Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika tells Kalyani that Karan is a good man and their jodi looks good. Kalyani says they are just friends. Devika says she sees love in Karan’s eyes. Ketki goes to Protima’s office and asks receptionist to inform her. Receptionist informs Protima and she asks her to let Ketki wait. Ketki waits for 3-4 hours and returns homee sadly. Protima calls home. Maid picks call and gives it to Megha. Protma asks her to give phone to Ketki. Ketki returns home and takes call. Protima says she has a regional song project for her. Ketki says she will not work with her until she learns to behave with people. She then listens to Kalyani’s song on radio and reminisces people praising Kalyani and Protima yelling at Ketki. She calls back Protima and says she is ready to sing regional song.

Three months pass by. Kalyani reminds Ketki of her ultrasonography appointment and says it will tell her child’s health and she will accompany her. Shivang says Kalyani that she has radio interview in 30 min. Devika asks Kalyani to attend interview while she takes Ketki to doc’s appointment. Ketki’s interview starts. RJ congratulates her for successful career and asks why Ketki’s songs are not coming now a days. Kalyani says Ketki is pregnant and doc suggested to take rest. He wishes best of luck for Ketki and her. Ketki and Devika listen to her interview while traveling in car.

Karan/KVK comes to Kalyani’s house. Maid gets happy seeing him and asks what would he have. He says no. Kalyani also insists. He says pina colada. Maid asks pina hai cola.. He says yes cola. She goes to bring cola. Kalyani gets Shivin’s call that he could not arrange driver for her Pune trip. Karan hears that and insists that he will driver her to Pune.

Ketki meets Protima after 3 months. Protima acts as surprised and says her song regional song offer is still open.

Karan drives car and starts his witty jokes. He says night is very beautiful. Kalyani says it is very dark and blur. He says she is very boring. She says whatt…Their car breaks down. They get out and see tyre punctured. She asks him to fix it soon. He says he does not know to fix and even cannot see people around. She gets tensed.

Precap: Karan thanks Kalyani for helping her. She says someone is forgetting frienship rules. They both smile. A speeding car pasesses by. Kalyani afraidly hugs him. Protima offers Ketki to sing in businessman’s daughter’s marriage. A goon holds Kalyani at gunpoint and Kalyani looks at Karan.

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  1. Wishes Kalyani ketki to be fine soon..

  2. I can’t watch this fed up with ongoing scheming from the family. Always trying to cause a rift between the two sisters, instead i read updates. Until the sisters are reunited and know the truth of the three family members I won’t watch the show. Protima is just wicked, unpleasant and very insincere character.

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