Meri Bhabhi 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 19th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu and her mum having a discussion. Her mum asks why do you need money, I will give you. Kittu says Anand needs money. Her mum is shocked. She asks is everything fine. Kittu’s mum goes to bring the money. Dhruv is talking to Bobby and asks him not to leave him. Bobby says I m going to take a house for us. Dhruv says you promised that you will take us with you. Bobby tries to explain to Dhruv and promises him again. Dhruv is annoyed and says I won’t talk to you and leaves. Bobby is worried. He gets a call from Kittu. Kittu asks him to come outside. He asks is everything fine. She says don’t tell at home, I m waiting for you here.

Kittu meets Bobby outside the house. She asks him did you tell anyone, he says no, what is the matter, why are you nervous. She gives him the money. Bobby is shocked. She says its two lakhs for the flat’s deposit. She says take Shraddha and Dhruv with you. Bobby says no. Kittu insists that you have to take this for Shraddha and Dhruv. She says I did not tell anyone about this, don’t worry. She asks him not to tell even Shraddha. Bobby looks at her puzzled. He says sorry I cannot take this money. I m glad that you care about us. Kittu says I m not doing this to hurt you self esteem, I want to see Shraddha happy with you and Dhruv. I have seen her pain, how she was when she returned from Mumbai. She smiled when you came back to her, Dhruv has hope in him. For their sake, take this money. She says return the money when you have it, but for now, take it. Bobby accepts the money.

Mummy and Papa have a discussion. Papa asks her why did you go to bank. Mummy shows money to him. Papa says from where did you bring this. Mummy says I had it. He says you have broken your FD, why. Mummy says if I asked you, would you allow me. Papa says what was the need. Mummy says Bobby and Shraddha needs money. Papa says you told that we should not send Shraddha with Bobby at present.

Mummy says it was my mistake. Papa says what you said, was proved. She says I regret my thoughts, I have decided that this time we will trust Shraddha, so that she can think of us as her strength. Papa says if you heart says… She says my thoughts do not match with the kid’s thinking. We have to think about Shraddha, she has strength. We will support her always. Papa agrees with her. He says I could not see her pain. Your decision is right, lets go and give this money to Bobby. Mummy says Shraddha should not know that I broke my FD, then she son’t accept. Papa says I wish Shraddha knew how much you love her. Mummy hands over the money to Papa.

Dhruv is happy and hugs Bobby. Bobby says I m not a good father, but I will try to be one. Kittu says tell your dad that you are still the best dad. Bobby asks Shraddha to do the packing. Shraddha says but… Bobby send Dhruv out. Bobby says don’t worry, I don’t have any tension, I will talk to your parents, they will allow us to go. Kittu says even Mummy said yes. Shraddha says where will we live, you said we don’t have money. Bobby says I got the money and shows her the money. Shraddha asks from where did you get this. Shraddha sends Kittu outside. Bobby looks at Kittu. Bobby says promise me you wont be annoyed. Shraddha says did Papa gave you. Kittu signs dont tell her. Bobby says my friend gave me this money. Shraddha becomes happy. Kittu is relieved and leaves.

Shraddha says tomorrow we are going back. Bobby says what you have done when I said I took this money from your family, then, Shraddha says I would have lost my trust on you. Bobby is tensed.

Papa comes to Shraddha. Bobby says sorry and asks him to convince Mummy. Papa says we all are ready and want you both to start a new life. Shraddha becomes happy and thanks him. Papa hugs her. Papa gives some money to Bobby. Bobby says we don’t need money, we need your blessings. Papa insists. Bobby says we don’t need it. Shraddha says Bobby has money. Papa says take it and think its our blessings. Papa hugs them both and blesses them.

Bobby and Shraddha are going for dinner. Anand comes and says he wants to talk to Bobby alone. Anand throws Bobby off the terrace.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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