market. Papa says Mall. Kittu ia about to tell about Kunal going with Shraddha but a servant calls her and she leaves. Mummy says lets go. Kamini thinks how did Kunal agree, I will call Kittu. Purshottam says I m going for shopping. Kamini says do you think Kittu made him agree. He says Kunal is going, be happy. Kamini says its something fishy. He leaves laughing. Kamini thinks about it.

Anand comes to Kittu and she throws the curd on him by mistake. She says you scared me, he says whats this. She says sorry. She laughs and says I did not know its you. He says I was giving you a surprise but this…. She says sorry and says you are looking funny. He holds her and says says share this with me. Kittu says no. He holds her face and gets closer. Her phone rings and she laughs. Anand says who is it. She says mum. He says your mum saved you today. Kamini talks to Kittu and Kittu tells her about Shraddha going to Ajmer. Kamini is shocked and asks why is she going. Kittu ends the call and says how can I tell her about Shraddha, mum has a problem with her.

Kamini says so Shraddha is going to Ajmer, it means Shraddha and Kunal…. Kamini says so this is the reason Kunal got ready, I won’t let him go. Anand asks Kittu where is Mummy and Papa. She says they went for shopping. Kittu tells him about Kunal and Shraddha’s same college. She says Shraddha will get company and we don’t have to worry. Anand leaves for office. Shraddha is sad that Dhruv went for the school trip. Ishaan says let him have fun. Kunal comes there with a bouquet. Shraddha is shocked to see him.

Kunal meets her with a smile and says Hi. He offers her the bouquet. She says whats this. He says you should give me this. She says see this is a school and I have to go and teach. He says guess why I brought this for you. Shraddha says I don’t have time. Ishaan sasy enough, did you not here what Didi said, go from here. Kunal says Ishaan…. Ishaan looks angrily. Kunal says I m giving this to my junior, not your sister. He tells her that they are from same college. Shraddha is shocked.

Mummy is tensed that Shraddha is going alone. Anand says no, Kunal is going with her. Mummy gets worried. Kittu says don’t be tensed, Kunal will go with her..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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