Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna insists Ketki to attend Rajaram Gaekwad award function and receive award with Kalyani as it is a honor to their family. Ketki says Tai/Kalyani is elder and let her receive award alone. Krishna calls Megha and says they will lie Kalyani that Kekti is not attending function and tell Ketki Kalyani is not attend function, then they will agree to attend function. Megha says he is genius.

Maid happily informs Kalyani that he has come. Kalyani asks who. Karan enters. Kalyani is surprised to see him and asks how come he came after so many years. He did not forget her at all and had promised that he will convince his father for their marriage, her father did not agree till his last breath and passed away a few months ago. Kalyani says she is sad to hear this and asks where are his wife and children. He says he did not marry at all as he did not forget her at all and asks if they can marry now. Kalyani asks him to stop joking and asks what will he have. He says whatever she feeds with love and says he sold his Shimla business and properties and came here and 2 days heard about award function in baba/rajaram’s name and got very excited, so stayed back to not miss it. He asks where is aayi. She says she has gone to satsang and will come tomorrow. He says he heard about aaji’s death and is missing her. Kalyani says she passed away 13 years ago. He says he knows, he went away from her physically but not emotionally.

Ketki comes home singing English song and tells Krishna that she sang English song for the first time. He says she is International star now. She says he is international star’s son. He says Kalyani is not attending award function as president invited her to meet UK president as UK president is fond of her songs. Ketki smiles.

Kalyani smiles reminiscing her and Karan’s romantic days and Karan’s lively nature. Megha sees that and asks what happened. Kalyani asks if she remembers Karan. Megha says one who was very lively and used to make tasty chowmein and bring pain balms for aaji. Kalyani says he had come home today. Megha says Ketki told she is not attending award function as she is busy with some other work.

At night, Krishna calls Megha. Shivang asks who is it. Megha says Krishna and walks out of room. She speaks to Krishna that they both should bring Ketki and Kalyani to award function venue and not let them see each other until their name is called on stage. Shivang hears that and asks what is all this. She tells him whole story. He says she is using lie to reunite sisters. She says the sin Menakshi made is very big and she will use even 1000 iles to reunite sisters, at least then she can die peacefully.

Kalyani continues looking at Karan’s younger pics and notes and reminisces their hyounger days.

Precap: Devika gives speech on stage about Rajaram and says he would have achieved his goals if his dear ones would not have betrayed him. Krishna stops Ketki from entering Kalyani’s name on green room door and Karan stops Kalyani from seeing Ketki.

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