Meri Bhabhi 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 30th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand telling Kittu about Ishaan and Bobby’s fight. He says I have to leave and tells Shraddha that he has an emergency at office. Kunal says I m coming with you. Shraddha could not see Kunal’s face again. Ashish tells Anand in detail how they got in the fight. Ashish says police is against Ishaan. Anand says don’t tell this to Mummy and Papa. Ashish says first Bobby misbehaved with us. The police thinks Ishaan is wrong. Anand comes there with Kunal and calls jasmeet. Kunal says don’t get angry in the police station. Anand comes and asks how is Ishaan. He says is Bobby at hospital. Ashish says yes, Bobby the statement and left. Anand tries to talk to police. Kunal interrupts and lightens the scene. Kunal talks with the police and says do these guys look like

the goons. He says Ishaan has beaten Bobby in anger. He says leave Ishaan, next time I will bring him to you.

Kunal asks Ishaan to say sorry. Ishaan does not say. The inspector asks Ishaan not to do this again. Shraddha and Kittu come out of the theatre. Shraddha asks Kittu what happened. Kittu tries to hide. Kittu says lets go home. Kittu says I don’t know in detail but Ishaan got Bobby somewhere and they had a fight. Shraddha is shocked. Bobby is in hospital. The nurse asks him to leave. Bobby says will you not admit me. She says your wounds are minor. Bobby gives her money and says your statement should be that I m serious and need to be admitted. The nurse smiles. Mummy and Papa come to know about the fight and scold Ishaan. Ishaan says Bobby was speaking against Shraddha. Mummy says you gave him a chance. Papa says now Bobby will be saying against you all.

Anand says jasmeet will be coming and then we will discuss about the problem. Shraddha cries and says its my mistake. She says its because of me that Bobby became our enemy. Ishaan says forget everything. Shraddha says sorry Ishaan. Everyone looks on. Kittu asks Shraddha why are you thinking like this, we are a family. Kittu says yoru good days have started. Kittu says some difficulties will come, they will end soon. Kittu encourages her. Kamini speaks against Shraddha at home and says she is worried about Kittu. Kunal says what are you saying, Kittu is very strong.

Kamini says don’t take Shraddha’s name infront of me, this is because of her. Kamini’s dad takes Shraddha’s side. Kamini says its Shraddha’s mistake. She says I won’t say anything. Kamini leaves. jasmeet asks Ishaan to recollect was Bobby hurting himself. Ishaan says I was beating him. jasmeet says tell me exactly. Ishaan says no idea. Ishaan and Ashish think and say yes Bobby was over reacting. jaya says even I noticed this. jaya says Ashish was trying to stop their fight. jasmeet says will you tell this in court. jaya agrees. Kittu falls a drink on jasmeet’s dress. Kittu takes her to washroom. Papa says Bobby was waiting for this chance. Anand says don’t worry. jasmeet cleans her saree. jasmeet says your room is nice. jasmeet shares some secrets about Anand. Kittu is surprised. jasmeet says Anand was a loud person in college. Kittu says she does not know anything about him. jasmeet shows Anand’s photo. Kittu looks at the photo. jasmeet says men change after marriage, so its good you changed him. Kittu says I did not change him. Kittu laughs. jasmeet leaves. Kittu thinks if she got a happy fun loving Anand, she would have not changed him.
Ashish comes to Shraddha and says Shraddha is caring for Ishaan. Ishaan says you are acting well. Shraddha gets sad. Ashish jokes and pulls Ishaan’s leg. Ishaan asks him to leave.
Kittu comes and says come to me, I brought neem juice for you. Ishaan says I can’t drink it. Ishaan says I m fine, see. Ashish laughs. Ishaan leaves with the food. Kittu sees Shraddha sad and sits by her side. Kittu asks what are you thinking. Shraddha says daily its something new. She says you all are bearing all this because of me. Kittu says don’t be tensed. Kunal calls Kittu and asks is everything fine. He says I came home from the police station and I could not meet Shraddha. Shraddha says I will meet him the next time he comes home. Kunal says fine.

Dhruv shows his drawing to Papa. Papa says Dhruv is affected the most. Kittu asks Anand about jasmeet. She says I was thinking to get jasmeet married to Kunal.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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