Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Protima brainwashes Ketki that Krishna is her son and she has to get back from Kalyani somehow. Ketki goes to Kalyani’s house and takes Krishna with her to recording studio. She goes for recording asking asssitant to take care of boy. Assistant gets busy over phone and Krishna silently leaves studio. Ketki comes back and asks where is boy. He says get got busy over phone and boy went somewhere. Ketki searches Krishna everywhere. Krishna reaches Kalyani’s house. Kalyani asks how did he come so early, where is Ketki. He says she is at studio. A man comes and says he found boy at MG road and was telling her name, so he brought her here. Kalyani thanks her. He says he is her big fan and he is honored to help her.

Ketki calls studio and asks peon to inform that Krishna is at her house. Peon informs Ketki that boy is at Kalyani’s house. Devika scolds boy not to go anywhere without informing. Kalyani says she will go to studio and inform Ketki. Ketki comes and snatches baby. Aaji cries she will not give kanha. Ketki insists. Devika says she can take only she stop drinking aclohol. Ketki says she will stop once boy stays with her and forcefully takes boy with her and locks him in a room. Meenakshi smirks seeing this.

Protima brainwashes Ketki that she did right and boy will forget Kalyani soon. Meenakshi calls Ketki and tells Kalyani is trying legal route to get Krishna back. Megha comes and says she did wrong and this time she is not on her side.

Next morning, Kalyani gets a legal notice from Ketki that she cannot meet Krishna and if she meets, she will go to jail. Kalyani with teary eyes informs Devika. She calls Ketki and warns her not to show her face again. Ketki says she herself does not want to see her face.

Precap: Grown up Krishna says old Ketki that he will meet Kalyani on his birthday. Ketki says Protima loves him more than Kalyani. Guests wait for Krishna during birthday party. Ketki calls Kalyani’s landline to call back Krishna, Kalyani picks call.

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