Meri Bhabhi 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand and Papa asking what did Kamini tell about Shraddha. Mummy tries to change the topic. Kittu is hearing all this. Mummy does not tell them about Kunal. Kittu cries. Papa asks what did Kamini say. Anand also asks Mummy. Mummy says she said about Shraddha marrying Bobby, her divorce and her coming back to us and…. such things that Shraddha can’t hear. Anand says Shraddha is my sister, living with me, how does it relate to her. Papa says Kamini does not have any right to tell about my daughter, if she does this, I will stop her from coming to my house. Kittu cries and leaves.

Kittu comes to her room and thinks about Mummy’s words. She calls her dad and asks him why is mum doing this with me. She says mum has spoken against Shraddha and has hurt everyone. Her dad asks what did your mum say. Kittu says she has taunted Mummy about Shraddha. Kittu says I did not know what was the matter, I came to know today what mum did here. She says I don’t know what problem mum has with Shraddha. She says everyone are angry here about this, if anyone tells anything about me, will you bear it. He says no, I don’t know when she told Mummy about her. Kittu says I m ashamed becaue of mum.

Everyone loves me here, but my mum has changed everything. Kittu cries. Purshottam comes to Kamini and talks to her. He asks her what she did. He says I explained you many times, but you don’t understand. She asks what happened. He asks why are you after Shraddha. He scolds her and says respect Shraddha. She says what do you want, Shraddha has trapped Kunal and her family talks in her favor. Purshottam stops Kamini and it shocks Kamini. He says if I can get angry, think how much they would have controlled their anger. She says I m not afraid of everyone, what do you want.

He says Kittu is getting affected. She asks what do you mean. He says do you understand what Kittu is going through, you should go there and apologize to everyone. Kamini says never. He says you have to, as Kittu was crying. Kamini says did anyone tell her anything. He says you won’t understand that Kittu is hurt. She says I did the right thing. She says I did it for Kunal. She says Kunal is Kittu’s brother. Purshottam says Shraddha is Anand’s sister. He asks her to understand things else she would be regretting one day. He leaves in anger.

Anand comes to Kittu. Kittu tries to talk to Anand and says I did not know this. Anand says your mum told her. Kittu says I know it now, but …. Anand says we saved Shraddha from the world but because of us, Shraddha is hurt, I can’t forgive myself. He leaves Kittu’s hand and goes to sleep. Kittu cries.

Mummy asks Papa not to hurt Kittu by speaking against Kamini. She says I also control myself. Papa says you do ti as your are patient but I can’t. Papa says I m proud of Shraddha. Mummy says we have to think about Shraddha and Kittu. Papa tells her not to tell this to Shraddha. Mummy says Shraddha knows everything. Papa is shocked. He says she knows? what do you mean. Mummy says Kamini taunted her infront of everyone and Shraddha understood what she meant. Papa says I wanted to give my daughter happiness being a father, but I failed. Mummy says you are Shraddha’s strength. He says everyone knew about it, and did not tell me.

Mummy says I worry about tomorrow’s diwali. I don’t want Kittu to be sad. Papa says we will not let Kittu be sad. He says she is our Kittu. Kittu is in kitchen and Shraddha comes and hugs her wishing happy diwali. Shraddha sees her crying and asks why are you crying. Kittu apologizes to her from her mum’s side. Shraddha asks who told you. Kittu says I m ashamed, what should I say now, if possible forgive me. Shraddha says no need to apologize, don’t do this. Shraddha says its not your mistake. Shraddha asks what did Papa say. Kittu says he said right. Shraddha is shocked to know that Papa came to know everything.

Shraddha comes to Papa and tries to uplift his mood. She combs Papa and talks to him. She says I did not see you like this before. She sits with Papa. Papa apologizes to her for not being there for her at the time of need. She says no, you have taken very good care of me like the best father. I m not going to be weak if anyone taunts me. She says you have given us good values and our roots are strong and will always be. Papa says yes, you are more strong than me. Shraddha says you also be strong, if you become weak, it will be tough for me. Papa says ok, I m strong. Shraddha hugs him and Papa smiles. Shraddha says its not Kittu’s mistake. Papa says yes, I agree, but when I came to know about Kamini, I got much angry.

Shraddha says forget everything today, its diwali. We will celebrate it as always. Papa says yes. Mummy comes with Kittu. Kittu brings tea for Papa. Papa looks at Kittu. Kittu is sad. Papa behaves normal with Kittu. Kittu says happy diwali Papa and hugs him. Papa hugs Shraddha and Kittu. Shraddha and Kittu smiles seeing Mummy.

Papa talks to Purshottam on phone. Purshottam asks when should we come in the evening. Papa thinks about it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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