Meri Bhabhi 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kittu and Shraddha coming out of the bank after opening an account for Shraddha. They have gol gappa. Kittu’s forgets her cheque book and passport, she goes inside the bank to get it. Meanwhile her phone rings, Shraddha picks it, someone calls her chipkali (Lizard). Shraddha scolds him and cuts the call. Next time Kittu picks the call and it is Kunal on the other side. Kittu laughs and tells Shraddha that he is her brother from the USA. She says she don’t want to talk to him as he didn’t come for her anniversary. Kunal says he is calling from the airport and even checked in. Kittu gets happy and shares her happiness. Shraddha says sorry and says she don’t know anything about him. Kittu gives her passbook and cheque book and says now you don’t have to ask money

from anyone. Shraddha says what your brother might think about me. Kittu tells her about her brother to be simple and good at heart. She says he loves me very much and talks about tieing the rakhi to him. Shraddha says he is like my brother, now search a bhabhi like my bhabhi. Kittu says bhai fears of commitment but this time Mummy will get him marry. Shraddha buys the toys from Dhruv. As they come home, Dhruv gets happy to see the toys. Jaya tells Anand that Kittu took Didi for opening her bank account. Kittu says she and Didi had all the fun, Shraddha gives her some gift, Jaya gets happy. Kittu says it is nanand- bhabhi day. Papaji says our Dhruv will go to school. Anand says tomorrow is his interview. Jaya says if the principal asks about his Dad then what will we answer.

Dhruv says I will tell them that I am an orphan and my papa died. Everybody looks shocked. Shraddha tells Dhruv that he is not orphan and she is his mamma and Papa. Papaji says that is true and we are all with you. Kittu says you have such a big family. Kittu serves the food while Shraddha runs after Dhruv to give him milk. papaji asks shall he go with him to Dhruv’s school. Kittu says she will come along. Kittu says she will finish the kitchen work fast, Shraddha says she will help her. Kittu’s mom calls her and asks her to get ready as she is coming to take her. Kittu says she is busy as she have to go to Dhruv’s school for an interview.

Papaji and everyone tells Shraddha to be confident as she is shergill’s daughter. Mummyji feeds her curd, Papaji jokes that for children’s admission, parents have to go for an interview. Inspector comes and everyone is shocked. inspector informs them that Shraddha’s husband Bobby filed the FIR against her for keeping his son with her. Papaji says he is from army and respects the law, he says it is true that Shraddha is living with them as Bobby left them a year ago. Inspector says he have to take Shraddha and Dhruv along with him. Mummyji says Dhruv have to go to School for his admission. Kittu says it seems they have to go. Papaji agrees and tells Inspector that he will take them to the police station.

Jaya tells what will happen now, will shraddha will go to Jail and Dhruv custody will be given to Bobby. Mummyji calls Anand and tells him everything. Jaspreet assures Anand that she will not allow anything bad happen to Shraddha and looks intensely at Anand.
At the police station, Inspector says that both the parties are saying the different tale and now you have to answer in court. He begins to question Dhruv but Shraddha says she will answer and no need to talk to kid. Papaji too says that what is the need to talk to the kid. Inspector says your daughter ran off from her husband’s home. Kittu says she didn’t run and it was him who ran off. Inspector gets angry and tells the constable to arrest Shraddha. Dhruv tells him not to arrest his mom, Inspector says your father will come and take you from here.

Jaspreet comes and says she is Shraddha’s lawyer and court will decide who will get the child’s custody. Inspector give up and let Shraddha go. Bobby sees Shraddha and her family from the car window. Shraddha too see him. Bobby talks with the constable that Inspector talked much but left shraddha. He says he have to do something.

As Shraddha is walking on the road, Someone in the car snatches her purse. She asks him to stop and runs after the car. The car stops and someone gets down and smiles. ( It seems he is Kittu’s brother Kunal) .

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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