Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kekti runs into bathroom to escape from Sohrab’s torture. She beats cupboard angrily anda file falls down. She sees Kalyani’s burnt pic in it and reminisces Kalyani telling that Sohrab proposed her first and is not a good man. She also reminisces Sohrab’s fake promise to make her India’s biggest singer and ruin Kalyani’s career, physically abusing her, etc..She opens door and sees Sohrab sleeping on sofa.

Kalyani thinks if Vikranth is fine, he did not call her since yesterday. She calls his home and his wife picks call and waits for a min. She hears Vikrant playing with his children, but wife says he is not at home. Kalyani says she heard his voice. Wife says he is her husband and not Vikranth.

In the morning, Devika and Kalyani try to feed Aaji. Aaji says she will not eat as maid ate all her laddoos. Kalyani says Sangeeta did not eat laddoos. Aaji forcefully opens maid’s mouth and says her mouth is full of besan. Maid says she will prepare laddoos for her and murmurs that she is stuck. Aaji scolds her and says she wants to take laddoos to Ketki’s home.

Ketki shows Kalyani’s pics to Sohrab’s mother and asks why did not she inform her about this. Mom says she did not want an 18-year-old girl marrying an old man, says Jimmy is her son and is not a bad man, she has to make an effort to change him. Ketki asks why did not she inform her that he loves Kalyani. Mom says it is true that he loved Kalyani always, but when Kalyani rejected him, he suffocated inside and became a weird human, he is unable to tolerate Kalyani’s rejection and is dying each day, she has to save him. Ketki asks what she can do if he loves Kalyani even now. Mom says he is Ketki’s husband and only she can bring him on track. Ketki cries hugging her.

Kalyani travels in her car and reads news about her and Vikranth’s affair. She asks driver to take her to Vikranth’s house. She reaches Vikanth’s house and guard informs Vikranth’s wife that Kalyani has come to meet Vikrant, then informs that Vikranth is not at home. She then sees Vikranth playing with his children. He sees her and walks towards her, but stop seeing his wife coming. Kalyaniis shattered seeing this and walks with wobbly gait. She reminisces Vikranth’s fake promises. She comes under businessman’s car and falls down. Businessman picks her and asks if she is fine. He gets her into car and rushes towards hospital.

Ketki goes for recording at Protima’s studio. She sings milgayi aaj aasman se….song..Everyone clap after her performance and she smiles.

Kalyani wakes up in the home and sees her family. She hugs Devika and cries vigorously. devika thinks her daughters were searching her father in their partners, but their thinking was wrong.

Precap: Servant informs Kalyani that Protima has called. Before Kalyani reaches, Meenaksi’s bahu speaks and says she will work on her terms. Protima fumes. Ketki tells Sohrab that she knows he loved Kalyani, but she rejected him. He slaps her.

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