Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aayi and Devika wait for Rajaram and discuss that Rajaram is tensed after yesterday’s incident. Devika feels something is wrong and starts running towards Ranga sangeet.

Raja ram reminisces promising Devika that once Chaddha likes his performances and agrees to fund Ranga sangeet, he will give her the happiness she deserves all these years. He starts dancing on his usual song Naache re mann patanga…and imagines his whole family standing in front of him, gets a heart attack, and dies.

Devika continues running towards Ranga sangeet with Aayi following her. She slips and hits her bangles on floor when Raja breaths his last She then reaches Ranga sangeet and sees Rajaram on stage, runs and tries to wake him up to no avail. Aayi also come and they both start crying. Devika goes to street and tries to stop vehicles,but nobody stops. She then gets pulling cart and with help of Aayi tries to life rajaram, but cannot. She pulls curtains and they both drop raja on it and take him home via pulling cart. It is morning by the time they reach home.

Kalyani wakes up hearing Devika and aayi’s sob, comes out and is shocked to see her dead father on floor. Kalyani calls her in sleep. Kalyani says she will check her and goes in. Devika thinks she realized her daughter has grown up. Kalyani goes and wakes up Ketki and says baba has gone far away. Ketki asks where. She says very far away and will not return. Ketki pushes her and runs out and tries to wake up Rajaram and cries vigorously. All relatives gather. Sohrab also comes. Men take Raja’s body for last rights. Devika walks with children. Ananth’s wife tries to stop her saying only men can go. Devika says she had promised Raja that she will be with him till his last breath and since she was not with him when he breath last, she will be with him when he is departing. Ananth’s wife complains Aayi. Aayi also gets up and walks with Devika and children.

Pandit says Raja’s son is small and cannot perform last rights. Ananth says he will. Aayi says Ananth is a traitor and she will not let his shadow near raja. Ananth sends his son. Ketki asks Kalyani to do something. Kalyani says she is Gaikwad family’s elder daughter and will perform her father’s last rights. Everyone present oppose. Devika says she wants her daughter and son to peform her husband’s last rights.

Precap: Aayi tells her grandson and granddaughter will set fire he son’s body. Sohrab asks Ananth where are documents. He says Shyamrao will return in 1-2 days. Sohrab asks where is money. Ananth gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. extremely saddening episode. After a long time, after end of sumit sambhal lega, a show worth watching has come.

  2. rubiya shaikh

    What is d time of dis show???

    1. hey dear , in india its 8: p.m. ,it replaced suabhagyalakshmi…

  3. I was literally crying seeing this epi yest! Brilliant performance by starcast!No wonder as pallavi joshi is national award winner. Even the 2 girls- so aptly chosen, what acting, seem so real!

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