Meri Bhabhi 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamini reminding Kittu abour her marriage anniversary. Kittu says she had forgot it. Shraddha is caring for Dhruv. Mummy comes to her and says I want to request you that don’t talk to Dhruv like you did today. Dhruv is small, he will feel bad. He will think the opposite way whatever you say. Shraddha says he has seen me fight with life. Mummy says Dhruv has hope, don’t take it from him, else he will go away from you. Shraddha is shocked. Anand brings Papa, Mummy and Shraddha are shocked to see him unwell. Papa tries to hide it about his health. Shraddha asks Anand about Papa’s condition. Anand says Papa fell on stairs, thats it. Mummy makes Papa sit, Anand is happy to see how everyone cares for Papa. Papa says he is fine.

Kittu thinks about her marriage with Anand. Kittu smiles and Anand comes in the room and talks to her. He says I will be late, as I have to meet the lawyer. Kittu is lost in the lovely thoughts. He sees her lost and wakes her up. Kittu says guess what I was thinking. Anand makes wrong guesses. Kittu asks whats there after two days, Anand does not know. She says I was thinking about our anniversary. Anand says yes. Kittu says we will celebrate it well with Shraddha. Anand says no, Shraddha’s marriage broke off and now are thinking to celebrate our anniversary. Kittu says sorry, I forgot in excitement. Anand scolds her. Kittu feels bad. Kittu says don’t misunderstand me, we will not celebrate, I don’t want to hurt Shraddha. Anand leaves.

Kamini talks to her husband about a neacklace. She says she will give the necklace to Kittu on her anniversary. He says Anand won’t like any gifts. Kittu will not be happy with our gift, she will be happy by Anand’s gift. Kamini says Anand cannot gift anything to Kittu as he is worried., She calls Kittu and tells about the diamond anniversary. Kittu says Anand and I have decided that we won’t celebrate the anniversary, after whatever happened with Shraddha. Kamini does not understand. Kittu says Shraddha is part of our family. Kamini is shocked to know Kittu’s decision.

Anand thinks about Kittu sitting in his office. Anand thinks what did Kittu say wrong, our anniversary is a important day for us, Kittu will have some wishes. He thinks about their last anniversary. Anand thinks about his and Kittu’s moments. Anand says sorry Kittu, I have hurt you today. Papa and Mummy talk to Dhruv. Dhruv asks did my dad really die. Mummy hugs her and says no, your mum was angry. Papa asks him about his plan. Papa calls Ishaan and scolds him. Dhruv smiles. Ishaan takes Dhruv with him. Papa tells Mummy how long will we lie to him. Mummy says the time will answer him. She says if Shraddha lives here, we should admit Dhruv in school. Shraddha will get some peace. Papa says you are right, I will talk to Anand today. Anand messages Kittu and apologizes to her for hurting her. Dhruv reads that message and deletes it. He tells Kittu that one message got deleted. Kittu says its ok, I don’t get special messages.

Papa is talking to Ashish and scolding him. jaya takes his side. Kamini comes there and says I came here to complain. Kittu goes to her. Mummy asks what complain. Kamini meets Shraddha and asks her how she is. Shraddha asks what is the matter. Kamini tells them about Kittu and Anand’s anniversary. Everyone are excited an happy to know this. Shraddha hugs Kittu. Papa says yes, we remember. Kamini says Kittu decided that she won’t celebrate it. Papa says why so, did Anand fight with you, I will scold him. Kittu tries to hide it. Shraddha asks why. Kamini says its because of you. Everyone are shocked. Shraddha feels bad.

Mummy asks Anand to celebrate their anniversary. Shraddha says Anand will celebrate it for sure. Kittu is happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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