Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani reaches Karan’s house for dinner party. Karan greets and takes her to dinner table. She asks if servant prepared all this. He says let off servant today and himself prepared all this, she will lick her finges after dinner today.

Inebriated Ketki sings song well and Protima takes her in car to drop her home. She brainwashes her against Kalyani that she must be staying in Kalyani’s house as Kalyani is taking care of her and her son’s expenses. Ketki says no. Protima says then why whole industry is praising Kalyani that she is taking care of her helpless sister and son. Ketki fumes and asks for more alcohol. Protima thinks she Ketki left her when Kalyani got her KVK’s job, she will separate both sisters and take her revenge.

After dinner, Karan proposes her for marriage. She is surprised. He says if she does not accept his proposal, they will be friends as usual for life. She walks out, but then comes back and accept his proposal.

Aaji locks herself in aroom with baby Krishna. Devika knocks door and asks to give back Krishna. Aaji says she will not let Meenakshi kill kanha. Inebriated Ketki comes and creates havoc. Kalyani reaches home and asks what is happening. Devika says Ketki came home inebriated again and Aaji locked herself in with kanha, she cannot handle all this. Kalyani tells Aaji that she twisted her leg and it is paining a lot, she needs her herbal medicine. Aaji comes out and scolds Kalyani that she cannot walk properly. Inebriated Ketki comments why locked her child in room. Kalyani acts and sends Aaji and others from there. Devika scolds Ketki that she cannot handle her coming home inebriated daily. Ketki starts shouting and dancing that she always favors Kalyani as she earns a lot and is a #1 singer. She continues dancing. Devika tries to control her, but she holds her hand and warns not to touch her. Kalyani warns not to misbeahve with aayi. Ketki slaps her. They both stand in a shock.

Precap: Ketki tells Kalyani and Devika that she is leave Krishna at home as she cannot take care of him and leaves with suitcase. Protima says she did right by leaving Kalyani’s house. Kalyani and Karan try to break news to family that they have decided to marry. Devika understands it and says she knows what they mean. Kalyani gets shy.

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