Meri Bhabhi 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 16th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand thinking about Papa and Shraddha’s words. Kittu calls him and says you did not meet me in morning. Anand says ok, I won’t get angry and won’t tell anything in household matters. Kittu tries to make him happy. Anand says Papa loves you Kittu, its good. Anand smiles and thanks Kittu. Kittu asks him to keep smiling and talk sweetly. Anand says you are being filmy now. jaya comes and tells Kittu that Bobby is taking Shraddha to Mumbai tomorrow. Anand hears this. Kittu thinks about it. jaya asks are you not happy, Shraddha is going. Kittu says why are you saying this, Anand heard it and have cut the call. Shraddha comes and listens to them. jaya asks what problem does Anand have with Bobby. jaya hugs Shraddha and says she is very happy as Shraddha is leaving tomorrow with Bobby.

jaya says everything is fine now, we will come to meet you in Mumbai. jaya leaves. Shraddha looks at Kittu. Kittu asks what happened, now even Papa has given the permission. Shraddha says Anand is still angry. Kittu says its nothing like that. Kittu jokes. Shraddha says you are like me, you know to smile in pain. Kittu says no and walks away. Shraddha says I have spread the pain in your life. Kittu says no, its your life, you have to decide about it, start a new life with Bobby, Anand will be happy seeing you happy. Shraddha smiles and says you are very nice Kittu. Kittu jokes again. jaya hears the joke and reacts to it. Shraddha and Kittu laugh.

Anand is still thinking about Shraddha. Anand says why don’t they understand. Anand talks with his friend and tries to find out about Bobby. Kittu looks out for Bobby. She hears Bobby talking on phone. Bobby says I have booked tomorrow’s tickets, and requests his boss for money. Bobby is undergoing financial crisis. Kittu thinks about his problem. Bobby is tensed. Shraddha comes and Bobby sees them. Kittu goes inside to make tea for Papa. Shraddha did not hear anything. Kittu looks at Bobby. Shraddha tells Bobby that this time we will take our elder’s blessings and go.

Kittu thinks about Bobby’s financial problem. jaya asks Kittu whether Shraddha cancelles her plan from going tomorrow. Kittu looks at her. Kittu gets worried about Bobby and Shraddha. Mummy is also thinking about Bobby. Papa comes with Dhruv. Mummy tells Papa what she thinks about Bobby. Dhruv asks Papa whether they will come to Mumbai to meet him. Papa says sure, you should take care of your mum. Dhruv goes to Bobby. Ashish comes and brings a document for Papa. Papa sends Ashish. Mummy asks what happened, do you need money. Papa says Bobby is taking Shraddha, his financial position is weak, so I am thinking to give some money to them. When Bobby gets a good work, everything will be fine. Mummy says she feels we are doing hurry, we should think about Bobby and Shraddha. She says whats happening is not right, Bobby came suddenly. Shraddha comes and hears Mummy. She gets her wrong. Mummy says we should not allow Bobby to take Shraddha and Dhruv.

Shraddha becomes annoyed with Mummy. Papa says are you also thinking like Anand. Mummy says Anand cares about Shraddha. Mummy says this is not right. Kittu comes and gets shocked seeing Shraddha and hearing Mummy’s words. Mummy speaks against Bobby. Shraddha is shocked. She says Anand is right about Bobby. Mummy sees Shraddha and gets tensed.

Shraddha comes inside the room and argues with Mummy. She says you don’t want me to go with Bobby. Shraddha does not understand Mummy’s concern. Shraddha cries, Mummy gets hurt. Shraddha says don’t call me your daughter, you are my step mum. Mummy feels bad. Kittu is also shocked along with Papa. Papa tries to calm down Shraddha. Shraddha speaks ill. Mummy is shattered. Everyone come and listen to all this drama. Shraddha says Mummy has asked Anand to speak against Bobby. Mummy cries.

Kittu talks with Anand and says I have seen trust in each other in Mummy-Papa’s relation. Papa pacifies Mummy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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