Meri Bhabhi 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 24th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha slapping Bobby while everyone looks on. She says now the score is equal. Papa beats Bobby and throws him out of the house. Shraddha cries and hugs Papa. Kittu says now start a new life, where there won’t be any sadness, there should be only happiness, live life without any fear. Shraddha says this happened because of you, I scolded you but you found my true happiness. Kittu says everyone loves you and supported us. Mummy says we love her but your love is much for her. Kittu hugs Shraddha. Shraddha says she is lucky to have a bhabhi like Kittu. Everyone smile. Dhruv comes and says I was getting bored in room, he asks why is everyone happy. Mummy says because your mum won’t become sad from today.

Papa says sorry to Kittu for scolding her and not understanding her. Kittu says I will punish you, not forgive you. She says you have to drink tea made by jaya. Everyone laughs. Papa says ok and jokes. He hugs Kittu. Kunal tells Kamini how Kittu managed everything. Kamini praises Kittu. Kunal jokes. His dad says when are we going to see the land. Kamini says I m taking Kunal and Kittu for shopping for his engagement. Kamini says lets bring Kittu here for some days, she will help me. She says I want Kittu here.

Everyone are having a fun time in the hall playing the game. jaya smiles. Dhruv takes everyone’s help to win against Papa. Kamini comes with Kunal. Mummy welcomes them. Kittu is glad to see them. Shraddha greets Kamini. Kunal signs thumps up to Shraddha. Kamini says it looks like everyone is celebrating Shraddha’s independence day. Dhruv asks Kunal to come with him and play. Kunal joins the game.

Shraddha says he came to meet us, so play later. Kunal says tell your mum that I came to meet you. Kittu laughs. Kamini sees Kunal talking to Shraddha and gets angry. She talks to Mummy and asks shall I take Kittu with me for some days as I have much work in Kunal’s engagement. Kittu smiles. Papa says how can we live without her. Kamini says I knew this, but try to understand I need Kittu. Mummy says let Kittu go. Papa agrees. Mummy asks Kittu to pack her bag. Anand says go and laughs. Everyone laughs.

Anand calls Kittu thinking where did she go, forgetting that she went with her mum. Ishaan says shout harder, she is not at home. Anand says I forgot. Ishaan says so you are missing her. He teases him. Kittu calls Anand and he talks to her saying I was about to call her. Kittu says why, and says I can see you. She jokes and guides him about his belongings. Kittu says ok, I will always stay with you. Anand says I was joking, don’t be upset. Anand thanks her. She says I want to hear some lovely words from you. Anand says I love you Kittu. Kittu smiles and says so sweet. Anand and Kittu smile.

The next morning, Kittu is serving food to Kunal. She says you have to eat this. Kunal says don’t you get tired, have food with me. Kittu says I don’t get tired by work, I get tired when I see tension at home, she says now Shraddha is happy so I m happy. Kunal and Kittu talk about Shraddha. Kittu says Shraddha got a peaceful sleep after a long time. Kunal wishes the best for Shraddha. Kamini hears them talking and gets angry. Kamini comes and says don’t talk about her, think about your engagement. Kittu asks did you meet the girl. Kunal says no. Kittu asks why.

Kamini says because he does not have time, I asked him to meet her but he did not. He meets only Shraddha. Kamini scolds Kunal. Kittu says lets decide what you will wear in the engagement. Kunal says you go alone for shopping. Kamini says you have to go with her. Kunal says ok, I will take Kittu. Kittu says we will go to a shopping mall and meet Shraddha too. Kunal says we will call Anand also.

Shraddha is making food in the kitchen. Anand asks jaya to help out Shraddha. jaya taunts Shraddha. Everyone are shocked and look at jaya. She says if Kittu can work alone, then why does Shraddha need my help. Shraddha says I don’t want your help. Anand says you won’t do anything. Mummy stops jaya and says don’t misbehave. jaya asks Mummy not to speak in between them. Papa scolds jaya. Shraddha asks jaya to stop it and speak well with Mummy. Ashish says tell me the work, I will do. He asks Anand to ignore this. jaya says if we have ignored about the property then why can’t you ignore such a small thing. jaya leaves. Sharddha is hurt.

Kittu asks Papa did you have your medicines. He is glad that Kittu takes care of Papa so well. Papa scolds jaya. She argues with him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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