Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth tells money lender Shamrao that he has a solid plan this time and he will make sure Rajaram sells his Ranga sangeet. Shamrao says he has last chance.

Devika washes ranga sangeet’s curtains. Aayi comes and says she doubts Anant, but Raja trusts him blindly. Anant back stab Raja.

Sohrab comes and sits on manager’s seat. Anant asks who is he and starts insulting him, but changes his tone when Raja comes.

Ketki and Kalyani get tired stick pamphlets all around the village. Ketki says she is very hungry and goes on the other side to stick pamphlets. Two boys starts eve teasing Kalyani. Ketki comes and throws stones on them and starts fighting with them and gets injured. Kalyani scolds her and takes her home. At night, Kalyani sees Ketki angry on her and wiggles her funny bones and consoles her. They both start running around and playing and then fall asleep.

Old Devika continues narrating story to youngsters that everything was fine until insider Anant showed true colors and spoilt everything.

Rajaram walks on street with Devika and sees Anant going into rival theater company but ignores thinking he cannot be. They both see pamplets all over town and discuss it is Ketki and Kalyani’s work. Anant asks rival theater’s owner to arrange a show on Saturday when Rajaram’s show is. Owner agrees.

Ketki and Kalyani wake up in the morning and does not see their parents. Rajaram and Devika are seen decorating Ranga sangeet. At night, Raja ram tells Devika that he does not see anyone while performing on stage except image her clapping for him and he dances enthustiastically. He says Sohrab has gone to Pune to bring Chadha and hopes his show will be successful.

Anant goes to rival theater’s owner and asks where are his posters, he sees only Rajaram’s show’s pamphelts. Owner shows him posters and says Shyamrao bought all the tickets. He says he can understand Shyamrao’s motto of buying Rangasangeet, but why is he betraying Rajaram being his cousin. Anant says Rajaram is Rangasangeet’s owner and he is a servant, he hates rajaram commanding him.

Raja ram gets ready for show and rushes. Aayi stops him and feeds sweet curd. Family then wishes him goodluck and he leaves smiling. Old Devika tells youngsters that is the last time she saw Rajaram smiling.

Precap: Rajaram dances on Ranga sangeet’s stage in woman’s attire. Chaddha says he cannot help him as

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