Meri Bhabhi 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa doing the arrangements for the picnic. Anand is lost in thoughts, Kittu comes to him and says why are you like this, what happened. She tells him about Shraddha giving back Papa his room. Anand says Shraddha got back to her normal life, and I wnat her to stay away from sadness. Kittu says Papa made the picnic plan for Shraddha. Dhurv is excited. Everyone are excited for the picnic. Mummy tells Zor that Shraddha is living like before. Mummy asks I?shaan whether he got any msg from Bobby. Ishaan says no. Papa says how will we search Bobby. Mummy says we know Bobby’s aunty, maybe we can know about him by her. Papa agrees.

Papa asks Anand where he is going, Anand says my friend has suggested me a divorce lawyer. Anand explains him about Shraddra, that they should get Shraddha separated. Mummy says Shraddha is happy. Anand says after the divorce, she will be happy forever. Shraddha hears everything and cries. Papa tells her that Anand does not know the importance of marriage, but you don’t worry, your decision will be final, I promise. Dhruv comes and asks when will we go to picnic. Shraddha scolds Dhruv. She says she listens to Dhruv always, that is why he became adamant. Kittu says Papa to explain Shraddha. Papa says no, it means Shraddha does not want divorce from Bobby, for Dhruv’s sake. Mummy says Anand went to meet the lawyer. Kittu asks Papa to stop Anand. Papa says we should go and meet Bobby’s aunty. Mummy tells Kittu that Bobby did not reply to Papa.

Papa says I don’t want to repeat my mistake. He asks Kittu what is the solution. Kittu says we should think about Shraddha at present. She says Shraddha wants Bobby back. Papa says we will go to meet Bobby’s aunty.

Scene shifts to Bobby’s aunt’s house:

Mummy, Kittu and Papa have come to meet Bobby’s aunt. Papa is getting irritated as no one is attending him. Kittu’s mum calls her but Kittu cuts her call. Mummy tries to talk and enquire about Bobby. Papa also speaks to Bobby’s aunty. The aunty shows some attitude to them and does not listen and reply to them. Papa says we want Bobby’s address. Papa gets angry on her behavior and shouts on her. Mummy asks what does Bobby want, Bobby’s aunt insults Shraddha. Papa listens to the taunts and gets angry. She says Bobby got sense and he left Shraddha. Mummy says how can you tell like this being a woman. Papa asks her to shut up, if she says another word against Shraddha, he won’t spare her. He asks about Bobby, else police will search him. He says I won’t be quiet. Papa, Mummy and Kittu leaves.
Mummy says we request you again, we have to bond our children’s relation, even you are a mother.

Scene shifts to Shraddha:

Shraddha comes to Dhruv and asks him is he angry on her. She says sorry to him. She promises him that she will never scold him. He says I have hurt you, she hugs him and says no, its ok. She says how can you hurt me, you care about me a lot. They shake hands and become friends. Ishaan comes and asks Dhruv are you ready, Dhruv and Ishaan make a song and sing it for Shraddha. Shraddha kisses Dhruv. Dhruv makes the picnic plans. Dhruv says if papa calls, tell him to bring a guitar for me. Ishaan says leave your dad, Shraddha gets hurt.

Papa, Mummy and Kittu are coming back, Papa says I want to shoot that woman, how can she tells us those bitter words. Kittu says leave her, we can search Bobby. Papa says they know that Bobby is not with Shraddha. Kittu and Mummy asks Papa to be happy so that we can make Shraddha happy. Papa agrees with them.

Everyone are having a rocking time in the picnic.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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