Meri Bhabhi 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 27th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal and Dhruv asking Shraddha to get ready soon. jaya comes and tells Kunal even I m coming with you. Kunal jokes. Kunal takes everyone and leave for his home. Kittu gets Anand’s call. Anand talks to her and she just says hmm.. He asks are you busy. She says no, I was busy in work. He asks what will we gift Kunal in his wedding. Kittu says I was thinking as we don’t have much money, so… Anand says don’t worry about money, just decide. Kittu says ok. Anand says bye and cuts the call. Kamini tells Kittu to see that Shraddha does not come infront of the girl’s family.

The girl’s family comes and Kamini welcomes them. They ask for Kunal. Kamini says he is busy in some important work, he will come soon. Kunal enters with Shraddha and Dhruv and

they are laughing cracking jokes. The girl’s family is shocked seeing them. Shraddha greets Kamini. Kamini is angry. Kunal greets his to be in laws. Kittu talks to Dhruv and introduces them to the girl’s family. Kittu says we are best friends. Kamini takes care of the situation. Shraddha praises Kittu. jaya enters and greets everyone. Kamini smiles seeing her. jaya introduces herself.

Kittu says if you are here, it means Mummy is alone at home. jaya says I was not well and could not do anything at home, so I came to meet you. Dhruv says lets play games now. Kunal says yes lets go. The girl’s family asks Shraddha about her husband. jaya says…. Kamini lies and says her husband is out of town, so she stays with her mum and dad. Kamini asks Kunal to come and sit with the girl. Kunal does not understand her taunts and says I did not know you were coming else I would have come soon. Kamini asks Kittu to take Shraddha inside. Kunal says take her to my room. Kamini says take her to my room. Kunal says Dhruv will get bored there, Kittu takes jaya and Shraddha to Kunal’s room.

Mummy brings tea for Papa and Anand. Papa is missing Kittu. Ishaan asks whats there in lunch today. Papa says I don’t care as I m going on a date with Mummy. Ashish says what will I eat, I don’t like outside’s food. Papa says then tell your wife to learn cooking. Ashish says don’t joke everytime on her. Ashish takes jaya’s side and says what did Shraddha do in this house, no one tells her whats she is not doing. Anand scolds Ashish. Papa asks Mummy to get ready. Mummy says we will go some other day, I want to make food for my children.

The girl’s family says we will leave now. Kamini says come in Mata’s chowki on time. They say ok we will come on time. The girl greets Kunal and leaves. Kunal is thinking about Shraddha and Dhruv. Kamini says everything went fine today. jaya says Kunal went to his room to meet Shraddha. Mummy is cooking and gets Kittu’s call. Mummy asks how are you. Kittu says I m fine, how are you, I was missing you. Kittu says we all are here, no one is there to help you. Mummy says I m feeling nice to cook. Mummy tells Anand that she is talking to Kittu and gives Anand the phone. Kittu says I m missing you. Anand’s mood is bad and he says we will talk later as I have some work.

Mummy asks Anand why are you tensed. She says don’t take Ashish’s words seriously. Anand says I don’t feel this is right. He says what does they want. Mummy says nothing, you are overthinking, it happens. Anand says jaya is changing Ashish. Mummy says yes, I m seeing that. They are not liking that Shraddha is leaving here. Anand says what. Mummy says so what should we do, everything will change with time. Anand says what about Shraddha, how does she feel listening all this daily, I don’t understand what she will do in her future. Mummy gets tensed and says we all only support her.

jaya tells Kamini that they had eaten Chaat and icecream on the way. She says Shraddha and Dhruv wanted to eat so Kunal stopped and supported them. She says Kunal and Shraddha are becoming good friends. Kamini is angry. Kunal is spending his time with Dhruv. Shraddha asks whats going on. Dhruv says Kunal was playing me as dad used to do. Shraddha says enough now. Dhruv says Kunal is very nice. Shraddha says yes, Kunal is nice, now you go out and play. Kittu says don’t care about Dhruv’s words. She says now you will become sad and you can’t be sad in my presence. Kunal jokes. Shraddha and Kittu laughs. Kittu thanks Kunal for making Shraddha laugh. She leaves for bringing snacks. Kunal asks Shraddha to keep smiling. He says your smile is very nice. Shraddha thanks him. Dhruv comes back and gets Shraddha’s earring. He shows it to Kunal and Shraddha. Shraddha thinks its her and looks at Kunal. Kunal is worried.

Shraddha asks Kunal whats this. He says I got this earring when I fought with Bobby. Kunal makes excuses.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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