Meri Bhabhi 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 30th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone caring for Shraddha. Kunal calls Shraddha brave and thanks her for saving Kittu’s life. Dhruv is proud of her. Everyone looks on. Aashka’s mum talks to Kamini and says the way Kunal lifted Shraddha, they did not like it. Kamini thanks Lord that nothing happened to Kittu. Kamini is tensed listening to them and says forget this, my Kunal is like that, he has a golden heart, he can’t see anyone in pain and goes to help others. They leave. Shraddha says no need for thanks. Mummy says lets go now. Kittu says I will also come with you.

Mummy says you stay here till the engagement. Kittu says you may need me there, I will come with you. Kamini says Kittu is right, we have some work but I will do it alone. Mummy says no, I m not alone, jaya is with

me. jaya says me? Mummy asks Kittu to stay with her mum. Anand meets Purshottam and says says we are leaving. Purshottam talks to Papa about Shraddha. Papa says its not your mistake, its good that our daughters are fine. They leave.

The next morning, Kittu brings tea for Kunal. Kunal asks what happened, why are you upset. He says are you thinking about yesterday’s incident. She says yes, there were so many people but only Shraddha helped me. He says because you both are connected. Kunal says you both look sisters and jokes. He says you have proved my notions wrong. Kittu says Shraddha is very nice. Anand brings chocolates for Shraddha and asks how is your feet now. She says fine. He says this chocolate is the bravery award for saving Kittu and thanks her. She says Kittu means something to me too. He says sorry. They joke and have a laugh.

Kittu talks to Anand and is worried about Shraddha. Anand says Shraddha is better now, she might be resting now. Kamini is after Kunal. Anand hears them talking. Kamini says the engagement is in two days. Anand asks whats going on and talks to Kunal. He says come to my office, we will work together. He says shop for your engagement. Kunal says I m going with Anand to take the sherwani. jaya is in the kitchen making tea. She is furious. Mummy is taking care of Shraddha. Papa looks on. Ishaan says I will go and drop Dhruv to school. They leave.

Ashish asks Shraddha how is her feet. She says fine but its paining somewhat. He cares for her and jaya looks on. She asks Ashish to come to her. She asks what happened yesterday at home. He says leave it, will tell later. She insists. He says everything. She says search a job for yourself and show Papa what talent you have. She asks him not to tell anyone till he gets a good job.

Kunal and Anand are deciding the sherwani design. Anand asks Kunal what is the matter. Kunal says everything is fine. Anand says you are not excited for your engagement, why. He says lets go out, I need to explain you. Kittu calls Anand and asks whats going on. Anand says he decided the sherwani design, Kittu says come home. Anand says ok and tells Kunal lets go home as Kittu is calling us. Dhruv comes from school and tells Shraddha I want to help you. She asks him to bring a book for her. Dhruv sees her earring and tells her that I got this on your table. Shraddha looks at it and thinks I forgot to take the other earring from Kunal.

Anand, Kunal and Kittu are having a talk. Anand pulls his leg and says try to be happy. He says I realized after marriage what was missing in my life. Kittu starts thinking and says I think Shraddha should remarry. Anand and Kunal looks on. She says Shraddha needs a life partner and Dhruv needs a father. Kunal feels Kittu is right.

Kittu calls Shraddha and asks how are you. Shraddha says I m walking. Kittu is happy and says send my clothes with Kunal. Shraddha says ok. Kittu thanks her. Kamini is calling out Kunal and brings clothes for him. She asks Kittu where is he. Kittu says I have sent him to bring my clothes. Kamini says you have sent him there again. Kittu jokes. Kamini sees Shraddha’s earring and asks Kittu is this yours. Kittu says no, this is Shraddha’s. Kamini is shocked.

Shraddha shouts seeing cockroach. Kunal is also afraid. They both fall on the bed together and have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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