Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki arranged birthday party for Krishna at home and guests wait for Krishna eagerly. They ask Ketki when will Krishna come. Ketki says he will come soon, she calls Megha and asks if Krishna came there. Megha says he came in the morning and not now, asks her to inform when Krishan returns home. Kalyani hears that and says Krishna is exactly like his mother. All guests leave waiting for Krishna. Megha calls back and asks Ketki to inform her when Krishna comes home. Krishna comes, and Ketki scolds him and says she, Megha, and Kalyani are very much worried about him. Krishna says when she got worried for him when he got away just for a few hours, then why is she away from Kalyani for 21 years, why don’t she forget her differences and reunite with her sister. Ketki says why should she compromise, why can’t kalyani forget her differences. Krishna says even he told Kalyani same. Their argument continues. Ketki says she will inform Megha that he came back. He says he is going there as Kalyani must be worried.

He goes to Kalyani’s house and she gets happy seein him. He tells her same that she should forget her diferences and reunite with her sister. Kalyani reminisces Ketki insulting her repeatedly and even sending her legal notice, says some issues are better left unsolved. Krishna leaves.

In the morning, two men meet Kalyani and say they are organizing award in her father Rajaram Gaekwad’s name and want Devika to present awards. Kalyani says her family is honoured to give this award. Men say they are giving first awards to her and Ketki together. Kalyani says she may not come and they can give award to Ketki. They then meet Ketki and inform same. Ketki says same thatshe may not attend. They go out and meet Krishna who reveals that he is organizing this award function to reunite both sister.

Next morning Megha reads newspapers in front of Kalyani that for the first time both sisters will receive award together after 21 years. Kalyani says she told reporter she will not attend function, even then he wrote it, she will not attend function. Krishna comes to Ketki’s room and after pampering her a bit says he is very happy that she agreed to receive award with Kalyani. She fumes and says she will complain against reporter. He stops her and says this award function matters a lot for their family as it is given in grandfather’s name, both sisters should forget their differences as they love their father most than anyone else.

Precap: Very old Karan meets Kalyani and says he was away from her eyes, but not from heart. He asks why did not he come to meet her. He says he promised her to convince his dad, but could not, so he did not come. Kanishk and Megha discuss that their plan is going as they wished. Shivang scolds Megha for lying. Megha says to destroy 21 year old differences, she can do anything.

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